Friday, May 3, 2013

"This And That"

A joke to start off the Friday "This and That".  How does Moses like to make his coffee? Its simple "He brews it".  Yeah, jokes like that won't get me onto the stage at the Ramada on Saturday nights, but what can you do.

If you are still reading, and really could I blame you if you're not, here are just some thoughts.

--I like what the Regina Pats did at the bantam draft. One would have to expect that the Regina Pats have gotten themselves a player in Sam Steel. If you're the 2nd overall pick, you should become an elite player in the league. From everything I have heard about the kid, he will be.  I had a chance to speak with him shortly after he had been selected by the team. Here's how that went.

--Stephen Larose of the "Prairie Dog" newspaper may have had the best line when it comes to Sam. With the Pats playing the way they have over the past couple of years, they need a Superman like effort to get in the playoffs and now they have found their "man of steel".

--The one move I really liked though was the acquisition of Dawson McAuley. The goalie can play as evidenced by the playoff season he is having in Yorkton with the Terriers. I don't know if he will have a leg up on Teagan Sacher going into training camp, but the competition will be good for both.

--Now that Tim Tebow is a man without an NFL home, the talk about him coming to the CFL has started again. Warren Moon said it the best this week. You need to throw the ball to succeed especially in the CFL where the passing game is very important. Tebow simply can't throw the ball. It would be a disaster. The wide field would probably kill him. One person asked this week how many NFL quarterbacks could make that throw from the near hashmarks to the far sideline. I'm guessing there are a few starters out there that couldn't. I will say this though, I think Tebow could hook on with someone as a backup. I'm not advocating he join the Seahawks, but his resume is more impressive than that of their current back-up quarterback Brady Quinn. Say what you will about Tebow, but never forget that he won a playoff game over the much vaunted Pittsburgh Steelers. He can't start, but there are other backups in the NFL that aren't as good as Timmy boy in my mind.

--Jason Collins became the first athlete in the four major sports to announce he is gay. Good on Jason Collins. However, I have only this to say about it. Jason Collins is not an impact player. In his 12 year career, he has averaged less than five points and five rebounds. He is currently a free agent. Will some team give him a chance or will front offices use the excuse that he is washed up and can't make an impact on their team. If its the latter, what have we learned. While I do applaud Collins for doing what he did, I think what the sports world needs is someone who is in the middle of their career to announce that they are gay and then see the reaction. When that happens, sports will have turned a corner. Until then, extreme caution is still being used.

--How on earth do the Detroit Red Wings blow a 3 goal lead in the 3rd period? That never happens! For that matter, who is Gustav Nyquist? Don't we take some of that before we go to bed if sick?

--What happened to Dion Phaneuf? He was such a force coming out of junior and now he's just a dud. His effort in Game 1 against Boston was a disaster and he is the captain of the Leafs for god's sake. Some of his shifts were simply embarrassing. Did his days in Calgary kill him? Does anyone think he is a candidate to wear our colours at the Winter Olympics. I don't. Perhaps we should blame Elisha Cuthbert. Then again, she could throw me off my game too.

--Here we go again! Two nights in and two questionable hits. Andrew Ference got a game for his elbow on Michal Grabovski. It was a hit that Leafs coach Randy Carlyle said was part of the "physicality" of the playoffs and that you are allowed to hit people. Thank you for your refreshing candid approach Randy! Thursday night, Eric Gryba absolutely crushed Lars Eller and it looked to me like it was shoulder first. I understand wanting to eliminate head shots, but they are going to happen from time to time. If Scott Stevens played now, he would be suspended for half the season because of the checks he delivered.

--I was so damn proud of Josh Harding the other night and so were many other people in this town. The guy is all class and he deserves the puck to bounce his way a little bit after some of the battles he has been through. The fact that Harding didn't want to talk about his battle with MS after his Game 1 performance against Chicago was fine with me. Harding wanted to be treated like any other player and not some player that is fighting more than just the puck. If someone else wins the Bill Masterton trophy, there should be an investigation.

