Thursday, April 4, 2013

This And That

The usual weekly assortment of things going through my muddled brain.

 --Are you ready for some freezing rain and another 5-10 cm of snow? Yeah, me too!

 --Why didn't the Riders ask that goof that writes for Riderville to accompany them to Florida. I'm sure he could have found a couple of good stories.

 --83 more days before the season starts. 83 days!

 --NHL trade deadline day was once again a disappointment. I understand why the networks do it, but it is a waste of time for the most part. Both TSN and Sportsnet need to find some way to make it work better. Then again, there wasn't poker on!

 --I will admit I cringed a little when I heard that the roof had caved in on the strip mall that houses Tumblers.    I have spent many a night in my youth at that place and in my mind, they have Regina's best pizza. For a second, I thought I had lost one of my favourite places. I'm glad no one was hurt.

 --I woke up Thursday morning with a lot of water on my street and when I got home Thursday night, a majority of it had disappeared. I have no idea where it went considering the city hasn't cleared the neighbourhood catch basin yet nor have they cleaned the street from the nasty ruts that have formed.

 --I need a caption for this picture...

Someone has to come through for me on this one!! By the way, is it just me or is RP the only one in the place at the time this pic was taken. I swear to god that if Regina gets a Hooters (and why don't we by the way?) that the Sportscage will come from that place seven days a week!

--Curtis Hunt was a great find for the Sportscage. The former Pats and Warriors coach has really taken to his role as a hockey insider. I just have to wonder though if there is another coaching gig in his future. Would he be interested in the vacant Regina Pat Canadians job?

--In my one year with the SJHL, two of the best coaches I had the pleasure to work with were Humboldt's Dean Brockman and Yorkton's Trent Cassan. Those two take their teams into the SJHL final that starts tonight. I have a tough time picking a winner in this one, but I will take Humboldt perhaps for the reason that they have the best player on the ice in Alex Forsberg. Both should be at the next level by now and while I know Dean loves Humboldt, I would have to think that the WHL will be calling both of these guys if they haven't already.

--Do the Oilers have enough to make the playoffs? Despite the fact they are flirting with that 8th and final playoff spot, I think the last few games will be too tough for the young club to overcome. As I told someone the other day, even if Edmonton does get in, I still don't consider a 48 game season a true indicator for a champion. I'll have my interest back full-time when the NHL returns for a "normal" season next year.

--Not much better than listening to the great Vin Scully do L-A Dodgers baseball. There is no one better and  there may never be anyone better than the ageless Scully. It will be a sad, sad day when he hangs up the microphone forever.

--Why isn't there a left hand advance arrow when you are headed into downtown at Sask Drive and Broad?

--I'm hearing a lot of good things about Birmingham's (the old Hub) in Regina's East end. It has just opened up. I will have to go check it out very soon.

--Isn't it amazing what happens when new buildings are built in towns when it comes to acts that all of a sudden show up? Tell me Moose Jaw and Estevan haven't benefitted from Mosaic Place and Spectra Place. That's what will happen in Regina once the new facility is ready to go. Of course, I would like to see it with a roof on it so that it could be used year-round and I still hope someone will realize that and that it will happen.

--How do those Budweiser red lights work? How can you program it to go off when your team scores? Is there a remote or something?

--Wrestlemania is this weekend. There is no doubt in my mind Undertaker will win again--especially after what happened at the end of Monday Night RAW. This has the potential to be a great one. One can only imagine how it will turn out.

--What will go into the old Zellers store in the Victoria Square and how long until something does. That mall wasn't really thriving with Zellers in it and I can't see business getting any stronger.

--I've heard rumours of a 2nd Costco being built in the northwest end near the Capital Auto Mall. Can anyone confirm that?

--Did you hear about the Italian chef who died.  He pasta way.

--Have a good weekend everyone!!!


Anonymous said...

5-10 cm of snow. The first person who says anything about global warming gets punched in the mouth


Anonymous said...


Hey Brendan, I don't have a rush end for you, but I do have a "tight end". Want to talk to her?

Anonymous said...

Hooters girl: "Oh my god, I can't believe I'm serving the legendary Brian Hall. I thought he was much older."

Anonymous said...


Ummmm honey, there making me work late again.


Gomer said...

What I like about more snow is that it should delay - hopefully to June - the need to cut my lawn.

Why do we need a Hooters in town when we have something similar but better - the 4 Seasons Sports Palace?

Anonymous said...


Is that another phone in your pocket or are u just glad to see me.

Anonymous said...

I heard from a Costco source that a second Regina location isn't happening. Saskatoon will be getting a second location.


Anonymous said...

I think the bigger question is "Why do the Riders keep employing the idiot that writes for Riderville?" You really do make me sick Blair!

Anonymous said...

Picture Caption - Hello 911 ; Help ! there's a very beautiful woman who just sat down beside me and my face Is turning red, I think she's giving me the eye, she's smiling right at me, what should I do ?

Anonymous said...

RP must have a big hidden stash of women's pics In his garage for his viewing pleasure.

Anonymous said...

Hey Carm, Rod here. You;ve been replaced. Thanks for all you've done. You're in baby. Pack your bags!

Anonymous said...

Picture caption; Excuse me grandpa, my name Is Tayler, I'll be your server today.

Anonymous said...

Caption-Tayler telling RP " your sneaky " while he's calling in sick on his blackberry with his lime shirt on.

Anonymous said...

Taylor: Excuse me sir, we're not open for three more hours.

Where is her hand anyway?

Anonymous said...

What the heck, that very young women has her arm around that silver haired red faced grandpa with a mischievous smile to boot.