Monday, May 13, 2013

10 Minutes With Brendan Taman

I spoke with Riders GM Brendan Taman for an article that is currently up on Riderville discussing the off-season and his thoughts. Take a listen.


Anonymous said...

Wow ! Seems like a lot of self doubt, second guessing coming out of this Sk. gm's mindset. Realistically, this team, one major QB Injury away from being done, Pivotal positional Influx recruitment and development urgently needed for the long term. Do people not see the subtile decline under this gm's tenure or Is everyone just that gullible and overly optimistic. Grey Cup at Regina, Sk. has everyone's vision skewed with sugar plumbs dancing In their heads that all Is good with their football club.

Burst the bubble In the 306.

Anonymous said...

Self doubt personified and team question marks left unanswered Taman !

Anonymous said...

Good interview Scruff. The defencive line talk scares me a little bit but I'm confident this team will be right there when the season ends. I think they are good enough for 2nd in the West right now.


Anonymous said...

Love the Blue Jays analogy. These sycophants that bleed green and white think a title is automatic and point fingers here and there when it doesn't happen. Injuries and a lot of other things can prevent a team from winning. The ingredients are there and now its up to Chamblin. I'm confident he can do the job and if not, both he and Taman may be cast adrift. As you say in your RV story, time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Why did you include a picture of a homeless guy with this post?

Seriously though, I got no problems with Taman.

Anonymous said...

Picture caption ; would you believe that's actually a professional sports football gm, more likely a overdone, over dressed lonely fan who somehow found his way onto Taylor Field, arrest that man Immediately for trespassing before the players pummel him for getting too close to the bench and personnel.