Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekend Thoughts

--Another gray, wet miserable weekend. After the winter we had, I shouldn't complain, but CMON!

--The CFL draft is over and once again all eight teams should be ashamed of themselves. Someone should have taken McMaster quarterback Kyle Quinlan. I guarantee you this guy is better than some stiffs that will show up at CFL camps.

--It would appear from the talk surrounding the guy that the Riders perhaps stole receiver Ismael Bamba and that if all goes right he could play a big role in the 2012 edition.

--Is it just me or did the LA Kings look better in their second round sweep of St. Louis than they did in their first round win over Vancouver?

--What happened to the Flyers energy and zip. They have not had this in their series against the Devils.

--Those that have had enough of Bob Cole in the booth certainly gained a lot more ammunition after Game 4 of the Devils-Philly series. Does Bob know who got the empty netter yet?

--All cities have them, but the people who decided it would be a good idea to vandalize city square downtown are people we really don't need to associate with. I hope those responsible are happy with themselves and that they get caught and prosecuted.

--Congrats to Miami linebacker Cam Wake for signing a 4 year, 49 million dollar deal with the Dolphins. I am guessing that makes him the highest paid ex CFL'er in the NFL.

--What exactly was that woman doing at the Lakers-Nuggets game?

--Jack Keaton's beef ribs are outstanding!

--I was at an event on the weekend where it was once again proven that white men can't dance and that alcohol does NOT make them a better dancer.

--I sincerely hope we have not seen the last of Yankees reliever Mariano Rivera. He should not go out the way he did.

--Why is it we have the NFL Network, the NHL Network, NBA TV, the Golf Channel and yet we don't have MLB TV. I know Vanstone wants his ESPN beamed into Canadian homes as do I, but can we not get MLB TV.

--Floyd Mayweather came out for his fight Saturday night with 50 Cent, Triple H and Justin Bieber all in his entourage. Bieber?????? WTF????

--I'm not suggesting he was on them, but has anyone bothered to see if Junior Seau may have been on steroids and that's what caused him to do what he did. Everyone is so focussed on concussions these days that we seem to be forgetting other things.

--Hockey has to change its delay of game penalty. If a player clears it out, instead of the two minutes just treat it like icing and that the team who puts the puck over the boards can't change

--I didn't have a problem with Ovechkin's hit on Girardi Saturday or Giroux's hit on Zubrus last night. I do have a problem with this hit at the World Championships though...

--The Saturday Night Live with Eli Manning was OK, but Peyton is funnier.

--My good buddy Tom Pura in Grande Prairie, Alberta tweeted this one over the weekend so I gotta give it credit.

---Love is like a fart, if you try to push it too hard all you get is ________.

Have a good Monday!


Anonymous said...

You didn't think Giroux's hit was a bad one? You had better look at that again. That's worthy of two or three games IMO.

Anonymous said...

Bob Vole should be put out to pasture. The once great braodcaster can't keep up to the game anymore. I counted at least a dozen instances in the game yesterday where he called the wrong player's name. I can understand once or twice when players are in a scrum, but when Zubrus id the only Devil in the area on the empty net goal & he calls him Parise. Geez.

C in the 780

Mr.Morin said...


I agree with most of what you think when it comes to the sporting world, but how can you not have a problem with what Claude Giroux did yesterday?

Sure the official missed the call on Brodeur playing the puck out of the trapezoid but for Giroux to then act like a seven year old not getting his way is brutal. From the moment the call was missed, he targeted Zubrus and to me had every intention of laying a cheap shot.

Classic Rule 48...shot to the head...he better be sitting out for no less than Game Five.

Anonymous said...

Tell me you didn't laugh hard at Eli's court skit. Was I the only one that found it ironic also that Eli's character in that sketch was named Chad Jeremy and it happened on the same night that he got married.