Friday, February 3, 2012

Sammy, Sammy, Sammy

We haven’t seen an eight point night in the NHL in over 20 years, so perhaps its only fitting that the first guy to get eight in one game does it on the same ice surface where Gretzky, Coffey, Messier, Kurri etc, etc did their thing in the 80’s.
Sam Gagner had a night that he will likely never have again as he had four goals and four assists in a victory over Chicago. Much like the night Darryl Sittler had 10, everything Gagner touched seemingly ended up in the back of the net. He had a chance to make it nine late in the game, but in a rather classy move, he went off the ice with about 45 seconds to go even though his teammates were telling him to stay on the ice.
The only thing I didn’t like was the TSN broadcast crew of Gord Miller and Mike Johnson giving Gagner all three stars. I found that to be a little cheesy. Yes, he had a night that no other player has had in years, but to give him all three stars takes away from four point nights from Jordan Eberle and Taylor Hall and a two goal night from Patrick Sharp. I know Rocket Richard was named all three stars one night in Montreal, but did Wayne Gretzky ever get that honour, did Lemieux, did Orr? I don’t think so. I think TSN took it a little too far on that one.
Just seeing the Oilers play the way they did makes me wonder why it can’t be like this all the time. I’m very disappointed that this team is currently in the lottery. I thought this was the year they contended for a playoff spot. Yes, injuries haven’t helped, but what I saw last night gives me hope for not only the end of this year, but the future if the right moves are made. One of those moves is not trading Gagner as some have suggested. He can be a solid point-getter and he showed that on this night.

Other random thoughts

--The NFL network is great at any time of year, but they out-do themselves on Super Bowl week. Its been tough to take the TV off of Channel 98 this week.

--Can’t help but wonder if Roger Goodell wishes the Super Bowl was any other place than Indianapolis this year because of the Peyton Manning story. He is the story of this week in Indy---not the Giants and the Patriots.

--How can a provincial judge sleep at night knowing he gave a rather light two year sentence to a guy who shot an off-duty RCMP officer a couple of years ago. Two years for a guy that it took years to find and convict. Two years! That’s it. I’m guessing a lot of Mounties and city police officers across Saskatchewan and Canada are furious over that.

--Nothing against the anchors at CTV Regina, but those at Global have to smile when they have the likes of Jill Morgan, Rylee Carlson and Heather Anderson. They are 1,2 and 3 in my books.

--Jeff Reinebold is back in the CFL as the defensive co-ordinator of the Alouettes. That’s all I’m sayin on that one.

--Some Rider fans are wondering if this team should see if Avon Cobourne would be interested in wearing green. Are these the same fans that have been clamouring for the removal of Wes Cates. Cobourne is only a year younger so is it worth it?

--From my Twitter feed—Sam Gagner had more points in one night than Scott Gomez has had all year in Montreal. That’s gotta hurt Habs fans.

--Scott Nicholls was surprisingly let go by JACK 94 this week. His Facebook page is full of people that are outraged at the decision. I can’t argue with any of the comments on there. I’m so glad I am no longer a part of that company. It went downhill the day Michael Zaplitny left.

--Why aren’t Credit Union Center officials trying to do what they can to determine if an NHL team could ever come to Saskatoon. The chances of that happening are much greater than a CFL team. The building is ready and you just about had a team years ago. Perhaps some due diligence should be put into finding out what it would take to land an NHL team. It wouldn’t surprise me if some day the NHL does call Saskatoon home. It will be about 15-20 years, but I can see it happening. I always said Winnipeg would be back.

--I didn’t see my shadow when I went outside yesterday. Should that be concerning?

--What does one have to do to make Beer Pong an Olympic sport?


Unknown said...

Gretzky got all three stars as well a couple times, once as an Oiler and in his last game he ever played. Plus 8 points now a days is bout the same thing as Sittler, it is so rare it deserved to be acknowledged.

Anonymous said...

One can only wonder if TSN would have done that had the game been in Chicago. I think that was going overboard just a little. It was quite the performance though.

Anonymous said...

As the brother of a Mountie in Alberta, I could not agree with you more about the two year sentence handed down. This judge should be ashamed of himself and a review of his competencies should be done immediately. I can't believe there hasn't been more of an outrage on this.

Anonymous said...

First off let me say I loved Craig MacTavish as a player but as a coach, not so much. Sam Gagner scored forty some points as an 18 year old with the Oil. Then MacT decided to remold this offensive talent into his idea of a complete hockey player. It set Sam back about four years. Hopefully he's now recovered from that setback and while there probably won't be any more 8 point nights here's hoping he can return to what he was supposed to be in the first place. An offensive minded center.


Anonymous said...

Cobourne is actually older than Cates. He will be 33 in a month.

Anonymous said...

Scott Nicholls is another prime example of Rawlco not knowing good talent. They would rather try to lead us to believe that a drive show is coming to us from Regina when it comes from Edmonton and they would rather keep a buffoon like Woody than Scott. Unbelievable!