Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend Thoughts

These are random and in no particular order

--When the CFL hall of fame class for 2011 was named last week, I had no idea this was Damon Allen's first year of eligibility. I have to ask if those making the selections knew. How can Allen not be an automatic first time hall of famer. Those who made the decision as to who gets in should be embarrassed. After all, he only has the most yards passing of any quarterback CFL or NFL, he has the most yards rushing of any quarterback in both leagues, and four Grey Cups to his credit to which he won MVP I think two or three times. I have no problem with the likes of Danny MacManus, Joe Montford and Terry Vaughn getting in, but when those three get in ahead of Allen, there's something wrong.

--Who wins the Brier final? Will it be Kevin Martin or Glenn Howard. Can the two just play a best of 7 to determine it. Nothing against the likes of Brad Gushue, Jeff Stoughton or Pat Simmons, but those two are just one step ahead of the curve when it comes to mens curling in our country.

--I'm guessing Saskatchewan curling fans would rather see Martin win and represent Canada at the Worlds because A) he is a Western Canadian boy and B) Ben Hebert is from Regina. Of course, Saskatchewan curling fans would be downright giddy if Simmons were to somehow win and come into the Brandt Centre wearing Canadian colours. It wouldn't be as emotional as when Sandra Schmirler did it just after winning Olympic gold, but it would be something to remember.

--I can see the Riders wanting to keep their own free agents, but is there anyone out there that I think they should pursue. The only one that jumps out at me is Kevin Huntley. I think the Toronto defensive tackle would great in that d-line rotation with Chunky and Keith Shologan.

--As you know I am an Oiler fan and I am optimistic at what the future holds, but I have to admit I am disappointed with the fact that the team is once again the worst team in the NHL and has the inside track at the number one pick. I thought they would be better than what they have been and that they would challenge for a playoff spot this year. Their effort this weekend against Ottawa and particularly yesterday against Anaheim was one or two levels beyond abysmal. I wonder if Steve Tambellini would even consider trading the number one pick to someone. Is Adam Larsson the guy? Is Sean Couturier the guy? How about Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. I would think Larsson, but I also think the Oilers could get a pretty nice package from someone.

--What did you watch yesterday with no football on. Golf? NBA? Anything?

--CTV brought us up to date with some of our Olympians as the anniversary of the Vancouver Olympics hits. As caught up as we were in what athletes were winning medals, did anyone keep track of what Alex Bilodeau has been doing this year or Jon Montgomery or any of other Olympic winners. They get their 15 minutes for two weeks of the year and we talk about how great they are and then they just fade off into the sunset trying to capitalize on their moment of glory. That's a little sad when you think about it, but it just shows that if it isn't hockey or curling, that most of us don't care.

--Fellas, make sure you treat your favourite lady right today. In some cases, it might be ladies right? For those that hate this day because you are single, yeah I understand your complaint, but what'cha gonna do?

--Milos Raonic becomes the first Canadian to win a tennis tournament in years in San Jose last night. He gets amongst other things for winning a Sharks jersey? Really? Why? I hope it wasn't because he was Canadian. Would this mean the winners of the tennis tournaments in Montreal and Toronto get Habs and Leafs jerseys? Would the Calgary Stampede start giving Flames jerseys to winners of the chuckwagon races. I scratch my head on that one.

--Prediction from yours truly about who the Undertaker will face at WM 28. He will take on Triple H with Shawn Michaels serving as the guest referee.

--Baseball's best player Albert Pujols will not talk contract after spring training starts which is very soon. Somewhere the Yankees and Red Sox are already drooling thinking about having Pujols in one of their jerseys. Here's one I would love. How about Albert wearing a Cubbies jersey? It would pain Cardinal fans to see Albert wearing Chicago blue.

--I've said it once, I'll say it again. Smokin Okies has some of the best chow in the city.


Greg said...

What, a word about Strikefore!? How bout Fedor Emelianenko losing for the second time in a row. A great fighter and career might have ended this weekend.

Anonymous said...

The Oilers will be fine, but last night was a definite step backwards.

I spent yesterday afternoon blowing out the driveway and the neighbours. I couldn't help but think that I have a few more Sundays to waste before football starts.


Anonymous said...

This isn't even a suggestion that Durant needs to be replaced, but do you think the Riders would try and get Jarious Jackson. I would feel much better with him as a backup than Dinwiddie.


mark said...

Nothing against Smokin' Okies, but you obviously have never tasted real BBQ.

Anonymous said...

Martin wins again. His back end is stronger than Howard's--thanks to Bennie boy!

It is a shame that Damon didn't get in on the first ballot. I didn't know about that until yesterday when Steve Simmons started bitching about it on that TSN show,

Mark, Phil is from Oklahoma, I think he knows his BBQ. If he could ever go outside instead of being stuck in a store his product would be even better than it is no.


Anonymous said...

The only part of the Olympics I watched was the hockey. I couldn't be bothered with the rest of it for the reasons you explain. Why get behind someone that you won't hear about again or for four years.