Thursday, February 10, 2011

Is This Worth a Suspension?

Ryan Getzlaf returned to the Anaheim lineup with a splash last night. The Regina native has missed a bunch of games after he broke several bones in his face when hit by a puck. Some think he needs to miss some more time after this incident last nite, but I don't agree. What do you think about this hit?


SAD said...

Is this Hamhuis' first game of contact hockey? Sure Getzlaf was off the ice by the end of the hit, but Hamhuis did a terrible job of protecting himself.

Anonymous said...

If Getzlaf gets suspended for that, its a joke. Every hard hit that results in a guy getting hurt can't be considered a suspendable hit.


Anonymous said...

In today's hockey, he will get at least a game for that if not more.


Reality Checker said...

He peeked, saw Getzalf coming, then went behind the net, peeked again and turned. No way a suspension is warrented. Protect yourself or protect the puck - that's part of hockey. No idea what Garrett is talking about regarding a jump - he made contact with feet on the ice! More of a glancing blow that propelled him off his feet as a result.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hamhuis is not too bright, if you watch the play he saw Getzlaf skating towards him then turned his back. If Getzlaf runs him over at full speed-Hamhuis does not get up.

Or maybe he intentionally wanted to set up a division rival's top forward for a suspension hearing. Good luck with the headache Danny.