Sunday, February 27, 2011

Move Over JJ, There's A New Curling Queen In Town

(picture courtesy Canadian Press)

What a nailbiter that was! I don't think all of Saskatchewan was tuned in to TSN the way we would be for a Rider game, but I know more people in Saskatchewan watched the finals of the Scotties than watched the Oscars, and I also know they saw a more entertaining product.

What a game it was. It came right down to the end. It didn't look like it would to start off when Jennifer Jones grabbed three in the first end, but Amber Holland's rink did not quit and when she made a dandy for three in six, I think you could hear an eruption or two across the Saskatchewan prairie. However, that was nothing compared to the 10th end---an end that came down to the last stone of the game thrown by Team Canada.

In the end, Jennifer Jones blew it. She thought she had it. Kaitlyn Lawes thought she had it. I thought she had it. TSN thought she had it. I even think Amber thought she had it as she had a look of disbelief cross her face as the magnitude of the moment sank in. I also have to wonder (and I am no curling expert) why Jones didn't come down to Holland's last rock and tap it back for the win instead of going for what I thought was the more difficult shot. Coming down to Amber's rock wouldn't have been an easy shot either, but I thought that was the one she should go with.

Now I wish the Worlds was men and women together. I'm guessing organizers of the Worlds in Regina are wishing that too.

Look out Denmark---here comes Holland. Send the Amber Alert out now!

I wonder what Pat Simmons is thinking now?

What film won the best Oscar? Do I really care?


Anonymous said...

And now Kaitlyn Lawes must remove the 'Team Canada' jacket she never earned. Next year Jones and company will have to go through Cathy O to even get out of Manitoba. Karma is a sweet thing.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for Amber. She deserves this. This might finally put her out from under the Englot-Lawton spotlight as those were always the rinks people talked about from Sask.

Is it just me or has Jill Officer turned into one great big bitch. She was extremely pouty after the loss. Perhaps JJ should think about replacing her.


Anonymous said...

Oscar shmoscar. There was only thing to watch in Regina last night. I wonder what the TSN #'s look like for this one.

Anonymous said...

It didn't matter to me if it was Amber or whoever that won. As long as it wasn't JJ!

Anonymous said...

Love Amber Holland...Hate the Term Amber Alert. Does anybody know what those are? Missing Children that are in danger. Use your head you guys. I like nicknames and rallying slogans but have an Amber Alert put out for your kids and see if it doesn't bring back sad memories when you hear it used like this.