Monday, December 9, 2013

Something To "Mitch" About

If ever there was a weekend to curl up and watch football this was it. Its too cold to go out and do anything else----although a trip to Edmonton to watch the Oilers could be in the offing.

The early games in the NFL were great to watch. The last five minutes of the Vikings-Ravens game was unbelievable, the Patriots were given a gift by the refs to beat Cleveland and the Steelers were within a toe of having one of the all time great plays. Add that to the snowy conditions in the US northeast that made for less than ideal conditions and it was must-watch TV. I wonder if NFL fans in the US Northeast have asked NFL commish Roger Goodell to move the season up a couple of weeks so they aren't prone to the weather they are getting. Of course they aren't. They are bundling up and doing what they have to to stay warm in the stadium of choice.

The Seahawks were beaten in San Francisco. Good for you San Fran. Can Jim Harbaugh bitch and whine anymore than he does? It seemingly goes on and on and it seems to happen on every play. Give it a rest! The Seahawks are still in firm control of the NFC and with Carolina showing they aren't ready for prime time on Sunday night, Seattle is still the best option out of the NFC to play in the Super Bowl. Its beginning to look more and more like they will take on Denver. Who said Peyton Manning can't play in cold weather? He just put up 51 while throwing for 400 yards to shut those people up for a while.

88 touchdowns were scored in the NFL yesterday. That's the most on any Sunday in the league's history. Who says the NFL is boring?

In the college ranks, its getting down to Bowl season. Florida State will take on Auburn for all the marbles January 6. Why must we wait almost a month for that game to be played. Its ridiculous. You play every week from September on and then you get a month off to wait for the biggest bowl game of the year. Dumb!

Auburn won a highly entertaining SEC championship game beating Missouri 58-42. I thought the SEC was all about defense!

Michigan State ended the national championship hopes of Ohio State. Being a "Mitchigan" fan, seeing those two teams in the conference title game was like a bad dream, but you had to take the lesser of two evils so I went with the Spartans.

I'm hearing rumblings of what Rider players may be left unprotected by the football team for the December 16 dispersal draft. It truly is all speculation at this point, and if a solid veteran goes, he could be brought back via trade. The couple of names I've heard do surprise me to a point until you remember how many players can be protected and then it doesn't. December 16 will be an interesting day around the league.

I am surprised Paul LaPolice is not the head coach of the REDBLACKS and that he is being wooed as an offensive co-ordinator by the Lions, Lapo needs another chance as the head man, not a co-ordinator. If he isn't the HC somewhere, my suggestion is to stay at TSN until the right offer comes along. Hell, Jon Gruden and Bill Cowher have been doing that for years.

Mike O'Shea in Winnipeg will be interesting. Not many Canadian head coaches have succeeded in the CFL, but he will try to. The work he will have to put in just to make the team respectable will be long enough.

The Leader-Post's Greg Harder had a very good column on something I've harped on for the past couple of winters. That is why do we need the SUBWAY Super Series. Does anyone even watch this on TV anymore? I'm not. The series between the Russians and all-stars of the three Canadian junior leagues are said to be a tryout for the Canadian junior team. How bout just inviting the best 30 Canadian juniors and forget about this series that has lost all of its lustre.

There was golf on TV this weekend. I couldn't watch it knowing what it was like outside.

There is a story going around that Canada's new polymer bills snap in extreme cold. Is this true? Has someone tried it? How embarrassing would that be if they do!

Congrats to the dimestore cowboy Rex Roberts for winning the gold at High Impact Wrestling Friday night. The card was one of the best I have seen for quite a while. All the performers brought their "A" game and the place was packed. No one would give Lady Luck a jacket to wear on such a cold night though. I'm guessing that was OK as far as some of the male clientele went.

The Raptors make a big trade and no one is talking about it. If the Leafs did something similar, (or any NHL team for that matter) the deal would be dissected for days. That's just the way it is.

So much for Brad Jacobs being just a one year wonder. Congrats to both him and Jennifer Jones for repping Canada in curling at Sochi. I don't think either wins gold, but both will medal.

Don't be surprised to see Jones and her very successful foursome call it a career after the Olympics. What more needs to be accomplished---especially if the Manitoba girls win gold.

Shawn Thornton and James Neal both deserve a double digit suspension. The actions of both are something hockey simply can't tolerate.

Canada's male athlete of the year comes out today and I see no reason why it shouldn't be Graham DeLaet. However, I am guessing it will go to Jon Cornish and like him or not Rider fans, that is a good choice.

How busy are "The Rider Store" outlets right now.

Canada  has no idea who its starter in Sochi will be and the Finns have to decide between Antti Niemi, Tuukka Rask and Kari Lehtonen with the injured Pekka Rinne in the sightlines as well. SIGHHHHH!!!

One last thing. A friend of mine e-mailed me a website of a local photographer who took some fantastic shots of Mosaic Stadium on Grey Cup Sunday. If you are looking for a Christmas gift or want a memento for yourself of what will be a Sunday you never forget, check out these photos.

The forecast is calling for near zero temperatures next weekend. Is that something to look forward to or will it be a cruel hoax. We'll find out I guess. Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

I'll bet there isn't three people in Saskatchewan that give a darn about that Raptors trade. The NBA is a non starter out here.


Anonymous said...

CFL fans who think the NFL is boring should watch the final 5 mins of the Vikes-Browns game. That was better than any CFL game this season when it comes to plays and excitement.

Those are great photos of Mosaic


Anonymous said...

Thornton is a repeat offender and should get at least 15. I don't think Neal is so he will get 3-5.


Anonymous said...

Lapo is great on TV. Like Gruden, he can wait for the perfect job when it comes available. In fact, he could wait until Chamblin moves on and then take over. Oh yeah, if CC should have another great year, his time here will be over because he will get snapped up by someone in the NCAA.

Mitchell Blair said...

Should have clarified....the rink itself will split up and I think JJ will call it quits to spend more time on her career. The rest will continue albeit with various teams including Lawes who will make a good skip.

Anonymous said...

The reason for the break between the end of the college football regular season and the bowl games is the players are suppose to be writing finals then, but we know that doesn't actually happen.