Thursday, May 23, 2013

This And That

At the start of the Stanley Cup playoffs, I took the Chicago Blackhawks to play Boston. Looks like that isn't going to happen. Credit the Detroit Red Wings for playing the hockey that we are used to see them play. That team looked like they were going to be on the outside looking in come playoff time, but they have pulled it together and are arguably playing as if they could win the West. They are like the San Antonio Spurs of the NBA.....they keep getting older, but you just can't knock them off and if you do, you have to give one helluva effort.  Its even getting to the point that at one time I wanted them to lose, but now I have somewhat of a soft spot for them because they have that underdog label. Yes, Chicago can come back and win three straight to take the series in 7, but the Wings have all the momentum and the Hawks will need a huge effort just to send the series back to Detroit.

Is there any doubt that Mike Babcock is Canada's coach at the Winter Olympics if the NHL goes.

How does a city like Detroit that is just about broke manage to sell out 100 straight hockey games at the Joe Louis Arena? That is passion folks!

The Saskatoon Blades are out and wow, did they go out in ugly fashion. That was not the memory that the Blades wanted to leave with their fans as they get taken to school by London in the tie-breaker game of the Memorial Cup.  The knives will come out in full force now. When they won 18 games in a row, they were the toast of the town, but now their stock is lower than Enron. I'm guessing you will see a lot of blue seats on TV this weekend. I would hope a crowd of at least 11 thousand is there for the final. We'll see.

There's been a lot of chatter about the empty seats at CUC and whether or not this event has been supported by Saskatoon. The argument has been had on many levels. When its all said and done, I ask this question. Was the topic ever approached to tarp off the upper level of the rink and just sell seats in the lower bowl with the upper bowl being open only if the ticket demand was there? Doing that would have alleviated a lot of the questions being asked. If organizers didn't think they could sell out the facility, why not maximize what you have and sell 8-9 thousand seats nightly. Did greed come back to bite those responsible in the ass? Oh well, its too late to discuss that now.

Halifax Mooseheads forward Nathan McKinnon has been the best player at the Memorial Cup. Has he done enough though to surplant Seth Jones as the number one overall pick. Would Patrick Roy take another forward to add to the likes of Matt Duchene, Ryan O'Reilly and Gabriel Landeskog or does he take the potential franchise defenceman in Jones who has all the tools it would seem to have a long NHL career. McKinnon will give you more flash, but Jones is a blueliner that doesn't come along often. Its a tough choice, but I got to go with Jones.

I love the Eric Cartman chant of "Go Kings Go". I wish the Pats would find out who does that and what the cost is. The Brandt Centre would go nuts if Cartman started cheering "Go Pats Go".

Brent Hawkins is the new coach of the Regina Rage---Regina's entry in the Lingerie Football League. Hawkins' wife plays on that team. Would the coach dare bench his wife if she isn't playing well?

Former Baltimore Ravens and current FOX NFL analyst Tony Siragusa is hawking Depends to stop "leakage".  Depends needs to expand this campaign to Canada and find a retired defensive lineman that is in the media to sell the product. Who could they find?? Did Siragusa wear 96?

With the addition of Jermaine McElveen on Thursday, the Riders have given themselves some more depth on  the d-line. That d-line is said to be the weakest part of the team as they continue to look for a pass-rusher. What do you think? What position are the Riders weakest at going into camp? The roster they have assembled for the  upcoming season is an experienced one and one that should be more than capable of hosting a playoff game this year.

How long will be it until Alain Vigneault finds work? Is he Dallas-bound? Don't be surprised.

Access tried their hand at reality TV with "Lamb of Love". They should try again with "A Day at a 7-11":.

Like many, I park downtown in an Impark lot. There are some spots that are reserved so you obviously can't park in them and there is a sign up to let you know its reserved. The question I have is who has some of these spots and do they own a vehicle? Since I started at CKRM, there have been a couple of spots in the Impark lot on Rose Street across from the parkade that has a reserved sign there but there has never been a car there. This is either a gigantic waste of money from some company or some guy has really great hours as he gets to work after me and leaves before I do.

The major league baseball season is at the one quarter pole. I think its safe to say that the Jays have been one of the bigger disappointments, but not as disappointing as the Angels and Dodgers who have high payrolls.  There is talk that Toronto should perhaps trade off guys like Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion if they aren't in a position to take a run at a playoff spot by the all-star break. I say that is the wrong idea. As bad as they have been, they would be a lot better if Jose Reyes was playing all year. Yes, their pitching hasn't been great, but Reyes would have added some runs to that offence.

