Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Look Bomber And Alouette Jerseys

We will find out tomorrow what the new look Rider jerseys will look like when the team unveils their new unis from Reebok. The Bombers and Alouettes released theirs today. What do you think? I'm OK with Winnipeg's, but did Montreal's change?


Anonymous said...

At least Winnipeg's is blue. Sometimes their jerseys are white with gold numbers and pants. I'd say if you're called the 'Blue Bombers' the dominant colour should be Blue.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of the Riders new jersey. I'll stick with my retro.

Anonymous said...

Anoyn... you seen a cardboard cutout of the new rider jersey that does not have a number... I will wait til tomorrow for my 9AM purolator delivery and wearing my new jersey with pride!!!


Anonymous said...

There is a leaked picture of the Rider jersey on Riderfans. I'll be sticking with the jersey I have.

Anonymous said...

Hey Scruffy: has what our new jersey looks like. It looks more like a golf shirt than a jersey to me. Go take a look.