Thursday, April 25, 2013

This and That

Just a weekly collection of thoughts running through my muddled brain....

--It will be different watching the U of R Cougars mens basketball team do their thing without James Hillis on the bench coaching the squad. Hillis has been leading that team ever since I started watching them. I would think that position would be a somewhat attractive one for whoever even though the team has had a rough patch of late. Good luck to James in whatever his next venture is. He's a class act!

--Dave "Tiger" Williams was in town for a Cougar mens hockey fundraiser on Thursday night. I had no idea this event was going on. "Tiger" is an outstanding dinner speaker although I'm sure the ladies would leave less than impressed.

--I will have the opportunity to interview former Jays closer Duane Ward on Saturday night at the Regina Red Sox's dinner at the Turvey Centre. It will be interesting to hear some stories from Ward about that World Series team and some of the stories surrounding them as well as his thoughts on today's game.

--The New England Patriots showed why they just continue to be successful. They managed to get four picks from the Minnesota Vikings for the #30 pick in last nite's draft. Four picks for number 30?? That's a little extreme, but if Cordarelle Paterson works out for Minnesota so be it. As it is, the Patriots will just continue to add depth at various positions with four extra draft picks and chances are three of those four if not all of them will make the team and be impact players.

--How far will Manti Te'o slide in the draft? The guy had a rough couple of months and its starting to show.

--Hawks defenceman Duncan Keith took some heat this week for being "sexist" when speaking to a female reporter after a loss to Vancouver. I didn't see anything wrong with it.  The reporter asked a dumb question and Keith let her have it much as I'm sure he would have let a male reporter have it. I equate that to Bryce Harper and his "That's a clown question bro", Milt Stegall's explosion at a Winnipeg reporter a few years ago and even Ken Miller's blow-up at Rob Vanstone in 2011. It got its sound-byte and everyone moved on. The same would have happened with Keith if it wasn't for the fact that he answered the question from a woman. Who cares?  This has nothing to do with women trying to become sports personalities. There are many good ones out there and there are some bad ones and the same can be said for men as well. I say Karen Thomson got burned by asking a dumb question. Lets move on. She has.

--While people in North America are flocking to "42 --The Jackie Robinson Story", it would seem as if Russians are flocking to the theatre to see a movie about former Russian hockey player Valeri Kharlamov. I wonder who is playing Bobby Clarke?  The movie is called "Legenda 17".

--For the love of god, please give Bob Cole a first round assignment that does not involve the Toronto Maple Leafs.  Then again, I won't be watching that series so why should I care.

--Chicago Cubs pitcher Carlos Marmol ages me greatly every time he pitches or whatever the hell he calls it. The guy is b-a-a-a-a-a-a-d yet manager Dale Sveum keeps trotting him out there in the 9th. If he is aging me with each appearance, I can only imagine what stomach palpitations Sveum has. That Cubs bullpen has been atrocious. They've blown 5 saves already and the first month of the season isn't even over. YUCK!

--Speaking of the Cubs, there is a guy that doesn't live too far from me who may be a bigger Cubs fan than I am. He drives a truck with the Cubs logo on it and he has a licence plate "Cubs Fan". I keep wanting to stop and introduce myself to him, but then I think we will start commisserating about that team and the next thing you know a couple of bottles may be consumed. Then again, is that a bad thing????

--I won't see it because I will be at the Red Sox dinner, but I am hoping to read on my Twitter feed or hear from someone that Jon Jones absolutely pummelled Chael Sonnen. Sonnen would be great in WWE. There may be no better heel in sports today.

--Tough break for the Edmonton Oil Kings. They have lost Griffin Reinhart for the rest of the season with a foot injury. That may be what prevents them from winning it all for a 2nd straight year.

--Its culture night in Regina. The stars of "High Impact Wrestling" are back in action. I missed the last one because the CIS Womens Basketball Championship were on, but I'll be back tonight. The boys are moving up as they leave the Victoria Club for the Hungarian Club for one night only. This is one of their biggest cards of the year and it sounds as if the joint may be sold out. Once again, I am guessing its "black tie optional". I just hope Vanstone can behave himself and not be the prudish boor that he usually is.  By the way, these guys give it their all and they are not getting paid a lot for entertaining the fans and they do entertain. They deserve your support.

--Reginans, do yourselves and do this city a favour by picking up some garbage that may be around your place with the snow melting. The city looks dirty enough as this snow starts to melt, but lets show some civic pride and clean up a little bit until the street cleaners get out there.

--I may be completely wrong on this one, but I don't think there is going to be a great deal of flooding if any this year. The melt might have been slow enough to do everyone a favour. That being said, we are supposed to get double digit temperatures this weekend. When is the last time we had a day with double digit temperatures on the plus side?

--Its a question I will have to ask to Locker Talk producer and all around good schmuck Graham Condo. What is the viewership for each show on Access 7?  Co-host Pete Paczko and I have both noticed that the show seems to be seen by a lot of people this year for whatever reason. I attribute it to the fact that Reginans need a freak show and we fill that void. In all seriousness though, thanks for watching!

--I will never understand how people can read a paper on-line. I would much rather read my Leader-Post while drinking morning coffee than moving the mouse around from page to page.

--Life is too short, so do whatever the hell makes you happy!

--Have a good weekend!!


Anonymous said...

Thanx Mr Blair for This and That. ElA

Anonymous said...

Bob Cole doing the Leafs would be great until he says Potvin stones Yvon Lambert!

Mike from Vita said...

How long until the Blue Jays show John Gibbons the door? The guy is a boob!

I too enjoy reading the newsprint version of a newspaper, but the online version means I don't have to recycle. :)

Anonymous said...

Sonnen in the upset!!!

Anonymous said...

X 2 Mike, x 2.

Anonymous said...

That woman was looking to create some headlines for herself. What does she think Keith is going to say? "Yeah, I wanted to chop his arm off". That goes to the league and you get suspended. Nice try Toots!

Anonymous said...

The Cubs are showboating Carlos Marmol for trade bait Mitch ! LOLOLOL