Thursday, February 23, 2012

Scotties Update/Thursday Cage

DOHHH!!! Amber Holland looked to have the game well in hand in the 10th end until the Territories Kerry Galusha made a great shot to sit last rock with her last. Amber needed a hit and stick to take the win, but she couldn't do it so she suffers a costly loss at the Scotties. In fact, she needs to beat Michelle Englot tonight to get in with what I believe would be without a tiebreaker. If she loses, I think she gets at least a tiebreaker, but its all very confusing as it usually is going into the last couple of draws.


Busy Thursday on the Sportscage. Here's whats comin up

Warriors director of hockey operations Al Millar and Pats coach Pat Conacher will join us to set up tomorrow's big game at the Brandt Centre between the two

Lingerie Football League president Mitchell Mortaza will tell us why the league is coming to Regina and what we can expect

Dick White from the U of R will be in to talk Cougar athletics

Craig Slater from the LP will talk a little baseball as spring training is underway

Arash Madani has the Madani report. I think we might be talkin a little NHL.

Talk to you at 5.


Anonymous said...

Just when I think the Holland group has it together, they play a game like they did this morning. How on earth do you let a flu-ridden team from the Arctic beat you. I watched the last end and I thought Amber really botched it by letting all those rocks stay in play for so long. With Michelle seemingly out, I guess I know who I cheer for tonight.


Anonymous said...


Great job doing the Cage again. That show is in great hands when Rod is away. I would love to see u do a morning edition of the Cage before turning it over to Rod or vice versa, but I guess that isn't in your hands or his is it.


Anonymous said...

Just listened to the CKRM podcast. OMG it was a pleasure listening to Rempel DESTROY that idiot commissioner from Vegas. Not once did Kelly bash the Lingerie Football League (in fact he even admitted that he was going to probably check it out himself), yet the guy swears at Kelly. Then Mr. Commish got what he deserved, taken to the wood shed. It looked good on him. Let's not kid ourselves, it's a T&A exhibition, with loud music, light show, and some football added in. Just look at the posters, it is what it is!

Good on The Silver Fox for standing his ground and making this idiot look and sound even more pathetic than he already is.

Roger from Weyburn