Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Scruffys Christmas Letter

Hey Santa! The usual deal is on this year. The vodka and Toffifee will be on the kitchen table. Please make sure the reindeer don't do what they did last year in the backyard. With all the snow we got, I didn't find that stuff until the spring.  OK, I know some of the requests are a little out there and you may not be able to get them done, but can you try.


I don't have to really ask you for anything when it comes to the Saskatchewan Roughriders. You gave them and many others what we wanted at Mosaic Stadium on that late November evening. I'm sure you will be stopping in at the Taman residence and the Durant residence, but really I think we all know they have their gift already. By the way, thanks on helping out with that. You put a smile on a lot of faces and that smile won't be disappearing for a long time.


To the Ottawa REDBLACKS----Success so that we don't have to worry about this Ottawa team folding up shop and while we're at it, lets find a way to get a 10th team in the Maritimes. Methinks that is the only way the Rider Nation will ever get to experience the East Coast because no team wants to give up a home gate when the /=S=/ is involved. I can't blame them, but the Atlantic experience would be something to cherish.


To long time CFL quarterback Kerry Joseph----that you take over for Khari Jones as quarterbacks coach in Riderville. I think that would be a great move for everyone involved.


To my long time friends Rod Pedersen and Peter Loubardias ---that this new Rogers/NHL deal somehow finds a way to get both of these gentlemen involved somehow doing what they love to do on a national basis. They really should be doing that now Santa!


To Seattle Seahawks punter Jon Ryan ---that you are in MetLife Stadium at the beginning of February celebrating a Super Bowl victory. Santa, if that one should come true, yours truly will be a mess for a couple of days after. I'm just sayin!


To Canadian Sports Viewers ---the ability to watch both ESPN and Fox Sports One from the comforts of our living room. I know you have probably received the same request from your good buddy Rob Vanstone. We're serious!!


To Weyburn golfer Graham DeLaet ---- a couple of PGA titles and some first place cheques. Its so close to happening now.


I would ask you to please do something for the Edmonton Oilers, but why bother. They are that bad!!! However beating Winnipeg 6-2 was a pleasant thing to see. You can always seemingly count on Edmonton to beat the Jets no matter what! BA HA HA!!


To Regina Thunder Head Coach Scott MacAulay  ---  a book called "If I Impressed You In Year 1, wait for Year 2"


To former U of R womens basketball player Crystal McGregor and to local wrestling icon John Cozman----to kick the living hell out of the cancer you are fighting and that you win the battle you are in. I am rooting for both of you and really to everyone who has gotten that damn disease.


To Cougar womens basketball coach Dave Taylor and the rest of his team---that you win that National title that I really thought you were going to win on your home floor last year. If you want to throw in a Jacoby Ellsbury Yankees jersey for Dave too that would be cool.


To U of R sports information officer Braden Konschuh ---a bigger paycheque or at least some help. He is the best at what he does at the University level, and the race isn’t even close.


To the owners of Jack Keatons restaurant----a second location that is closer to Casa de Scruffy. As much as I love that place, I just don't get up into that end of town very often.


To local snowboarder Mark McMorris---this one is easy-----Olympic gold!


To fellow CKRM employee and Pats play by play guy Phil Andrews. A chance to do some 2nd round WHL playoff games. Yes Phil, there is a 2nd round!!


To the programming gurus at Access Communications, if you can do "Lamb of Love" and "Velocity", you can certainly have "PACZKO". If people will watch Polkarama, they will watch this. DO IT!!!!


I could go on Santa. but its getting late and I know you have to get out there and do your thing. As always, safe journeys tonight and once again, please make sure the reindeer don't do a repeat act from last year.  Merry Christmas to you and all of you who read this blog on a daily basis. I still think it shows you have too much time on your hands when you come to this page, but I still do offer my thanks!



Anonymous said...

Rod Pedersen is 10000000000000000 times better than Loubardias. To even mention them in the same breath is crazy.

dee whitewood said...

Enjoy your blog. Wonderful letter. Keep up the great work in 2014. Merry Christmas. A loyal follow.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Santa did come through with his gift for Rider Nation a month early. It was greatly appreciated!

I think a Christmas night tradition should be for those who taped the game to gather the family around the TV and watch it over and over and over or until the Riders win again.

Anonymous said...

It's going to be a very long wait until the rrs can buy a title again. Keep watching over and over and over old memories from a very boring grey cup game 2013. CFL 2013 a very weak product this past season.

Anonymous said...

Nice try cupcake!
Y'er welcome.

P.S. Are you still bitter over the lump of coal you got for Christmas?