Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weekend Thoughts

The RBC Cup came to an end in Humboldt Sunday night with the Penticton Vees beating Woodstock in the final in front of a sparse gathering at the Elgar Petersen Arena. Yes, it was disappointing for all of those in Humboldt to see their beloved Broncos get beat in the semi-final, but it would have been nice for civic pride and everything to see a good turnout for the final with the game being shown to a national audience. With everything else going on, I can't blame the good people of Humboldt for spending a nice Sunday night doing whatever else, but it would have been nice for them to come out and see the final chapter get written.

As mentioned the Broncos got beat Saturday night in overtime and I'm sorry, but Hockey Canada has some questions to answer after the loss. The first question deals with overhead cameras. It was my understanding that overhead cameras were to be used at this event and others like the Memorial Cup. The Broncos scored a goal in the 2nd period that would have put them up on Woodstock by two. That goal likely cements a trip to the final game. However, the referee said no goal was scored even though Access Communications cameras clearly showed the puck over the line. This should have gone to the overhead camera which would have proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that it was in.
Speaking of the referee, why was Saskatchewan ref Adam Byblow doing a semi-final game involving a Saskatchewan team? That isn't right as far as I'm concerned. Whoever was in charge of assigning must not put a Saskatchewan ref in a game with a Saskatchewan based team for obvious reasons. That's a big time booboo in this blogger's humble opinion.

I feel bad for Humboldt because I know how much that community was embracing the chance to show itself off on the national stage and they wanted nothing more than for that team to win it all. Not getting to the final after going unbeaten in the round-robin had to be a huge punch in the gut for that community.

Other thoughts from the weekend

--Its hard not to think the LA Kings are the Stanley Cup favourites right now. They are playing the best hockey out of the four remaining teams and they fought out another victory in Phoenix in Game 1 of the West Final to take the early lead in the series.

--Why hasn't anyone found out who that is sitting behind Coyotes coach Dave Tippett? Hockey fans across North America need to know!

--Long ways to go yet, but if the Kings win the Cup do you give the Conn Smythe trophy to Jonathan Quick or Dustin Brown? The Kings were trying to trade Brown at the deadline weren't they?

--Congratulations to the Edmonton Oil Kings for winning the WHL title.

The Oil Kings beat Portland 4-1 in what was an anti-climactic Game 7. It was nice to see a group of men representing the Alberta capital get a league championship trophy and skate it around Rexall Place ice. It brought back memories of the 80's.

--SHAW's Dan Russell must have had a plane to catch after Game 7. Russell was not happy with the fact that Portland stood at their blue line waiting to shake hands while the Oil Kings celebrated the title amongst themselves. At one point, Russell suggested the Winter Hawks should just skate off the ice as they have waited too long, Hey Dan, let the kids enjoy their moment. I think it would have been the same way if it was Portland winning.

--Canada is doing well at the World Hockey Championships and one player who isn't hurting himself any is White City's Ryan Murray. He may be showing Oiler GM Steve Tambellini that he is worthy of being the number one selection in the draft. That wouldn't disappoint me, but I still think Edmonton should trade the pick knowing there are many talented blueliners rated in the top 10.

--Did everyone reading this get a hold of their Mom if Mom is still around Sunday? Good. For those whose Moms are no longer around, I know you remembered her and all the good things she did for you.

--I see the state of Minnesota has just signed off on a stadium for the Vikings where they will pay 348 million with the city of Minneapolis paying 150 million. Interesting! In making the announcement, the state government and the city say this will give the state of Minnesota a facility that people can be proud of and that will be used all year long thus generating money for the city and the state for years to come. Interesting!

--Speaking of Minneapolis, the Twins should try and get Jose Bautista to play for them. He absolutely murders the ball in that stadium as he hit three homers this weekend to give him 9 there since the park opened. He has more homers by himself at Target Field than the Twins power duo of Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau combined since the place opened its doors. Still with the Jays, they still have some growing up to do. You can't lose series like this to an inferior team if you want to be a playoff squad.

--Six weeks into the baseball season and the Baltimore Orioles lead the American League East. Who saw that coming?

--Weyburn's Graham DeLaet made a little more cash this weekend at the Players Championship after making the cut, but those last two rounds weren't kind. Back to back 4 over 76's left him at plus 8 which was good for 2nd last and a cheque for 18-thousand dollars. Every dollar he gets gets him closer to keeping his card so count the weekend as a success for Graham. Still with the Players Championship, I would not want to play a round of golf with Kevin Na. He reminds me of that guy in the Viagra ad that ended up playing with his buddies. The guy in the bowling ad reminds me of former Rams receiver and Evraz Place muckety-muck Josh Shaw, but that's another story altogether.

--Like I hope many of you were, I was sickened by the Michael Rafferty case. For those that don't know, he is the man convicted in the kidnapping and murder of Tori Stafford in Ontario. Putting this guy in jail is still too good as far as I'm concerned. The guy should be made to swim Lake Ontario with cement shoes on. I put that down on Facebook on Friday night and soon after, local realtor Craig Adam (need to buy or sell a house, talk to Craig as he's Regina's best) responded by saying no one should ever talk about him again and just focus on Tori. He doesn't deserve to ever have his name mentioned in public, but she does. You know what........he's absolutely right!

