Friday, December 6, 2013

This And That

I came back from Seattle for this??!!! Winter has definitely arrived my friends and the Old Man is rather bitter if you know what I mean. Its cold enough at minus 26. Sadly, we know at some point it will be colder for a daytime high. As is always said at this time of year though----at least there are no mosquitoes.

I can't believe the pettiness of some downtown Regina businesses. They don't like the fact people are waiting inside for buses when its this cold out and they are complaining. How Scrooge-like! I really don't think its hurting business as they claim. Perhaps their whining will cost them some business though cuz I know I wouldn't walk into these places when its nice out knowing that is the attitude they have. Yes, the city should maybe have some heated shelters but its not happening so suck it up for a couple of weeks. Its not like this is a 365 day thing.

Resign yourself to the fact the Saskatchewan Roughriders are going to lose a couple of good football players to the Ottawa REDBLACKS. I would not like to be in GM Brendan Taman's shoes right now as he decides who to protect and who to leave available for Ottawa in the expansion draft that goes December 16.  From what I have seen and many have asked, here is the way this whole thing will go.

The Expansion Draft is divided into two main categories from which players may be selected, Non-Imports and Imports (quarterbacks, kickers, and punters are eligible for selection within the applicable Non-Import or Import category).

Ottawa will have the ability to select not more than two quarterbacks and not more than one kicker or punter (for clarity, Ottawa may not select a kicker and a punter). A Member Club cannot have both a quarterback and a kicker or punter selected from its roster. A Member Club cannot have more than one quarterback selected from its roster.


Member Clubs may protect one quarterback, and ten additional Import players.

Ottawa will select one Import player from each Member Club.

Import quarterbacks, kickers, and punters are eligible for selection (and protection), provided that:

– Each Member Club may protect a maximum of one quarterback in the Import Draft.

– All other quarterbacks on a Member Club’s roster at the time of the draft are eligible for selection in this section.

– Ottawa will only be able to select two quarterbacks in the Expansion Draft.

– If a quarterback is selected from a Member Club in the Import Draft, such Member Club will be able to protect the names of an additional two Non-Import players in the first round of the Non-Import Draft.

– If a kicker or punter is selected from a Member Club in the Import Draft, such Member Club will be able to protect one additional Non-Import player in the first round of the Non-Import Draft.


Each Member Club will protect six Non-Import players.

Non-Import quarterbacks, kickers, and punters are eligible for selection (and protection), provided that:

– If a Member Club had a quarterback selected from its roster in the Import draft, it will be permitted to protect eight Non-Import players in the first round of the Non-Import Draft (instead of six); and

– Ottawa will be prevented from also selecting a kicker or punter from that Member Club.

- If a Member Club had a kicker or punter selected from its roster in the Import Draft:

– That Member Club will be permitted to protect seven Non-Import players in the Non-Import Draft (instead of six); and

– Ottawa will be prevented from also selecting a quarterback from that Member Club.

Any kicker or punter selected in the Non-Import Draft must be selected in the first round. If a Member Club had a kicker or punter selected from its roster in the Non-Import Draft, such Member Club would be eligible to protect eight Non-Import players in the second round of the Non-Import Draft, instead of six.

Ottawa will then select one non-import player from each Member Club.


Member Clubs will then submit a second list of an additional six Non-Import players for protection

If a Member Club lost a Non-Import kicker or punter in the first round of the Non-Import Draft, such Member Club would submit two additional Non-Import player names for protection.

Ottawa will then select one non-import player from each Member Club.

The Commissioner will resolve any dispute related to player eligibility for the Expansion Draft process.

So basically, Taman can protect six Canadians and 11 Americans including a quarterback. Who do you protect and who do you leave out there? Lets just look at the Canadians on the roster right now. You have Bagg. McHenry, Milo, Woldu, Butler, Stephenson, Hughes, Newman, McCullough, Black, Labatte, Huclack, Steinhauer, Best, Picard, Watman, Shologan, Clark, Getzlaf, Evans and Foley. Don't forget about Sam Hurl who ended the season on the injury list or receiver Alex Anthony that the team is high on. I know what six I would protect, but I'm leaving some talent out there that can be scooped up.

I'm sorry, but I think both Weston Dressler and Kory Sheets have what it takes to play in the NFL. Losing the two of them would be disastrous, but I truly believe if they are given the right opportunity, they can be playing Sundays. I'll be honest with you,, I'd love to see Dressler wearing Seahawk Blue. Don't be surprised to see Bears coach Marc Trestman give WD a call----he knows what he can do and he would give him every opportunity to make the team.

Sheets had a very interesting statement about his quarterback this week. When asked whether or not Darian Durant should have been the all-star quarterback, Sheets basically said there's something about Darian that people don't like. He doesn't get the calls and he doesn't seemingly get the respect, but he just goes out and wins game. What has Darian done to get people on his bad side? Am I missing something here? Darian has just gone out and done his job, but Sheets is right it would seem. What has he done?

I wonder what Tom Higgins will think of the CFL's stripes once he is getting a cheque from one of the teams. There is talk Higgins did not leave voluntarily, but simply his contract wasn't renewed. Is this a case of the CFL not being happy with the work of the officials. We all know the league can say what it wants, but the bottom line is CFL officiating was not great this year on many levels and needs improving. At least GC 101 was not impacted by a controversial call.

