Friday, February 25, 2011

Chalk One Up For Curling

Wednesday night’s curling grudge match between Jennifer Jones and Cathy Overton-Clapham drew more television viewers than the NHL game that followed.

An average audience of 647,000 people watched Overton-Clapham defeat Jones in the first meeting between the two since the Team Canada skip fired her third last year.

Viewership peaked at more than 1.1 million for the Overton-Clapham’s game-sealing final shot.

It’s the third highest rating for a round robin game in tournament history, and more than the Edmonton/Colorado NHL game that night, which drew an average 492,000.


Anonymous said...

I always laugh when I read the peaked number at the end. It jumps because people are waiting for Sportscentre to start,

Anonymous said...

Everyone in Manitoba was probably watching. What were the numbers like across the rest of the country?

Anonymous said...

Two Western Conference teams followed the curling and two bad Western Conference teams at that. Everyone in Ontario went to sleep after the curling.