Friday, April 13, 2012

LFL Putting US Season On Hold

The U.S. Lingerie Football League is forgoing a 2012 season in order to expand the sport abroad and refocus it as a warm-weather game.

Spokesman Jim Wallin said Thursday the LFL will resume playing in April 2013 on a spring-summer playing schedule. He says the hiatus will also allow the league to concentrate on launching in Canada this fall and free U.S. players to participate in a promotional all-star tour.

The “All Fantasy Tour” will start in Mexico City next month, followed by dates in Sydney and Brisbane, Australia, and possibly cities in Asia later in the year.

The LFL, which is based in West Hollywood, Calif., plans to launch a league in Australia in 2013. The three-year-old LFL features all-female, seven-member teams playing in lingerie and football pads.


75flyersbestteamever said...

Now what are we gonna do with those black lace car flags?
...or the Brass goal posts?
...or the big rugs the scoring players got to set out in the end zone for fans to "tip them" with after TD's or.....the jokes could run forever

Anonymous said...

Wanting to showcase our game in other global markets. Yeah right! This league will never ever see a down played in Canada.

Clansman2112 said...

That picture is really confusing me....all I see is a bunch of Tight-Ends out there....

Anonymous said...

FYI LFL has already played a down in Canada... Hamilton, last year... And y do u figure they will not play a down?