Thursday, May 10, 2012

Random Thoughts

--As the days move on, Rider training camp gets closer and closer. In less than a month, training camp will be in full swing and we will be deciding who should stay and who should go. You have to think there will be several intense battles as players fight it out. I'll be very interested in seeing if these guys with NFL experience that Brendan Taman has brought in can adapt to the CFL style of game. You know some of them will flourish.

--The Riders held their state of the franchise conference call for local, provincial and national media on Thursday. Nothing came out of it. It was so bad that TSN's headline on the CFL page says "NO CONTROVERSY ---Chamblin says Durant will be Riders starter this season". I think there would have been a story had Chamblin said Colt Brennan or JT O'Sullivan been the starter. There would be a bigger buzz created if it was announced Gainer was no longer the mascot.

--LA Kings forward Jarret Stoll was on Thursday's "Sportscage". He said after the win over Vancouver there were about 800 fans at the airport to greet them. That's great, but I can't help but feel the team is still being overshadowed by the fact that both of LA's basketball teams--the Lakers and Clippers are still alive in the playoffs.

--What did Braden Holtby dig out of the net when Game 6 was over Wednesday night? No one seems to know. I guess that will be one of life's little mysteries.

--Why doesn't Devils goalie Marty Brodeur have a playoff beard? He's 40 so he should be able to grow one. Then again, I'm in my mid 40's and if I had a playoff beard, it would be extremely weak.

--Speaking of Brodeur, who has had the more glamourous career---Brodeur or Patrick Roy? I gotta go with Marty.

--The Blue Jays have signed Vladimir Guerrero. Translation: Adam Lind, you have been put on notice.

--The Jays bullpen has blown 7 save opportunities in the first month and a bit of the 2012 season. Looking at the standings, they are 2 games out of the divisional lead. Isn't this what killed Toronto last year?

--U of R students got hit with a 4 percent tuition hike this week. If this was Montreal, we might have had to call in the national guard.

--A young woman asked me about getting into radio this week. It hurt to say it, but I told her to consider another avenue especially when it comes to being an announcer. With radio stations just taping a lot of their weekend and evening programming and one station in town having people from Edmonton do their show, why bother? Automation is simply killing that part of the industry.

--The Theoren Fleury documentary on HBO is must-watch TV.

--The more I think about it, the more I truly believe Regina needs an all-sports radio station. It won't be happening anytime soon though.

--Three sports that have a lot of activity in this province do not have a communications person. Why is that? That should change and I know a perfect person who could come in and do it for them.

--Rumour has it there is a Grey Cup ad that the CFL is putting out that says "It takes 12 men to win it and 13 to lose it". That's not funny!!

--I find it hard to believe that in such a curling rich city no one could pony up the money for the Schmirler Curling Classic. Someone really needs to get on the ball to sponsor the event and revive it.

--The stars of High Impact Wrestling will perform this weekend in Regina as they make a rare Saturday appearance at the Victoria Club. I hope King Kash has recovered after being knocked down by Bull Bodnar during Access7's Locker Talk taping this week. Where was the decorum and professionalism? Speaking of HIW, I see its Saskatchewan Fashion Week so I wonder if Rex Roberts will be able to get away from his modelling duties that he started at the last show to step back into the ring.

--The Deli Llama downtown has had a Heather Anderson (Global morning news host) sandwich on sale this week. It only makes me wonder what a "Scruffy" sandwich would contain. The way things have been going---it would be two slices of bread and nothing in between.

--I don't care if the "4 guys" put up posters in those Captain Morgan's ads. There is no way any member in that group is getting lucky. That is one of many bad, bad commercials that we are forced to endure these days.

--A win by the Capitals in Game 7 against the Rangers on Saturday and I could have a good shot at winning my hockey draft.

--If a midget smokes weed, does he get high or just medium?


Anonymous said...

it was a screw that came loose from one of his goal pads. Elliote Friedman tweeted it immediately following the game.

