Friday, May 24, 2019

This And That

--Welcome to Friday and the usual thoughts running through my muddled mind.  As always, they come in no particular order.

-- If you're not a Boston Bruins fan, how can we not cheer for St. Louis in the Stanley Cup final? This is a team that years ago just about ended up in Saskatoon.  They had training camp in Regina for a few years.   They have had the likes of Bernie Federko, Doug Wickenheiser, Barrett Jackman, and Ed Staniowski play for them.  They have Jaden Schwartz, Brayden Schenn and Tyler Bozak now.  The Blues are Team Saskatchewan!  The Gloria thing still doesn't make sense to me, but whatever.  By the way, why aren't we starting the Stanley Cup until Monday?  A Saturday start would have been much better.

--It's tough to get a good gauge on what is happening at Riders camp in Saskatoon, but it would appear as if Jon Ryan can still kick the ball.  Word has it he was booming punts on Wednesday with several of them being over 60 yards.   Word also has it the 37-year-old is the first guy on the field each day.  His leadership is going to be huge as the year goes along.

--If Zach Collaros remains healthy, are the Riders fighting with Edmonton and Winnipeg for 3rd or are they fighting for a home playoff game?  I say it's the latter. Sadly though, I just don't see Collaros staying healthy for a whole season.  From the people I talk to, many feel the same way.

--I love what I'm been hearing from Craig Dickenson in post-practice scrums this week. He's what this football team needed after Chris Jones.  Players will play for Dickie the way they did for Jones, but for different reasons.

--Shouldn't Solomon Elimimian be at Rider camp instead of going around to other camps talking to players about the CBA?   Is there no one in the PA that can do Solomon's job for him.  He needs to be on the field and not the boardroom right now.

--The new deal ends at the same time TSN's contract comes up.  I don't see Sportsnet wanting to get involved with the CFL because of the Blue Jays and the NHL.  Would CBC want back in?  If the answer is no, TSN basically controls the purse-strings and can give the league as thin an offer as possible if they desire.  I guess there is no use worrying about this for three years, but it is something to remember moving forward.

--I am guessing there are no Vegas Golden Knights fans that are disappointed to see St. Louis beat San Jose.  Of course those fans still don't want to admit the team gave up four power play goals on a five minute major to get into the position they did.

--I'd rather have Patrick Marleau win a Stanley Cup than Joe Thornton and you know how I feel about the Leafs.

--The decision to give Vladimir Guerrero a day off on Monday was one of the dumbest things I have seen a pro sports team do.  VGJ is the future.  He is coming off a four homer week. It was a holiday Monday matinee game so I am guessing there were many kids at Rogers Centre.  For some, it might have been their first and only game of the year.  VGJ is who they came to see and someone in the Jays organization said nope, he sits.  What a great way to appease a fan base that is already dwindling.

--The Golden State Warriors or the New England Patriots.  Who has had the better decade?

--What would happen if a Rider fan came on the sidelines and gave Craig Dickenson a shoulder massage or yelled at an opposing player?  Security would haul his or her ass off the field immediately.  Yet there is Drake looking like a complete ass-clown.  He is worse than Spike Lee was in the Knicks heyday.  Its embarrassing and it makes the Raptors look bad.  Somebody in the organization needs to sit him down and tell him to continue sitting and not being a part of the game.

--Are the Raptors going to the NBA Final? I'll be the first to admit I didn't think the Kawhi Leonard trade would be that great for them, but he has taken that team on his back in the playoffs.  If Toronto gets past Milwaukee, will it do for basketball what the Jays did for baseball in Canada when they reached the World Series.  The Raptors have already made Canadian basketball better, but this could take it to a new level.

--Dave Tippett as the new coach of the Oilers?  It's a move that doesn't excite or disappoint me.  I just want results. Is it too late to call John Paddock?

--Why can't the WHL win a game at the Memorial Cup anymore.  Add Prince Albert to the list as their 0-3 mark in Halifax means the WHL champ has lost 13 straight dating back to Kelowna's loss in the 2015 final.  There are many thoughts out there. A lot of them are valid.  What's yours?

--The WCBL(formerly the WMBL)  season starts next week.  It will be great spending some time at Currie Field watching baseball.  Its too bad we couldn't have had games last week when the weather was perfect. If you have never been to a WCBL game, go and enjoy.

--Once again this year, some NHL teams are allowing fans to come and paint the ice with a message or something once the season is over before the ice is taken out. What a great idea!  I'd love to see the Pats do something like this.  It would be a blast for the family.  By the way, I would take no responsibility if the phrase "Phil Andrews Sucks" was found in one of the corners, but some kid might find himself $20 richer!  😃

--That's all I got.  Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I think Collaros is a really good QB and if he was healthy, could have the Riders compete in the west this year. Sadly, the guy is concussion prone and the odds are he will get another one this season. I really do worry about his long term health now , with so many head injuries.

Anonymous said...

Team Sask indeed. GO BLUES GO!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget one of the toughest SOB's to ever play in the WHL was a former Blue. I speak of Reed Low!

Anonymous said...

Dickenson is a 180 from Jones when it comes to demeanour. I'm good with that

SWC said...

I agree with your 180 and I'm also OK with it.

Anonymous said...

I also like the change in head coach. This guy seems like a good person.