Saturday, February 18, 2012

And They're Off

(photo courtesy Canadian Curling Association)

The 2012 Scotties Tournament of Hearts is underway in Red Deer and the first day was a good one for the two Saskatchewan rinks. Amber Holland won her first game over Newfoundland while Michelle Englot was victorious over Nova Scotia in the evening draw. It didn't come easy for either rink, but both rinks came through with the big shot when it counted--especially Michelle who stole in 8, 9 and 10 to get the win.

You know its April when you see the Augusta National Golf Course on TV and you know its February when you hear the smooth tones of Vic Rauter on a daily basis. How can you not love Vic? I still want to see him and Jay Onrait do some Sportscentres together or at least have Onrait rinkside at the Scotties and Brier.

What did the Territories/Yukon rink do to piss off the Canadian Curling Association? I find it a little unfair that the rink has to play in the first three draws before getting a bye. I'm sure if you look hard enough you see that rinks play in three straight draws, but that isn't an easy way to get things going.

Why is Jennifer Jones still doing ads for Scott Paper? Amber Holland is the champ and therefore should be getting commercials, not Jenny J. Disrespect I say. It sounds as if everyone in Red Deer believes the Manitoba skip is the overwhelming favourite to win and that she should be Team Canada again this year. Well, maybe if she had made her last shot in the final last year she would have been, but Amber made it a little too tough for her so she's not.

Thank you to M and M Meats for no longer inundating us with the "Happy Together" ads that they did last year. If you are a curling fan, you know how annoying those ads became.

I may be biased in making this statement, but I think the Saskatchewan Roughriders, even though they didn't sign Andy Fantuz, have been the early winners in free agency. Hamilton would be a close 2nd. The losers have to be the Edmonton Eskimos. Eric Tillman let some big money go away when he traded Ricky Ray, but he has to this point added nothing and lost a lot including his top running back to the NFL.

I heard Rider GM Brendan Taman pumping the tires of DE Kenny Veikune on Friday's Sportscage. Could he be the answer to the Riders woeful pass rush? The Youtube videos on Veikune are impressive. If he has a good year though, how do you prevent the former 2nd round pick of the Browns from wanting to try the NFL again.

Will the Philadelphia Flyers ever find a goalie? Ilya Bryzgalov is the latest failure and people in Winnipeg couldn't be happier.

The Oilers aren't making the playoffs so I'm hoping the Winnipeg Jets do. I would still love to see the Jets try to get Teemu Selanne from the Ducks at the trade deadline, but I can't see that happening. The already hockey-mad fan in the Manitoba capital would go bonkers if Selanne returned to wear Jets colours.

The Toronto Raptors lost at home to the worse than woeful Charlotte Bobcats on Friday night. This franchise should just be revoked. What a disaster!

Sarah Michelle Gellar was hot when she was in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and she remains hot in "Ringer". I loved her in "Cruel Intentions". I'm guessing many a man would say the same thing.

Can Jordan Eberle be a 50 goal scorer in the NHL? I think he can and he could do it as early as 2013-14.

The L-A Kings brought back their purple and yellow jerseys for Saturday's game against the Flames. I loved that uni! Bring it back!

Congrats to Dave Taylor ( I mean Mr. Dave Taylor) and his Cougar womens basketball team for completing a perfect regular season. There is a lot of work to do yet though, but one has to think this team will be playing on championship Sunday in Calgary in a few weeks time.

A big win for the Pats as they beat Kootenay Saturday night. Brandon won't get off Regina's tail though as they are still one point back of the 7th place Pats who are now just 3 back of 5th place Saskatoon. 12 games are left and they will all be huge---especially those games against that hot Wheat Kings squad.

Mall parking lots in Regina can always be an adventure especially on Saturdays when you get people like this....

Yeah pal, no one wants to ding up a "beauty" like that.

I like the Riders schedule, but I do admit that not having a Friday night game at Mosaic does suck.

I really have to start watching "How I Met Your Mother" now that its in syndication on several channels.

The answer may not lie at the bottom of a beer bottle, but its never a bad idea to check.

Have a good Sunday!


Keith said...

For those of us season ticket holders working evening shifts, the 2012 Rider schedule for home games is a blessing. Thumbs up for games on the weekend!

Anonymous said...

I was in Winnipeg a while back and heard from reliable sources that Selanie hated Winnipeg, the city not the fans, and would have to be draged back kicking and screaming.

Anonymous said...

Onrait and Rauter would be a hilarious pairing.

Eberle will get 50 if he can play a full season without getting hurt. He is just getting better and better.

Anonymous said...
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Mike from Vita, MB said...

Anonymous, not sure what you, or your source is smoking BUT, Selanne does NOT hate Winnipeg. Sue the braindead who told you that because that statement is CRAP! It would be nice to have Teemu back for the stretch run, but it would cost alot!

Anonymous said...

If Selanne hates Winnipeg, then men hate beer and blondes.

Anonymous said...

Kenny Veikune better be good or Taman has a lot of egg on his face for passing up on Greg Peach, especially since Peach was signed after we'd lost out on Fantuz so money wasn't a problem.