Thursday, May 17, 2012

This And That

The long weekend is here and while it looks to be starting out crappy weatherwise, the back half of the May long should be alright for spending some time outside, so here’s hoping you get the chance to get that first 18 in or whatever floats your boat as the unofficial start to summer is here.

We are less than two weeks away from Saskatchewan Roughriders rookie camp and we are also less than two weeks away from the Regina Red Sox opening up defence of their Western Major Baseball League crown. I know the Riders are going to dominate the headlines over the next few months, but I hope my friends in the media put rookie camp on the backburner for one day to give the Red Sox their due on opening night and not push them back somewhat. I have said it once and I will say it a thousand more times, there is nothing better than watching a baseball game on a nice summers evening at the ballpark with a beer in one hand and a dog in the other.

There are many questions surrounding the Riders as they head into training camp. One of them will be at safety where the decision is James Patrick or Craig Butler. Butler did not disappoint anyone in his rookie season and we know what type of player Patrick is. Could the Riders dangle Patrick as trade bait to get a middle linebacker or a rush end? I would doubt it, but you just never know.

Jenny McCarthy has announced she will be in July’s edition of Playboy Magazine and that she wanted to have one more pictorial before turning 40. Whatever you wish Jenny! Whatever you wish!

If the LA Kings win the Stanley Cup, will Dustin Penner put pancake batter in it and make breakfast for the boys?

Speaking of the Kings, they have played 12 games in these playoffs compared to 16 for the Rangers which is a little more when you consider that triple overtime battle against Washington. L-A has just about been perfect in these playoffs and that is a statement being heard around the NHL.

Seeing it doesn’t look like the two Coyotes I have left in my hockey draft are going to make it to the Cup final, I better get some help from the Devils if I’m going to win as I have Brodeur, Zajac, Parise and Zidlicky.

L-A would be a great place to be if you’re a sports fan this weekend. Two Kings games, two Lakers games, a Clippers game and the Dodgers are home.

If reporters hate John Tortorella’s press conferences so much, why do they go? Is that soundbite or quote that important when there are others who can speak as well.

I don’t know who the next coach of the Edmonton Oilers will be, but this team needs someone who will get them competing for a playoff spot which is something I thought would happen this year. Brent Sutter seems to be the popular choice, but I’m not sure he is the right guy. Would he stifle the offensive skills of Eberle, Hall and Nugent-Hopkins. If he will, thanks, but no thanks. No matter what, the focus shifts squarely on Steve Tambellini. Another poor season like this and its game over in Edmonton for him you have to think.

Family Guy has many vignettes in the course of the show, but is there any one funnier than "Prom Night Dumpster Baby". Its so wrong, but so funny!

Does anyone care that Canada got knocked out of the Worlds in the quarter-finals?

Brett Lawrie deserved to be suspended for having his batting helmet hit umpire Bill Miller on Wednesday night. You can’t do that. However, Miller was absolutely brutal behind the plate and should be sanctioned by the umpires union in some manner. At least he got one strike call right during that game when the helmet hit him. Miller and the work of some others this year is only making the argument for replay in baseball stronger and stronger and stronger.

I knew there was a Tomas Cook’s on Avonhurst and I thought it was a second Regina location. Oops! I was surprised to see the south end establishment had closed and was more surprised to learn its been that way since December. I get to south Regina more often than that don’t I. Apparently not to the corner of Albert and Parliament.

Riders neg list quarterback Keith Price from the University of Washington is being hailed as this year’s Robert Griffin III in NCAA football. If that happens, Price will never cross the border to play football.

Starting in July, Monday Night RAW will be three hours each week. This will make for interesting times when the NFL season starts as I try to keep tracks on my “rope opera”.

A hockey marathon game for cancer ended in Alberta with over 8-thousand goals being scored. It is my assumption that Ilya Bryzgalov was in net for one of these teams.

TSN’s last hockey game for this year was Thursday night. The rest of the conference finals and the Stanley Cup will be on CBC. The question must be asked to how much longer it will be until the Stanley Cup finals are on TSN. I can’t see it being much longer. Bruce Dowbiggin of the Globe believes the days of the Cup and Hockey Night in Canada in general being on CBC are numbered.

Have a great long weekend. If travelling, stay safe.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you on the Oiler's new coach. Leave Eberle and company alone. But that leads to the next thing. I'm upset with Canada being ousted in the WC. I watched several of those games and it's way better hockey than this crap they call NHL playoffs. I was always down on Euros that disappear for the NHL showdown but after watching a few games on that big ice I understand why. If I was raised with that kind of hockey and then was thrown into the North American crap I'd quit too. I'd say I came across the pond to play hockey not roller derby. I don't know what rule changes the NHL needs but they have to change something. The NBA tweeked their game to showcase their stars the NHL coaches want to their robots to suffocate anyone with offensive abilities. Rob Vanstone had a good write-up in the paper a couple of days ago, he's advocating 4 on 4. I don't know if that's the answer or not but something has to be done.


Anonymous said...

If the LA Kings win the Stanley Cup? That should be when Mitch. They are on one of those rolls. I don't see a weakness to their game right now.


Anonymous said...

Trade Patrick? Are you insane?

Anonymous said...

Prom Night Dumpster Baby---I miss my Mom and Dad. Classic stuff! Who doesn't love Family Guy!

Anonymous said...

Instead of criticizing Tortorella, can someone please come out and criticize some of these questiosn that are being asked? I can't blame him for sitting there and rolling his eyes at some of the questions being thrown his way. Its obvious the reporters are looking for him to put his foot in his mouth and he is too smart for that.