Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Riders Won't Be Getting Hickman

Justin Hickman would have been a great addition to the Riders d-line, but we will never know if he would have come to Saskatchewan via free agency. Hickman, who would have been a free agent next week, has reportedly signed an NFL contract with the Indianapolis Colts.

While Hickman signs with the Colts, the Alouettes did the expected today and cut 36 year old D-lineman Anwar Stewart.
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What is it with the Colts and the CFL? Does Cal Murphy have that much pull with that team?


Anonymous said...

Double crap!!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Taman has already signed Hawkins. He should be good for two or maybe even three games this year.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget we also have Rowe who IMO didn't look too spectacular although Taman and some people talk like he's Cameron Wake. Its been 2 years now with lousy DE's Taman so can you make 3?