Thursday, February 23, 2012

Michelle Needs Help

The last day of round-robin play at the Scotties Tournament of Hearts goes today and if Saskatchewan is to get two rinks into the playoffs, Michelle Englot will need a lot of help. Englot basically has to win both of her games today against the Territories and Team Canada's Amber Holland and then hope a lot of different things happen to get into a tie-breaker. Barring disaster, Holland should find herself in the playoffs. Like Englot, she will play the Territories today before meeting Saskatchewan tonight. Right now, you would have to think it could be a rematch of last year's final between Jones and Holland, but Kelly Scott or Quebec's Marie France Larouche could throw a monkeywrench into that. We will see.


There is 620 CKRM's afternoon news anchor Kali Bourhis with midget wrestler Shortsleeve Sampson. The midgets were as entertaining as I knew they would be last night as High Impact Wrestling held a rare Wednesday show. Once again, hilarity was had by all including the trifecta of Reid Pedersen, Todd Ripplinger and Jamie Heward. Some even brought their children with them who were wearing their jammies which begs the question "You can afford to go to wrestling, but not get a babysitter?". Then again as I tweeted, I was there with Rob Vanstone and Tony Playter so perhaps I'm just as guilty.


Talk of Regina getting a lingerie football league team is creating a lot of discussion. The president of the league Mitchell Mortaza will join me on "The Sportscage" today to tell us why Regina and give us some more info on the league.


The Pats needed a win last night and they got one beating Kootenay 2-1. From what I understand, it was another one of those stifling defensive efforts in which scoring chances were few, but the home team came through with a big two points. I'm thinking the first round of the playoffs in the East will be a ring a ding dong dandy. I have no idea what series SHAW will bring us in the first round, but I hope its an Eastern Conference matchup.


What has happened to the Washington Capitals?


Khloe and Lamar are now following me on Twitter. Why?


Anonymous said...

Amber can still win the Scotties, but she needs a lot better performance from Kim. She hasn't curled well this week at all and Amber has to had bail the team out with many good shots. If the 3rd comes through, the skip makes the needed shots and not the circus-style ones.

Anonymous said...

Amber is probably the best curler there if she had better teammates she'd be unbeatable. Both Schneiders need replacing.