--Ex Pats have taken center stage in two of the first three nights of the playoffs. Harding on night 1 and defenceman Barret Jackman with his late heroics to give St. Louis a win on night 3.

--If the Flames tie the can to GM Jay Feaster, would they replace him with Joe Nieuwendyk.

--Why has everyone seemingly forgotten Colorado's dumb move to match the offer sheet Calgary provided to Ryan O'Reilly. The Avalanche would be sitting with the number 1 and 6 picks in the NHL draft had they let O'Reilly go to Calgary. That move proves Feaster isn't the dumbest GM in the league.

--If I had to pick a Cinderella team going into the playoffs, I would have taken Ottawa. I should have taken more Sens in my playoff draft, but alas I didn't take any. I really think they beat Montreal.

--What type of super=medicine is Erik Karlsson on and how can I get some. I can't believe he is playing as much as he is and contributing the way he is after getting his Achilles sliced in February. He shouldn't even be playing!

--Yes, it was very odd talking to Drew Remenda on the Sportscage Wednesday. I thought Rod Pedersen was trying to pull my leg when he told me who was on.

--Speaking of the Cage, why would you want to watch video streaming of that show or any other show like Mike Richards in the morning, Naylor's afternoon show on TSN, Prime Time Sports or even the great Dan Patrick in the U-S. I hate those shows because there's nothing going on and it looks so bad when a guy is on the phone and you see the chyron of whoever is on it. Its bad television!!! I guess its cheap television though. Trust me folks, its not what you think it is.

--Back to the WHL bantam draft for a second and why does it go in Calgary every year. Is it because that's where league headquarters is? I can only imagine how big a deal that the Pats would make it or seeing the Mosaic Place ice surface filled with chairs and tables and the personnel of all teams on it. Has the WHL ever considered moving it around?

--Why did Steve Young not get his contract renewed in Prince Albert? I thought he did a good job with that hockey team and that the future looks good. Young is one of the good ones in the WHL and he will bounce back whether it be in the WHL or the SJHL. That being said, I asked Curtis Hunt if he was interested in the Raiders job seeing that is where he played junior. For what its worth, he says he hasn't spoken with the Raiders. Curtis also asked a favour of me this week and I will oblige him. I won't tell you what it is though because it might irk some people.

--Balfour basketball coach Glen Fekula has to be considered a top candidate for the job at the University of Regina if he wants it. Fekula certainly knows the talented Regina high school scene and perhaps he could convince some of the top players to stick around like a Mitch Jackson. That being said, it would be tough to say no to long-time Cougars assistant Steve Burrows if he wants it.

--Little known one time I owned an envelope business, but it failed because I just mailed it in!

--That's all I got. Have a good weekend. If you haven't already, fire up the BBQ this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Trent Cassan will end up in Prince Albert.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you on Collins. The guy is a nobody and some are saying he went out just to try and keep his career going. If a guy like a Russell Westbrook or a Rudy Gay(pardon the pun) did it, it would have more impact. Hopefully, it will change stereotypes though.


Gored said...

Whenever you think Feaster isn't the dumbest GM, think of last year's far off the wall pick of Mark Jankowski in the first round

Anonymous said...

Much like Phaneuf. Cuthbert's best days have come and gone too. He has been a huge disappointment though and yes, Calgary is to blame,

Anonymous said...

I didn't have a problem with Gryba hit, but I don't like the Habs so I may be biased!!

Anonymous said...

Shanny has lost all credibility, he suspended Gryba two games for a clean hit.

Anonymous said...

Warren Moon is right! DUHHHH!!!

Anonymous said...

Trent cassan or dean brockman to p.a ...and steve young to la ronge

Anonymous said...

That joke is absolutely horrible and I will only tell it a handful of times this weekend,

Anonymous said...

Are you are the answer to your own supposedly horrible joke ?

Curious George