Anonymous said...

Brodeur without a doubt, and the Fleury show is amazing.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Its a shame that no business will come forth and put the money to the SSC. I can think of a number of places right off the top of my head that could be a sponsor.


Anonymous said...

Mitch, you've opened it up when you ask what a Scruffy sandwich should contain. So many places one could go with that.

Terry C

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

There is only one station that could make an all-sports format work in this town and that is the station you currently do some work for.

1. They have the properties (Riders, Pats, Rams)

2. They have the personalities (Pedersen, yourself, Remple, Ball, Andrews, Lynch etc. etc. etc)

3. They have a gameplan that works unlike the other show which was a botched experiment right from Day 1. Sorry Mitch, but that's the truth and hopefully you realize that even though you were part of it for many years.

CKRM could make a killing off an all-sports format. The Sportscage is what people are talking about when it comes to RM. They aren't talking about Jamie Lewis, Colin Lovequist or Ryan Schultz. The problem is CKRM is afraid to roll the dice and alienate an audience it had for many, many years. Its an audience that is dying and is getting older and older by the day.

Say what you will about CJME, but they weren't afraid to take away their entire oldies audience and rebuild from the ground by doing something new to the market. Have they made an impact. Yes! Has it been the impact they would like. I doubt it, but I know they aren't suffering when it comes to sales and I'm guessing CKRM wouldn't either.

If CKRM is willing to take a gamble on it, it would work. If not, it won't happen. CJME won't be changing and Regina isn't big enough to add another station or two much as some would like it to happen.

By the way, you know who I am but you might be surprised as to who this is.

Keep your head up!

Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't Madison Square Garden or the United Center let Fleury into the building? Weird!

Anonymous said...

A lot of beef, some spicy ham and a couple of different kinds of cheese on one big ass bun.

Anonymous said...

What station has someone from Edmonton doing their show? That's just stupid!

Anonymous said...

I belive crash and mars on z99 are from edmonton. I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

Theo Fleury will never escape his demons. I have read the book, but the documentary really opened my eyes as to how f-ed up he is and became thanks to Graham James. One can only imagine how many other people out there are like this because of people like James who are just Joe Ordinary and not an NHL superstar.


Anonymous said...

Sports radio would definitely work in Regina and the one place it would work immediately is CKRM. I do agree with the above poster though. Until the people in charge there are willing to roll the dice, it won't happen. You have to be all in and I'm guessing if the idea has ever been discussed that there are some against it thus it won't happen now or in the immediate future.


Anonymous said...

Boy, do I ever wish North American rinks were the size they're playing on over at the World Championships. There is so much more room for skill. Instead in the NHL they just cycle the puck until they lose it, then go the other way.

Anonymous said...

Sports radio will not happen in Regina for a variety of reasons.

1. Programming. Guys like Jim Rome and ESPN Radio can survive in the states because there is so much to talk about. People in Regina don't care about the NBA or US College Football or Basketball. There are no Canadian shows except what is on TSN Radio

2. Rawlco and Harvard have no desire to align themselves with Bell Media which has the rights to the three TSN stations in this country which have locally produced Canadiana shows.

For those who want it to happen, that is the sad truth.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Scott. For a city that is supposedly booming with business, someone (Mosaic, Viterra, etc. etc) could come up with the cash needed to keep the Schmirler curling classic going. The SCA needs to find a title sponsor and while they are at it get a world class mens spiel here too.

Anonymous said...

The argument between Brodeur and Roy is a great one. In the end, Marty has two Olympic golds and Roy has none so advantage Brodeur.

Anonymous said...

Scott is right. One of our Crowns or someone like Mosaic can't come up with the cash to keep this event going. Is this a sign that curling is dying?


Anonymous said...

I stopped listening to Z99 the day I found out Crash and Mars came to us from Edmonton. That is such a crock. I complained to management too and received no response. Classy bunch!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

A Scruffy sammie would make the Double Down look like something for Weight Watchers!!!