Friday, February 18, 2011

Thumbs Down To The CFL Sked

I'm not sure why the release of a league schedule is such a big deal for fans, but it is. Needless to say, there was a lot of excitement Friday morning as the CFL released its 2011 schedule. Upon looking at it, I wouldn't think Rider fans are too happy for a couple of reasons.

1) The season doesn't open with a Grey Cup rematch. I thought the Riders and Alouettes would open up against one another in either Regina or Montreal. That rematch will happen in Week 2 in Regina and week 4 in Montreal

2) 4 of the last 6 are on the road with those four games being split in Calgary and Edmonton. In fact, six of the last seven games are against Western opponents.

3)Calgary comes here twice before we go there. Why couldn't it be once there, once here, once there, once here.

4) Just one Friday night game. I love Friday night games. I know that isn't the ideal time for many Rider fans outside of Regina, but those are my faves.

If there is one good thing about the sked, there is no home and home with the exception of Winnipeg and we knew we were getting that.


Did Bobby Orr get traded? Sorry, but the Tomas Kaberle trade to Boston saw the networks go just a little overboard if you ask me. CMON!!


Is it safe to say Brian Burke has now wiggled off the hook. He now has three first round draft picks after dealing Kris Versteeg to Philly and Kaberle. Are Versteeg and Kaberle really worth a first round pick? If they are, Ales Hemsky is worth one and I can't see him sticking around Edmonton as I think he will be big time trade bait. I'd love to see him to go to Buffalo for Tyler Ennis or Drew Stafford. The same might be said for Dustin Penner, but Edmonton needs some size up front that Penner can provide.


I probably won't watch a second of the NBA all-star game and its festivities. I don't think I'm alone when I make that statement.

I won't be watching a second of the Daytona 500 on Sunday. I think I may be virtually alone when I make that statement.
Yorkton beat La Ronge 5-2 in SJHL play Friday. It was a battle of division leaders. Could it be the final pairing again as it was last year. Something tells me no.
Amber Holland can win the Scotties that begins today in Charlottetown, but she is in tough. With names like Jennifer Jones, Kelly Scott, Cathy Overton-Clapham, Marie France-Larouche and Shannon Kleibrink in the field, it will be tough for Amber and company, however, she has shown in the past she can get it done and I am comfident she will. I don't think Jennifer Jones will win this year's Scotties even though she has owned the event. Wouldn't it be something if Cathy Overton-Clapham beat her in the final!
Methinks it might be over for the Pats and I know its over for this posting. Have a good Saturday!


Jordie Dwyer said...

Actually Mitch, you aren't alone - I won't be watching one second of the "foot to the pedal and keep going left" boring marathon either. Then again I also care about the same for the dull and boring NBA millionaire fest.
Things I know I'll be doing this long weekend - catching the Scotties every chance I get (and if I'm not watching the family will be), catching some ACAC (Ab colleges) hoops and hanging out doing stuff with the rest of my gang on Family Day Monday - art gallary, muttart conservatory, pool...and whatever else we can do. Have a good one Mitch

Anonymous said...

Daytona will have far more excitement than a bunch of women throwing rocks down the ice hoping it stops where they want them to.

You might want to watch the NBA Slam Dunk competition just to watch Blake Griffin

Anonymous said...

the release of the schedule is a big deal , it means we can plan holidays , talk football and it means that spring and football season are around the corner

Anonymous said...

I would trade Hemsky for Ennis and a 1st or 2nd rounder in a heartbeat. He was great in Medicine Hat and he will be a solid NHL'er.

Anonymous said...

I for one am glad there is only one Friday night home game on the Rider's schedule because I work an evening shift and need to use a vacation day to attend weekday games.

Anonymous said...

I don't watch the NBA under any circumstances so I darn sure won't be watching their All-star circus. I'll pass on the(yawn)race cars too. It's Curling and hockey for me at this time of year.