Speaking of disappointing, who does graphics at Fox Sports Kansas City. They put this dandy up on Thursday night. Can you spot the errors????

Good luck to Metro Regina reporter Jeff Mackey. He is headed back east to serve an internship with the Canadian Press. He helped give that paper some credibility and he put in many a solid day.

Its just a matter of time before Graham DeLaet wins on the PGA Tour and perhaps that time is coming up. He is two off the lead after one round of the Colonial. Who gave him his fashion advice though? I'm guessing he wasn't dressed like that playing the Weyburn Golf Club. I still think he needs something on his apparel to signify his Saskatchewan heritage whether it be the iconic /=S=/ or PotashCorp or something.

The WMBL season starts next week. That is a good thing!

Is it bad luck to be superstitious???

Have a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

3 things Scruffy

1. You are right---never count out the Wings

2. A day at a 7-11. Access should get on that. What does happen when you run out of Taquitos!

3. Keep pissin off Saskatoon. I love it!

You and RP keep me entertained

Anonymous said...

A few weeks ago you said something about Curtis Hunt being an outstanding addition to Sportscage. I hadn't heard him, but I thought no way because he wasn't the most articulate fellow when with the Pats. You are right though, the guy is gold and seems so comfortable behind a mike. If he doesn't get back into coaching, I hope he sticks around with 620.


Anonymous said...

Great watching the Detroit Red Wings take It to the Chicago Black Hawks, Mike Babcock the best In the NHL. Jimmy Howard outstanding In net so far, team depth stepping up with each and everyone contributing to assigned areas of team play, "Go Red Wings"


Anonymous said...

I could see Vigneault in Winnipeg. They loved him there when he was with the Moose so he has a relationship with Chapman.

Mike from Vita, MB-formerly of the Yorkton area said...

Time 2 get rid of the anonymous post-ers. Only a coward wouldn't call me a fat bastard 2 my face. Must be a Bomber fan!

Anonymous said...

I hate downtown parking. Its the one reason why I dont go downtown anymore during the day. There's not enough spaces and there are too many Imparks charging you wayyyyyy too much money. Fougere really needs to find a way to accomodate this. No easy solution though


Anonymous said...

A reality show inside a 7-11. That's pure genius Scruffy. Get those Access cameras rolling! HA HA HA!!

Anonymous said...

This week in Saskatoon has ensured that no major hockey event will take place there again for a long time. Saskatoon's hockey community has let the city down and there are no excuses. If Regina had a 15000 seat stadium, there would be 11 thousand in the rink guaranteed.

Anonymous said...

What up with the Ass-CLOWN at the #5 anonymous post with personal attacks ? Track the CLOWN down and report his harrassing continuous comments to blog administration and let them take care of the problem via cybor laws. This Is sports/entertainment with pertinent Info of the day site, keep It civil and have some respect for the author.


Anonymous said...

What's with this love affair with Curtis Hunt. There seems to be a group out there who wants to pump up his tires for some reason. In his 10 years coaching in the WHL, he did the square root of nothing yet he is viewed on air as some sort of hockey know-it-all insider. He barely had enough time to unpack in Ottawa before he was fired. Goes to their farm team and takes them from a solid playoff spot to the outside looking in. If Conacher would have had Eberle, Ashton and Tuebert he wouldn't have missed the playoffs the last three years he was here. Just a very average coach.

Anonymous said...

Don't look now but Regina just got passed by Moose Jaw! How embarrassing that is .

75flyersbestteamever said...

Hey Mitch-u-ation;
Access should be thinking about "Hard Knocks-training camp with the Regina Rage LFL team" room access on PPV (_____ insert your additional jokes)

Anonymous said...

Fully agree with the Moose Jaw opinion.

Anonymous said...

impark the biggest scammers in Canada

Anonymous said...

Yes Moose Jaw is SO progressive it took the threat of losing their WHL team, a referendum, and a doubling of the cost before they finally built a new rink. Having said that, it's a nice barn and they're capitalizing on the newness factor to get good shows. They also put it in a good spot downtown ( paying attention Saskatoon)?

However I'm pretty sure the Riders and Paul McCartney will be playing in Regina this year.....