Monday, February 6, 2012

Super "Mann"

Forget Peyton, Tom Brady's biggest rival with the last name Manning is Eli. For the 2nd time in four years, the New York Giants beat the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl. In a game that was entertaining, but won't go down I think as one of the best ever, Eli Manning proved that he is an elite quarterback as he took the ball with 4 minutes left and drove his team down the field for the winning touchdown much like he did four years ago.

While laying on the couch in the mancave ( I am extremely sick thus I did not go out), here are some thoughts on SB 46.

--The Giants receivers were just too much for the New England defence. The Patriots couldn't stop the Manningham, Cruz, Nicks combination.

--Who had a Giants safety as the first score of the game? Someone in Vegas did and he is $50-thousand dollars richer today.

--Jason Pierre-Paul will see his bust in Canton one day. What an animal!

--The biggest part of the game to me was the first drive by the Giants in the 3rd quarter. The Patriots scored a touchdown to end the first half and then got the ball to start the 2nd half where they put in the endzone again. Manning, who had last had the ball in his hands when his team was winning 9-3 was now down 17-9. The Giants had to answer back immediately as a two and out would have been disastrous. Manning drove his team down the field for a field goal and the Giants were still in the game. That series may have been the biggest one of all.

--The Mario Manningham catch was fantastic, but please don't compare it to the David Tyree catch four years ago. Receivers need to make that catch whether it be late in the 4th, midway thru the 3rd or at the start of the game. It was a great grab, but it wasn't even close to what Tyree did.

--The Patriots should have told Rob Gronkowski his season was done after the AFC Championship. He was useless because of his ankle injury.

--Thank you to Access Communications for keeping Channel 512 (NBC Seattle HD) open so that we could see the American ads. The best ad to me was the Doritos ad where the dog gives his owner the Doritos so that he will be silent when it comes to what happened to the cat.

--I didn't see Madonna's performance, but I am told that M-I-A delivered the finger. Don't get upset. As Global TV's Tom Vernon tweeted, Stone Cold Steve Austin did that for 10 years on Monday Night RAW and no one got upset.

--Was Peyton at the game? If so, good on NBC for not constantly showing him.

--Being sick at any time sucks, but being sick on Super Bowl Sunday is a real kick in the junk. Damn you asthma!!!

--I know arena football is starting up, but we don't have "real" football until CFL training camps begin. That's a few months away. SIGHHHHHH!!!

--One other question that isn't related to the Super Bowl. Who is Scott Manners? I had never heard of the guy until I saw his rink was at the Tankard. We'll know who he is now though as he will be carrying Saskatchewan colours into the Brier in Saskatoon. Congrats Scott and now can you tell us something about yourself.


Anonymous said...

How come the Riders have a 'too many man' 3 years ago and they're still talking about it, but New England can have one in the Super Bowl and it's just water under the bridge? I guess nobody wants to slam the NFL because it's far superior to the CFL.

Anonymous said...

Great point about not showing Peyton, he had his time during the week. Sunday was all about Eli Vs Tom.

Anonymous said...

You are so right on the Manningham catch. We see catches like that all the time and while great, you can't say its one of the greatest of all time. Its a receiver doing what he is supposed to and that is catch the ball and then absorb a hit. Ask Dominguez about it and see what he says.


Anonymous said...

Also loved that commercial most

Clansman2112 said...

First thing I thought of when the safety was scored was that some people scored large if they picked a safety as first score!!!