Thursday, April 18, 2013

Remember This

Its the halftime show from the 95 Grey Cup. Could we do an all-Saskatchewan half-time show again??

These videos come from Terri Harris, who is now one of the chief muckety-mucks within the Saskatchewan Party (I mean that as a compliment Terri!!), who is actually singing in Part 1 of this.


Mike from Vita, MB said...

Who are the artists? I recognize the Johner Brothers.

Anonymous said...

An all Saskatchewan GC halftime show would be awesome. Sheepdogs, Brad Johner, some up and coming act. Anything but a repeat of Beiber.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, like I wanna see Saskatchewan Express at a Grey Cup game. Cmon Scruffy!


Anonymous said...

But after Biebs in Toronto, there's NO budget left for anyone of that type of lip syncing talent.

I'd like to see maybe the Tragically Hip at the GC halftime show.

Anonymous said...

I like how they're using non-wireless microphones that aren't even plugged in. Can see the empty XLR ports on the bottom of the mic.

Anonymous said...

Those Saturday night polka kings from Casino Regina would do the Province of Sk. proud as the half time Grey Cup performance show, awesome ! Largest square dance on the field and In the stands.Those flat landers would be In hog heaven with their beer box hats, greasy ole coveralls and gum boots, Yip eee !