Monday, April 22, 2013

Something To "Mitch" About

Take a bow Regina. Despite the fact that it seemed more like mid-December than mid-April out there, I think we did a pretty good job with the Juno Awards. I didn't hear too many people complaining and there were certainly a lot of people out and about over the past couple of days. If this was a dress rehearsal for the Grey Cup, I think we did OK. Did anyone run into a severely intoxicated Ben Mulroney? There are some women out there that absolutely love that guy. I'm not sure why. Then again, some ladies love Ryan Seacrest too.

How about the Brandt Centre? The orangetop looked outstanding. In fact, I said to the Mrs that if someone told me that was the Brandt Centre and I didn't know, I wouldn't have believed them. The place can look great if we want it to.

Why weren't Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne here? They could have done some wedding shopping while in our fine city. Damn you Chad, damn you Avril!!!

The big winner as far as I was concerned....Billy Talent! Those guys are outstanding!

The one thing that  bothered me about the Junos, and other award ceremonies for that matter is/was the hollow red/green carpet ceremony. I hate those things. I don't care what he or she is or isn't wearing. Just get on to the show and hand out the awards.

Actually there were two things. If you were going to pay tribute to Rita McNeil, which was fine, then you had to do it for Stompin Tom too, especially on the Prairies. Yes, I know Stompin Tom and the Junos aren't the best of friends, but the man deserved his moment and if that would have resulted in everyone at the Brandt singing "Bud The Spud" or "The Hockey Song" so be it.

It took Michael Buble seven minutes to mention the Riders. What took him so long? Could he be back here for Grey Cup? Don't be surprised!

Speaking of the Grey Cup.....

...this picture of Mosaic Stadium looks a helluva lot better than the last one I put up a couple of weeks ago.

Question: When this snow does go, it will leave behind a lot of water. Will that water turn into our summer being ruined by mosquitoes? I would think there would be a lot of standing water to treat and I would think this cold weather has done nothing when it comes to mosquito larvae hatching. If mosquitoes and other bugs ruin what is already going to be a short summer, there will be a lot of nasty moods around here.

The city really needs to do something about the parking lot at the Schmirler leisure centre. It is one giant pothole after another. I took my daughter swimming there on Saturday and as we were leaving, another couple was walking in saying its an embarassment. I can't disagree. When the centre shuts down for its yearly maintenance, its time to re-pave the lot.

The Toronto Maple Leafs are in the playoffs. This means we will be inundated with Leaf propaganda for the next few weeks. In the words of Rob Vanstone, I WANT ESPN!!.

Would the Leafs be in the playoffs if it wasn't for Brian Burke?  He hired Randy Carlyle, he traded for Phil Kessel and James Van Riemsdyk. he drafted Nazem Kadri. This team has Burke's fingerprints all over it.

Who said Alexandre Ovechkin was done? Has he gotten himself into the MVP discussion?

Is that former President George Bush now or Rod Pedersen in 25 years? With Roddy's frequency of taking pics of the lovely ladies of Hooters, it may be the latter. At least RP doesn't have the creepy grin that the former Prez does.

The manhunt for the Boston bombers was compelling television. I'm sure it wasn't for those in the Boston area, but for those of us around the world that watched one Tsarnaev brother get killed in a fire-fight with Boston officials while the other one was captured while hiding in a boat, it was riveting to watch. It was like a real-life episode of "24" was happening on our TV screens. Jack Bauer would have kicked some ass too!

There seems to be a lot of chatter recently about Geroy Simon wearing Ray Elgaard's #81. Its too late now. The Riders could have and should have retired the number years ago, but they didn't and Simon isn't the first Rider since big Ray to wear 81 so let it go.

I know its early, but the Blue Jays can't afford to be losing series---especially at home to division rivals.

I bet Vernon Wells loved his weekend in Toronto.

Speaking of the Jays, former Blue Jays reliever Duane Ward will be here next Saturday night for the Regina Red Sox's annual dinner. I have been given the honor to sit down with Ward during the dinner and speak with him about his life as a major leaguer. I'm looking forward to rubbing elbows with Ward and Regina's baseball community. If you want to go. call 545-5232.

The Denver Broncos have the easiest schedule in the NFL this year when you look back at last season's opponents. The Carolina Panthers have the toughest. Lets see how that pans out.

What's fun about being sober on a Sunday morning? Nothing!

Have a good week!


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic night for Regina and the Brandt Centre. It did look great on TV. I don't know if you knew this, but an all time attendance record was set with just under 8000 in attendance. We showed once again that little ol Regina can play with the big boys.


Anonymous said...

Buble was great. I agree with the Stompin Tom comment

Anonymous said...

Stompin Tom let it be known he didn't want any recognition at the Junos because of his attitude towards them. They obviously abided by his wishes. While I do applaud them for that, I think there should still have been a mention. The guy is Canadian music and isn't that what the Junos recognize? Tough call!


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree with ya more on the Brandt Centre. My wife and I walked in and asked if this was the same place we go to concerts and Pats games at. Getting out of there was still a nightmare though. People just don't understand how to leave in an orderly fashion.

Anonymous said...

The Schmirler parking lot is atrocious. The city should be embarassed at that, but the only problem is that the city has unionized workers who won't get off their fat ass to do anything about it. Its just like the streets. The city says they are done, but there are many streets that are still in bad shape when it comes to ruts. Its all because of the union.


Anonymous said...

Seeing the Brandt sing the Hockey Song would have been a great Canadian and Regina moment.

Anonymous said...

Curtis needs to grab a brain. It's ain't the union (and yes I'm a member). We do what the City assigns us to do and what we have the money to do. go cry to Chad Novak

Anonymous said...

Union profile = one guy doing the work and the other to leaning on their shovels! And this is what we pay for? Jimmy

Anonymous said...

Methinks two things

1) Curtis struck a nerve
2) Curtis is right!

Anonymous said...

Curtis Is right. City of Regina's disgraceful mismanaged dilapidated Infrastructure so obvious for all to see. Oblivious union personnel and the assignment officers In charge of priorities are the one's In need of phuking brains If they can't see or just don't want to see beyond a crumbling shame In front of their very own eyes. Very weak assembled work teams representative of lame attitudes and bad habits.

Anonymous said...

Right on Curtis. City workers are the laziest ones I know. They will sit in a truck and look at a hole for two hours while having coffee and then say its time for a break and go somewhere for coffee. Why aren't streets bad in Calgary? Simple---no union involvement. Fougere should look at that and do the right thing.


Anonymous said...

Hey union member, do you guys still get to take beer breaks for lunch hour ? Shame on that.

Anonymous said...

KD Lang shout out to Rita McNeil and Stomping Tom Connors at the Junos, RIP.

Anonymous said...

while some of us that actually work hard cant get on with the city because we don't know how to lean on a shovel correctly.Most of the jobs with the city a monkey can do. You dont need special skills to rake ashphalt