Thursday, May 16, 2013

This And That

A weekly collection of thoughts in no particular order

--Saskatoon, you are pissing me off. You claim to be a sports town, but when I hear only eight-thousand seats have been sold for the Blades-London Knights game to open up the MasterCard Memorial Cup I get a little bit ticked. I hear that number has grown to 10-thousand, but really this event should be sold out for each and every game as it was in Regina when the event was held here a decade ago. The scenario is the same as the host team was bounced out of the WHL playoffs in the first round. There were upset fans in Regina then just like there are now, but Regina hockey fans came through and I would like to think Saskatoon and area fans will come through as well. Be mad at the Blades all you want (which we all know will change if they win Friday night), but don't take it out on them now when your city is in the national spotlight. That's just wrong. You are better than that Saskatoon. If you're not, don't talk to me about wanting a CFL team. There is a perception out there that Saskatoon is not a good sports city and this does nothing to end that argument.

--There are some people apparently upset over the fact that Grey Cup 101 is looking for volunteers but asking you to pay 50 dollars in order to do so. In the past, there have been events where people have signed up just to get some swag and then disappear into the night having gotten a freebie. That isn't the case anymore. A lot of events are now charging you to volunteer, but they make sure that it is worth your while and that you are getting your investment back through a series of events designed to volunteers to keepsakes of the event. If you are holding back on volunteering because of the 50 dollars, reconsider.

--The Toronto Maple Leafs loss in Game 7 against Boston was something completely entertaining to this Leaf-hater, but you couldn't help but feel for supporters of the team that kicked below the belt big-time. It was so similar to the 13th man debacle with the only real difference being it wasn't Game 7 of the Stanley Cup final. If it had been, people might have killed themselves in the square outside Air Canada Centre or taken a walk on top of the CN Tower without a harness on. Blowing that lead was unfathomable. How does that happen? Was it a choke-job or a comeback? To me, that's a choke-job and its a huge one. It will go down as one of the all-time greatest.

--Raffi Torres is getting screwed. Just like many other hits in the NHL playoffs this year that have resulted in suspensions, the hits were hockey hits. How can Brendan Shanahan sit there and impose that type of punishment when he played the game when hits like that were common-place.  Let them play!

--The guy that attacked, beheaded and then cannibalized that kid on the Greyhound bus near Brandon a few years ago is walking the streets. There are people that don't think he should be and I'm one of them. Why are we letting people like this walk the streets so soon after their crimes. This guy needs to be locked up and locked up for good. If I am in the moral minority when making that statement, then oh well.

--I wish I had a friend that when I needed 90-thousand dollars that he would just pull out his chequebook and write me a cheque with no strings attached. The whole story surrounding Mike Duffy makes me sick and it should make you sick as well.

--The situation in Venezuela has gotten so bad that the country has had to import 50 million rolls of toilet paper because its hard to find some now. You know life is tough when getting buttwipe is a chore.

--I am hoping the WHL bought Brent Parker a nice going-away gift because he certainly padded their coffers over the last few years. With Brent no longer in the equation, I have to wonder who the scapegoat label will be put upon now. It couldn't have been easy for Brent walking around having to endure one potshot after another and I think for the good of the organization he should have done what he did years ago. I'm not going to sit here and criticize him or defend him, but I will say that the guy had a passion for the team that was unequalled and that he was by hook or by crook the victim of some bad circumstance. There were some good players that came through here, but there were no results of substance. Someone asked me the other day what his legacy would be and I couldn't answer it, but thinking about it, you have to think his legacy will be the guy who couldn't bring Regina a winner as much as he wanted to.

--I've said it before on this blog, but I will say it again. Rod's invitation to former WHL coach Curtis Hunt to join him every Wednesday was one of the best things he has done in the three years that the show has been on the air. He needs his own show! He didn't sugarcoat it at all when he was asked about Chad Lang being in control of the Pats saying "I don't trust him". LOVE IT!!!

--It was three years ago today that "The Sportscage" launched. I was shocked when Rod Pedersen phoned me up and asked me what the hell does he have to do to talk two hours of sports a day. He didn't believe me at first when I told him it wasn't that tough. When I look back at that first show and compare it to today its like apples and oranges in a number of ways. A few weeks ago, CKRM engineer Bob Salisbury was going through some tapes and he started playing the first few moments of the first ever show. Man, did that take me back.  I don't think I have to tell you what an amazing success that show has been. As Rod and I joke, if only it had some leadership and guidance.

--Getting back to the Memorial Cup, when was the last time if ever that the top three draft-eligible players were a part of the tournament. Seth Jones, Nathan McKinnon and Jonathan Drouin under one roof makes for what should be a great week of hockey and in the end, I expect those two teams battling it out in the final.

--How much money can Tyler Bozak get on the open market? How much interest will there be in him? I would think there would be a lot.

--Real nice of the oil companies to jack that price of gas up before the long weekend! Real nice! There has to be a spot in hell reserved for those who make those decisions knowing full well they are screwing us big-time.

--It is said that business in the Southland Mall is back to being brisk now that Canadian Tire and other stores have moved into the old Wal-Mart. Good! Lets just hope the Vic Square can get a major tenant in the old Zellers building soon so that mall doesn't suffer too much. I keep hearing a theatre complex could be going in there and I wonder with the new liquor regulations announced this week calling for one to have some booze while watching a movie if there could be some legs to that rumour.

--When is the Target store opening in the Northgate? Wasn't it supposed to be May 1?

