Friday, February 25, 2011

Barker Is CFL COY (Not In My Books)

I wholeheartedly admit to being biased, but after being robbed of the title last year, I thought Ken Miller was more than deserving to win the honor of CFL coach of the year this year. Those that vote though have decided on Jim Barker. Here's the story from

The Toronto Argonauts' Jim Barker is the Canadian Football League's Coach of the Year for 2010, it was announced today.

"In leading a turnaround season for the Argos, Jim Barker displayed the fire of a master motivator, the smarts of a skilled strategist, and the courage to make bold moves," said CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon.

"He is a deserving recipient of one of our league's highest honours."

Barker led the Argos to a 9-9 record and a place in the CFL playoffs in 2010.

The Double Blue were just one win away from a berth in the 98th Grey Cup, reversing the fortunes of a team that had a combined record of 7-29 in the previous two seasons.

Barker accepted the award in an emotional ceremony that was attended by his 81-year-old mother, who flew in from California, and included a tribute from Argo receiver Jeremaine Copeland, who has a special bond with the coach who brought him to Toronto.

Barker faced some very stiff competition from the two other nominees for the honour: Marc Trestman, who led the Montreal Alouettes to a 12-6 record and a second straight Grey Cup championship, and Ken Miller, who piloted the 10-8 Saskatchewan Roughriders to their second Grey Cup appearance in as many years.

Cohon praised all three coaches, saying each had achieved one of the toughest tasks in sports: Miller saw to it that his team bounced back from its deeply disappointing defeat in the 2009 Grey Cup, Trestman kept the Als on top of the league, and Barker turned a struggling team into an ascending one.

But in the end, members of the Football Reporters of Canada voted to recognize Barker with the Annis Stukus Trophy, awarded since 1961 to the CFL Coach of the Year.

The announcement here was the culminating event of CFL Congress, two days of meeting for team and league officials from across Canada.

Bringing a highly energetic and positive attitude to the Argos from the first day of training camp, Barker displayed faith in his players and a willingless to take calculated risks, playing a style of football that defied pre-season predictions and entertained fans across the country.

Having recently added General Manager's duties to his portfolio, Barker returns to coach the Argos in 2011, determined to continue the Boatmen's progress towards every team's goal: the 99th Grey Cup in Vancouver this November.


Anonymous said...

Barker did the best job with any team this year. I don't have a problem with this. It bothered me last year when Trestman won, but not this year.


Anonymous said...

Guiding a team to a 9-9 finish gets you COY. Makes you wonder how Danny B didn't get a COY at some point then. What a terrible decision. Miller has been ripped off!

Anonymous said...

Barker was 3rd on my list. He helped Toronto get some more wins, but he also stuck with Cleo Lemon. CMON MAN!!!


Anonymous said...

What do you expect from the Football Reporters of Canada? This is the same group that snubbed Damon Allen for the Hall of Fame! Just because you can type and spin a tale doesn't make you an expert, Rob Vanstone proves that quite often.