Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Interesting End To A Long Day

Welcome from Flin Flon (otherwise known as the land of Rob Hart). I am a long ways from home and for a while I was starting to wonder if I might ever see home again. After a drive from Prince Albert to La Ronge to visit the Ice Wolves on the SJHL's Presidents Tour, it was decided we would drive to Flin Flon to get a later start on the day and catch up on some Z's. We travelled down a grid road for an hour with virtually no other traffic on it. It made me think at some point and ask jokingly to SJHL president Laury Ryan if the aliens were going to swoop down and take us away. What an eerie drive that is.

Many fine hockey players have been on the Hanson Lake Road to Flin Flon to continue their hockey career. I had my first trip on it last night and I will take the entire route tomorrow when we head to Humboldt.

As we checked into our hotel, the woman gave me my card for the room. Laury was supposed to be in the room right beside me, but we had to change that. Why is that? As I opened up the door to my room, I was greeted by a rather loud "What The F##k". I looked up to see I had awakened someone who was obviously quite startled. I looked to see if I was in the wrong room, but no. The hotel had checked me into a room already occupied. OOPS! I went down and informed the girl at the front desk. She was quite surprised saying her records had no one in that room---NO KIDDING! All was good though as about 15 minutes later, head hit pillow and all was good. Has that ever happened to you? A friend of mine had it happen to him at the Grey Cup in Toronto back in 07. It was 3 in the morning and two girls were coming into his room. I kept bugging him that it could have been a magical moment, but he claims he was too tired and too hungover to see if they were hot or not. Boom-chicka-wah-wah!

Here's a quick snapshot of the Mel Hegland Arena in La Ronge as the Bombers and Ice Wolves go at it. The Wolves are the defending champs andHa are a good bet to perhaps repeat this year as they have the number one team in the SJHL. One of their playters--Travis Eggum--is now two goals away from reaching 50 which is something that hasn't happened in the SJHL since the 02-03 season. We were led through La Ronge yesterday by a gentleman named Sean Hallett who is the team's vice-president. I've met a lot of great people around the league, but I don't think I have met anyone as passionate for his team and as dedicated to them as Sean. Many people across this league do a lot of things to make their team a success around the league, but Sean gets it and knows what has to be done. If the league (or any league for that matter) had more guys in it like him, there would be fewer problems to deal with. It was a great time in LaR. As I've said earlier, I'm looking forward to seeing the historic Whitney Forum today. I will take some pics.
Before last night's game, I was introduced to a 7 year old girl who has cancer of the eyes. She performed a ceremonial puck drop. This little girl was extremely cute and she didn't seem to be bothered about what has for some unknown reason strickened her. I could only think about my own 7 year old back in Regina and how she doesn't have those problems and fingers crossed---never will. I don't know how I would react if I found out one of my kids had cancer or something else that would prevent them from living a complete life. I hope someday whether it be in my lifetime or not that we find a cure for cancer. It affects everyone in some manner and its something that somehow we must eradicate.
The Phil Kessel being named the last all-star in the fantasy draft last weekend story is now just starting to get annoying. If Phil Kessel or Brian Burke or anyone else is ticked off about it, I don't care. Phil Kessel is making millions playing the game he loves and he was one of what 40 players at the all-star game. I'm sure there are many who would have gladly traded spots with Phil. He's considered as one of the best in the game. If Kessel was on any other team but the Leafs this wouldn't be a story, but that's why it is a story. If Paul Stastny had been the last pick, would anyone care.
CBC says 2 and a half million people watched the All-Star Game in Canada. Really? There is all this talk about people hating the all-star game (me included), yet a solid audience comes through. What is the normal audience for HNIC on a Saturday night? Did people just leave it on CBC after curling?
Watching the Super Bowl coverage from Dallas makes me feel so bad for those having to get through a snowstorm. Deal with it!
If its snowing in Dallas, maybe the NHL Winter Classic can go in Jerryworld? That would be cool. How many people could they get in there for an all-star game? I would watch that one.
That storm meant pathetic crowds in a few NHL towns including Dallas. There is no way that more than 1500 watched that game live.
Gotta run. Later!


Anonymous said...

What would you have done had it been some woman in the room saying "I've been waiting for you."

Rod Pedersen said...

Fantastic post.