Thursday, February 9, 2012

This And That

--I love the CFL, but sometimes I wonder why they do what they do. The season has been over since the end of November, but today the league tells us that Kavis Reed, Paul Lapolice and Wally Buono are the finalists for the coach of the year award. I will never understand why the CFL doesn't recognize the coach of the year at the player awards during Grey Cup week. The post-season isn't supposed to matter, so why not recognize your top coach at the same time the top players are being hailed. It just doesn't make any sense to announce the nominees now and it especially doesn't make sense to name them now and not name the winner until next month.

--The critics are coming out of the woodwork when it comes to the Regina Pats and a lot of "I told you so's" are starting to emerge. The team has only won two of its last 10 and a loss to Brandon last night has the Wheat Kings in direct sight of the 7th place Pats. I'm not worried. I think Pat Conacher can find what is ailing this team and that they can finish strong. The right moves were made at the trade deadline as far as I'm concerned. If it does go off the rails and the team does somehow miss the playoffs again, I don't think you can pin any blame on Chad Lang or the organization. People will though---its just the nature of the beast.

--What is it about the CFL that the Indianapolis Colts love so much? They just keep raiding and raiding the CFL for talent with Hamilton defensive end Justin Hickman being the latest to head south of the border thanks to the Colts. I guess we will never know if he was Plan A for the Riders when it comes to free agency, but I have to think he was considering the team's need for a pass rush. Is Plan A Brendon Labatte now or is Plan A Andy Fantuz. Perhaps its someone else. We'll find out starting next week.

--Fantasy baseball magazines are starting to hit the shelf. If that isn't a sure sign that spring is on the way, I don't know what is.

--What is the city going to do with the oodles and oodles of money it has saved in the snow removal budget this year?

--The story of the little boys near Kamsack that were rescued after falling through the ice is absolutely incredible. For a group of five youngsters to be as level headed as they were in getting help is amazing. I can't think of many four and five year olds that would stay as calm as what these kids did to not only hold on to their friends, but send someone for help. This story had disaster written all over it.

--Someone has started a twitter account called @sjhlproblems. I don't know who is responsible, but there are some great ones on there. Somehow I feel compelled to give a couple, but I won't. I think that some in the league I have spoken to this year know exactly what I am talking about though.

--I still can't believe the roll that Oilers forward Sam Gagner is on. He is money right now. I can't see Edmonton trading him after the last week that he has had. I can see Ales Hemsky and Ryan Smyth getting moved and I'm hoping the team can find a taker for Nikolai Khabibulin. Detroit???

--I forgot to talk about this in my post-Super Bowl post, but it was interesting seeing Rodney Harrison and David Tyree sitting side-by-side discussing the Tyree catch that led to the Giants ruining New England's perfect season and winning it all four years ago. Harrison let it be known that the play still haunts him and that the loss was one of the most disappointing of his career. Harrison was known to be a dirty player when he played and I couldn't help think the NFL might have a Kapp-Mosca moment as the two sat there side by side. Can you imagine the play that would have received?

--Speaking of Harrison, he has been critical of Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski for partying after the Super Bowl. Harrison saying Gronkowski is a world class talent with a pea-sized brain and that he has to grow up a little bit. I couldn't agree more. I just can't see any member of the Riders wanting to go dancin and partyin after losing the 2009 and 2010 Grey Cups. If they did, I would have to question their desire and motivation. Maybe its just me.

--We are just under two weeks from midgets invading High Impact Wrestling. Yes, the little fellas will be performing on February 22 at the Victoria Club. Yes, that date is right---its a Wednesday. Rumour has it Rob Vanstone won't be attending. I hear he's afraid of the midgets. I'll be hosting the "Sportscage" that week since Rod is heading to Mexico. Thrillin Dylan, I may need your help one day that week and you may have to bring some company with you. I know you read this blog big guy so get a hold of me.

--I don't know where they are finding food, but the squirrels in my neighbourhood aren't suffering. I saw perhaps the fattest squirrel I've ever seen on my deck this morning.

--Christie Brinkley remains a fine looking woman to this day. She just turned 58 last week and she is still fabulous. There has never been an SI Swimsuit model as hot as her in this blogger's mind. LOVE HER!!

--Tiger is making his 2012 debut on the PGA Tour today as he plays in the Pebble Beach Pro-Am. Is Tiger still considered a heavy favourite or has game dipped to the point that he is just a mere mortal. We probably won't find out until the Masters.

--I guess if I am going to take a shot at the CFL to start this post, I will give then some praise to end it. There is word Commissioner Marc Cohon is about to sign a new contract---one that could be as long as five years. This is nothing but good news for a league that has really thrived since Cohon took over. Knowing he is still on charge of league matters should have CFL fans feeling pretty good now and in the future.


Anonymous said...

can't agree with your statement that the Pats made the right moves at the deadline....a commentor on RP's blog said it best " they fixed what wasn't broke....and broke it". Not adding someone up front to lighten the load on Weal makes no sense, changing up a back end that was doing very well sends the wrong message.

Anonymous said...

You ain't kiddin when it comes to Christie Brinkley!

Anonymous said...

It really doesn't make sense as to why the CFL waits so long to name COY. Its not like things have changed any!


Anonymous said...

I hope you and Pedersen realize how well the two of you work off one another. I love the Sportscage, but there is a different vibe when you two are on. Keep up the good work.

Dan from the 541

Gary said...

I HOPE plan A for the Riders is FANTUZ. He is more important than most people think. But I think they should be able to afford LaBatte as well.

Anonymous said...

Scruffy, wake up, the game was over, the season was over. Im sure you have played some competitive sports, where once the season is over, after all the pressure and stress of the playoffs is over, you need to blow off some stress. Hence the phrase "win or lose hit the booze." If you want to think that your beloved Riders are angels after a championship game win or lose... you need to wake up!

Anonymous said...

How the fack do you not blame Lang or the Pats organization if they miss the playoffs? That would be an epic collapse. I guess Parker could blame the Riders...