Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Melfort Mustangs Forfeit Three Points

The Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League has fined the Melfort Mustangs a total of $1,800 dollars and the forfeit of three points after an investigation determined the team had been using an ineligible player.
The investigation determined that an Affiliate Player had exceeded the 10 games he is allowed to appear in SJHL regular season games as per Hockey Canada regulations. The Affiliated Player was deemed an ineligible player in four Mustang games playing 14 rather than 10.
As a result of this incident, the Mustangs forfeit two points from a win against Humboldt on January 28 with the Broncos now getting that victory and one point from a shootout loss to Estevan on February 2. The other two games were Mustang losses.The points lost by the Mustangs do not affect the team positions in the Bauer Conference

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Anonymous said...

See, sometimes being both the coach and gm isn't the best thing. This isn't the first time a mistake like this has been made, and it won't be the last. And knowing the coach, this wouldn't have been on purpose, he just isn't like that.