--The Toronto Sun's Steve Simmons makes a great point in his weekly column. Why is USA Hockey targetting Brian Burke to be their GM at the Sochi Olympics. There are far better candidates than the Leafs GM---especially when you consider his recent track record.

--There is the Lingerie Football League and now look at what is trying to get off the ground. Hmmmmmmm!!!!

--So let me get this straight---a candidate for Regina''s vacant mayoral position asks for a restraining order against the mayor's right hand man. There's a story that makes national news and puts Regina in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. How embarassing. Somewhere I think Michael Fougere is already ordering new office furniture. At this rate, High Impact Wrestling manager Crazy Horse should join the mayoral race because of the gong show that is occurring. If it wasn't for Fougere, I'd be calling for Pat Fiacco to change his mind.

--The only thing disappointing about Saturday's High Impact Wrestling card at the Victoria Club was the fact it was on a Saturday. That is what must have kept some of the "intellect" away----not all but some. Perhaps the best line was uttered by a fan who upon seeing a man in his 20's proudly carrying a picture of HIW wrestler Mike McSugar said "It says something about you when you are smiling broadly while holding the picture of another man--a half dressed man at that." Good point! Speaking of McSugar, he needs to try walking out of the Victoria Club in his wrestling garb and attempt walking to the 7-11 on Winnipeg and Dewdney and back on a Friday or Saturday night and see how many times he is physically threatened. Then again, he doesn't wear a dress like that freak Rex Roberts does. He somehow was pried away from Saskatchewan Fashion Week activities to once again get defeated. What a sad character!

--With all this talk of the New Orleans Saints and bounties and how they were told to knock Brett Favre out of the NFC Championship game, can the NFL Network not show that game as one of their classics so we can take a look at it through a different set of eyes? Favre was beat up terribly in that game but was it from cheap shots or not?

--If Dwayne Jarrett pans out, the Riders have themselves a receiver. Jarrett could end up in the same trash bin as Darryl Hobbs (remember him) or Terrence Nunn, but he could also be a huge find for GM Brendan Taman. Someone said to me Friday night why is Taman getting all these NFL rejects to come north of the border. I responded by saying he is looking for talent, but if he announces the signing of Shaun Alexander to replace Wes Cates, I may have to say something.

That's all. I leave you with some advice my Mom gave me. "She said doing housework probably won't kill you." I'm not taking that chance.

Have a great Monday!!!


Anonymous said...

Yes let us follow Minneaplois and build a new stadium, instead of worrying about how crappy our roads are. Hum, was it not in Minnesota where a bridge collapsed killing people. O well at least their survivors can go to a nice baseball, and football stadium.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying those in the state of Minnesota have their act together and can actually foresee the future instead of stumbling and bumbling along? If you're not, I'm saying it!


Anonymous said...

Lets have this discussion on Quick and Brown in the next round when LA gets ready to hoist the Cup.

Anonymous said...

The Broncos did get jobbed on Saturday. TV clearly showed the puck was in.

Never thought about the Byblow thing, but you are right. However, it worked in the opposite for Deano and the boys.


Anonymous said...

I hope the Oilers trade down 2 spots and draft Murray. Let some other poor suckers draft the Russians. So far the Oil is being built to win not just qualify for the playoffs. The percentage of Russians that become invisable in the playoffs is way above any others. Your odds decrease immensely with each Russian on the roster.

Anonymous said...

That Na guy is an embarassment to golf. Why wouldn't officials step in and penalize him. I would hate to be in contention and have to play with this guy.

Anonymous said...

Politicians in Minnesota obviously have a better grasp on things than politicians in Saskatchewan do. Hopefully Mr. Wall and Mr. Fiacco can see what is going on a few hours away and come up with a better proposal than an outdoor 33 thousand seat facility that is not located downtown.


Anonymous said...

Bikini Hockey League!!! Saskatoon has a shot at getting that coveted Professional Hockey team they cherish

Carlo said...

If LA gets to the final (fingers crossed and double crossed) I think you give the Conn Smythe to Dustin Brown. Don't get me wrong Quick has been awesome but Brown has figured in or scored every game winning goal during LA's run.

Knox Tox said...

The politicians in Minnesota were basically strong armed by Goodell , it was build a stadium or chances are the team moves to Los Angeles. There was no foresight , they were given an ultimatum. I would suspect if the CFL said build a new stadium or " see ya" to the Riders , it would be half up already.

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for Fougere, Regina would have a big problem on its hands. This Novak guy just seems like a first class wingnut.

Anonymous said...

Is Byblow considered the best junior A ref in the province? Is that why he was there? If it is, it doesn't say much about the state of officiating in Saskatchewan.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Whenever we do find out who that woman is behind Tippett, it may be a life changing experience for her. It might be the Pam Anderson of this generation.

Anonymous said...

Murray would be an outstanding choice at #1.