Sunday, June 17, 2012

Riders Cuts

Import RB Demetrius Crawford

Import LB Chris Graham

Import DL Boo Robinson

Import DB TJ Rushing

Import DL Curtis Gatewood

Import SB Jason Chery

Non-import RB Nathan Riva

Non-import DB Dominic Noel

Non-import DL Renaldo Sagesse

The team has also signed DL Jay Alford. He was a member of the Super Bowl Champion Giants that beat the Patriots ruining what would have been a perfect season.


Anonymous said...

What the hell are they thinking by getting rid of Chris Graham? Brutal!


Mike from Vita, MB said...

I trust the staff knows best.

Happy Fathers Day to all whom this applies!

Anonymous said...

No Mike. Having Richie Hall on staff takes away any credibility they would normally have.

Anonymous said...

The NFL guys Taman brought in are fizzling out. Brennan, Jarrett, Gatewood.

Was Graham healthy? That one surprises me.

Anonymous said...

Graham is a MLB we are going Canadian there, so let him go.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather have Graham there than Williams! Bad move!

Anonymous said...

I'm a Huge Rider Fan but too bad. I'm old school and if BC chooses to run up the be it !!!

Take note Riders and whip them next time then.

I am so sick of all fake shows of being classy. Let's see some competitiveness and rivalries heat up again.

All you hear nowadays is.."they have great players" and "they have a quality football team" BARF !! Sick of it !! Good on BC...I wish they were running up the score.

Anonymous said...

I think Graham was too physical for the Riders... They like there LB'S to run and chase, not stuff and hit!!