Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Any Fella Looking To Commit Relationship Suicide Out There

I'm in Nipawin as the SJHL President's Tour continues. While visiting various businesses in the town today, I came across this book.

I don't know what right-thinking male would actually buy this book and if for some reason he did, do I really want to know how this might be answered.

It would be like buying your wife a treadmill or an exercise bike for a gift. I'm not saying your fat, but here's a treadmill honey love ya lots.


PS: It kills me to be in Nipawin and I don't have my golf clubs. The Evergreen Course is perhaps the best course I have played in Saskatchewan. I found out the annual meeting goes here in June. I'll have my clubs ready for that one----if of course the weather co-operates and the way the last couple of Junes have been, that's a question mark.

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