One of the weirdest sights I saw in Seattle was shortly after arriving. My friend and I left our room early Saturday morning to go wandering and get some shopping done for the women in our lives when we see a huge lineup at one street corner. As we neared the corner, it was a lineup to get a picture with Santa in a little store. That was fine if you don't mind the fact there were hardly any kids in the lineup. Why were all these people getting a pic with Santa if there's no kid. It certainly isn't a family pic. I can't see Mrs. Scruffy and I waiting in line for a half hour or more to get a picture with Santa. If the Scruffettes are with us OK, but this was another story. Weird!

Washington State and Washington both have souvenir stores in downtown Seattle. Would it hurt the University of Regina to have one somewhere downtown? Doesn't the U of S have a store in downtown Saskatoon? Perhaps the rent for a building is too much downtown, but I am guessing it would see some traffic---especially from tourists.

The athletic director at Auburn University says if his team beats Missouri in the SEC championship game this weekend and Ohio State beats Michigan State then his team should advance to the BCS championship even though they have one loss and Ohio State would be unbeaten. The AD says it would be un-American not to send Auburn to the title game. Really?? It would be un-American not to send Auburn to the title game. How self-pretentious can one get. If you have two unbeaten teams in Florida State and Ohio State then it is those two teams that should play for the title.

Nick Saban's decision to try a 57 yard field goal and avoid overtime in Alabama's loss to Auburn was just stupid. You don't blow a chance at another national title by taking a gamble like that, Go to overtime. I'm not a Saban fan so I think it looks good on him.

Week 14 NFL Lock of The Week ---Steelers over Dolphins
Week 14 NFL Upset of The Week -- Panthers over Saints

The Oilers scored eight goals against one of the top teams in the West? Can we start the season now?

What was the exact purpose of Ron Burgundy doing his thing at the "Roar of the Rings"? Did the sport need added exposure in Canada? What did the CCA think of it? From what I have heard, he didn't really mock the sport so that's OK, but I just didn't understand the whole schtick. I can't wait to see the movie though. What better pairing than Burgundy and the iconic Vic Rauter though!

My days with Blackberry can't end quick enough. Once August 1st hits, I will be getting an I-Phone or something else to replace what I have now.

Fast food workers in the U-S think the minimum wage should be 15 dollars an hour. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! Keep dreaming!

If fast food workers in Canada got 15 dollars an hour, there would be a lot of radio people flipping burgers methinks!

I have no desire to go Christmas shopping much less do anything outside when its like this.

Will we as a society ever realize how much impact Nelson Mandela had on the world?  While on that topic, remember when we got WDIV Detroit on our cable package. Well, this can be classified as one major oops from their news last night.

Besides asking how long it will be before the graphics guy at WDIV gets the boot, the other question is how old is Carmen Harlan? She was on WDIV when Access started giving us that station in 1984 and she was no spring chicken then. 

Do you ever just wake up and go “nope” and roll over and go back to sleep?.


Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is the CFL bending over backwards to make Ottawa competitive in year one? They should have to start from the ground up just like everyone else. They are being allowed to take players off silver platters.


Anonymous said...

Mitch, I can see your point about being frustrated about blackberry, but the new Q10 is a pretty good device. I've had it for a month and a bit and I really like it, better than my old Torch


Anonymous said...

I think you should give it a rest about people not liking Darian. The all-star vote results reflect the eastern bias of the majority of the voters, nothing more. We like Darian!!!

Anonymous said...

Sheets brings up a good point about Darian. What do people have against him? I don't understand it.

Anonymous said...

Some people forget that Darian had a new OC almost every year he was with the Riders.Some were not very good which was reflected in his play.He is more effective when he gets the nod to run not just be a drop back QB.
The "haters" are few and far between. Unfortunately they are vocal and get way to much attention from the Media. No QB will be perfect. They do what they are told. Sometimes they get lucky and complete passes that probably should not be caught and other days they are victims of dropsy.
All in all Darian will eventually get the recognition he deserves and will be right up there with Ron Lancaster and yes Kent Austin.

Anonymous said...

I dare anyone at Beer Brothers to tell me that people waiting in warmth in freezing cold weather is stopping customers from coming in. I saw that report on Global last night and the idiot owner whining about it. What a complete and utter tool. Its not like that 365 days a year. Get over yourself!


Anonymous said...

I got rid of my Blackberry three years ago. It was a piece of crap and one of worst investments I made.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't you go to Tampa with Pedersen?

Anonymous said...

I'm with perry!

Anonymous said...

You can buy U of R merchandise downtown at the Cornwall Centre. They have a section in the Bay on the second floor. You should get out more often.

Anonymous said...

Seconded on the BlackBerry 10. It's a huge improvement from the previous generations. It's unfortunate that the contracts are as long as they are.

Anonymous said...

1) I'm with perry
2) This won't be popular, but I would leave Sholo unprotected and do whatever to keep Zack Evans. He's younger and could be a Sholo type player.

Anonymous said...

Why? Do you shoplift there often?

Anonymous said...

Yes Mitch I can see Jones and Officer calling it a career if they win Gold in Sochi but they are still in their 30's which is not that old in particular for a skip.

On the other hand I would say there is no way that Kaitlyn Lawes will retire as she is only 24 and her curling career is just getting going. The lead Dawn (Askin) McEwen is only 33 so I can see her not retiring either.