Monday, May 7, 2012

Rider Statement On New Stadium Proposal

Saskatchewan Roughrider Board of Director Chairman Roger Brandvold issued the following statement regarding the recently proposed stadium project:

We look forward to working diligently with all levels of government, and our partners with the objective of creating a new home for the football club. Almost all other clubs in the league are engaged in planning or have already implemented significant projects or major renovations to their facilities.

We are very supportive and encouraged with the work and planning the City of Regina has put into this project. We also have confidence the provincial government shares this vision of a world class stadium in the province.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders and the entire CFL is a growing entity and this stadium is essential to providing the world-class amenities our fans deserve.

As a tenant of this proposed project, we understand and embrace the various other sporting groups and concerts that will benefit from a new stadium.

With over 120 full-time and 40 part-time staff currently working in the Rider organization, it has become increasingly difficult to continue to grow as a club with our facilities. A recent economic impact study showed an estimated $73 million dollars is generated in the province throughout the Roughriders home games. Another $55-60 million will be generated as the province gets ready to host the 101st Grey Cup in 2013.

We are excited to seeing this dream become a reality for all of our stakeholders, none more important than our amazing fans who continue to support this club.


Anonymous said...

It'd be nice if Mr. Brandvold came out and said a 33 thousand seat facility doesn't really do a lot for the bottom line compared to the old facility. This thing has to be at least 45 thousand does it not?

Anonymous said...

As far as I can see, the Riders aren't paying anything to this initiative. They will be one of the main benefactors. Is there something not right in that picture? The team should be coming out and just saying thank you for building us a new stadium to replace the decaying one we have now.


Anonymous said...

Rider fans deserve to have a new place to cheer on their club. Thanks to the bumbling and stumbling of people at all levels of government, it will never happen. This should have been ready to go for Grey Cup next year and instead I'm guessing what was announced a couple of months ago will have to make do for the next 20-25 years.

Anonymous said...

To anon 1. I agree with what you are saying. A 33 thousand seat stadium is not what is best. Make it 40-45 and dome it and you have something that will be envied across the prairie provinces.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why we are even planning to build a new outdoor stadium that only seats 33,000 fans. What foresight is that? It should be at least 40,000 seats or expandable to even 50,000. I believe the old stadium could be upgraded for one h*ll of alot less. I also dislike that Taylor Field has been renamed Mosaic. Could they not have called it Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field?
What do I know. I have only been a fan for 60 years.

Anonymous said...

Being a fan for 60 years doesn't make you any more or less knowledgeable. It just makes you old.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the "idiot poster" was just saying that the age of this one individual didn't make them any smarter. He was correct by saying their age didn't make them any more knowledgeable, as the correct name is in fact Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field.

I do agree that age can make one wiser (not necessarily smarter). I also agree with the "old poster" that there doesn't seem to be much point to build a stadium that has the same capacity as the current renovations. If we don't build bigger, then the city should just demolish the east side and replace it. Then in 10 to 15 years they can demolish the west side and replace it too.

Brad Taylor