Monday, January 27, 2014

Another NFL Workout For Kory Sheets

Riders running back Kory Sheets is working out for a second NFL team. Sheets put out this photo on his Instagram account late this afternoon.

Sheets has already worked out for the Indianapolis Colts. He becomes a free agent February 15.


Anonymous said...

Roughriders new stadium incurring cost overruns for the City of Regina/future generation citizens and the concrete isn't even wet yet. When is the final design going to be revealed .... waiting with high anticipation.

Anonymous said...

What's that got to do with Kory Sheets? Stick to the topic!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If KS re-signs with Sk, he'll never see the light of day he plays on that field in the pending stadium. That structure plan put together without proper due diligence to hastily appease privileged. Financial burden already to City of Regina, It's current and future generation citizens. Problems, cost overruns and opening day delays imminently guaranteed. Topic related to the above article. End.

PS, KS not resigning with Sk.

Anonymous said...

Go hug the tree nearest you, it will make you feel better "earth muffin".