--Amazing Race Canada was in town this week. Good for Regina in getting the publicity, but I could care less. As you know, I hate reality TV and this is one of the shows I really can't stand---at least the American version.

--Walking down the Scarth Street Mall when its nice out is always an adventure. You just never know what you are going to see. From an oldtime playing a violin to someone dressed up as Wonder Woman to some guy who was about 10-15 yards behind me singing the whole way, it made for an interesting walk down the mall today. If truth be known though, I was scared to turn around and look at the guy singing and wondered if I was going to have a knife plunged through my shoulderblades at any moment.

--Its another High Impact Wrestling night in Regina, but alas I can't make it to this performance. Some have said they use this blog to follow the goings-on at HIW. Sorry, you'll have to get the info elsewhere this time. HIW is on Facebook and Twitter so find them there. I wanted to go to so I can give a hearty round of applause to one Adam Knight. He deserves one after destroying the pathetic cowboy Rex Roberts at the last show.

--Friday morning, the Prairie Junior Hockey League (Sask Jr B) announced it is placing a team in Pense. The team will be known as the Silver Foxes. I do not know if the team's logo will be an enraged Kelly Remple nor do I know if he asking for naming rights. Someone from that team needs to get Kelly something with the logo on it pronto though.

--Enjoy the long weekend and drive safely if heading out of town. Thanks for checkin in!


Anonymous said...

Why should Sasktoon be pissed off? All you are doing is telling the truth. They make one excuse after the other. A CFL team wouldn't last 10 years in that place.

I agree with you on Torres and I'm not a fan of the guy. That was a hockey hit.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget besides a CFL franchise they want an NHL franchise too!!! Neither would survive. Selling out an NHL exhibition game does not make you a candidate for a NHL franchise, not supporting a memorial cup is more telling of a communities level of support.

Anonymous said...

Who cares what Saskatoon thinks? We know the truth, but they just keep making excuses!


Anonymous said...

Saskatoon with a football franchise, great Idea. Imediate success wouldl surely follow with a CFL Grey Cup Championship before the Roughriders ever win one again. Do It, Do It, get er done !

Anonymous said...

I have lived in both Regina and Saskatoon (currently now in toon town). The biggest problem is that this town loves sports...when they are promoted, publicized, and big. Not making excuses here, but if that rink was downtown, and roughly the size of the brandt centre it would be sold out for every blades game. I would love to take my kids to a mem cup game....but to plop down close to 80 bucks it ridiculous. I'll watch the games on tv, with cheap beer and cheap popcorn at my disposal.

Anonymous said...

To the last Anon.....immediate success lol. You think you guys are a better football town.... not. Get over it we are the Capital city of the province thats why we have the roughriders. Its always been that way and Saskatoon wont change that. The only thing Saskatoon has going for them is Fudruckers.

Anonymous said...

Don't be hating on toon town, when they finally do get approval for their very own CFL team In the future they will surely show Capital city Regina how-to sucessfully run a professional sports franchise with Imediate on field results year In, year out.

Be happy : )

Anonymous said...

P.S. Roughriders, consistent losers !

Anonymous said...

When I first heard that a "sports guy" from Regina was slagging a city that will be twice the size of Regina in about 10 years, I thought whatever.
But when I heard it was coming from a guy that actually reads the " news" at 6:00pm for a hack AM station In Regina I just about pissed myself laughing.
Hey Blair, if that's how you are trying to get ratings then, in you dumb ass words, your sadly mistaken.
Keep driving your daughters school bus or whatever it is you do to make your meagre living.
Oh, and I know this wont be posted but at least I know that you will have read this to reinforce it in you mind that you truly are an overweight loser.

Anonymous said...

Since when have you ever cared about Saskatoon?
Anyway, 10000 is still double of what Regina held.

Anonymous said...

Not even close to "the same scenario" the lowest of the top 3 attended games was in Hamilton in 1990 at 11,134 people. Regina has an arena that will seat 6136 people where saskatoon has an arena that will seat 15,195. If we sell out 1 game, we will have the third highest attendance in the history of the Memorial Cup. Get over your Regina vs Saskatoon attitude, jump in with RP and come to a game. If you aren't part of the solution, you are a part of the problem.

S'toon Todd

Anonymous said...

As I've said on the other, Saskatoon, home of half the millionaire's of this Province Saskatchewan. If some conglomerate of Investors were to be so Inclined to apply for a CFL franchise, so be It. This would only enhance the on field product and the CFL Image with a win win situation for everyone. Is Regina afraid of a little competition, or afraid they won't be viable and the Roughriders would have to eventually fold? Strong competitive markets good for local economies and all Involved.

Anonymous said...

Oh Saskatoon, how you hate it when Mitchy and everyone else in Canada slags on you. Face it, you don't have what it takes.

Anonymous said...

Its absoulutely embarrassing the way Saskatoon has turned back on the Blades. Hosting the Mem Cup doesn't mean you are guaranteed to win your league championship. Jack Brodsky must be so disgusted with his home city.
He brings this event to Saskatoon and all the community can do is shit on hi, and make one excuse after another as to why they are not going.


Anonymous said...

Saskatoon is getting raked over the coals on a national stage because of lack of support of a national sporting event.
That's never happened in Regina---curling, football, hockey, nothing.
Defend that Saskatoon!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh Saskatoon, you can't admit you have made your city look bad. You put one excuse out there after another, but the bottom line is that you just don't have what it takes. You can't support an NHL team with your attitude and you can't support a CFL team either. Keep trying though. It amuses everyone else.