Thursday, January 23, 2014

CFL Thinking Of Abolishing Convert

The CFL continues to discuss the elimination of the extra point - the kicked convert following a touchdown - but nothing is imminent with regards to a rule change.
"Our rules committee discussed the idea of eliminating or altering the convert several years ago and as recently as last year," said Glen Johnson, the CFL's vice-president of officiating.
"We plan on continuing to explore this idea, but no change is imminent."
Both the CFL and the NFL have bandied the idea about, with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell making headlines in the leadup to the Super Bowl with his apparent support of abandoning the convert.
In its place, both leagues have separately discussed making touchdowns worth seven points - they are currently worth six, with the convert tacked on afterward.
Both the CFL and NFL have seen the convert's success rate hover at very near 100 per cent, making it too much of a sure thing. The idea is to allow teams options to add points to the touchdown but lose a point off the seven if that option fails.
"We discussed several alternatives over the years, including changing the rule so teams are automatically rewarded seven points for a TD, and giving them the option to risk losing a point or gaining an additional point by trying a two point convert . . . or changing the distance of a kicked convert, making the convert always a play from scrimmage," Johnson said.
Most CFL officials are at combine camps in the U.S., but the league's rules committee meets several times a year. Any rules changes for the coming season will be discussed next at the CFL's combine in Toronto on March 17.
The convert has been a part of football dating back to its roots in rugby. In fact, the free kick - the predecessor of the convert - was the main focus of the game, and the touchdown was merely the play that set up the free kick.

(Toronto Star)

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