Thursday, January 30, 2014

This And That

A weekly collection of thoughts running through my muddled brain

 --No doubt as to what the number one thought is. Super Bowl 48 is just a few days away and I obviously can't wait.  There is no doubt in my mind the Seahawks will beat the Broncos. I will explain why before kickoff.

--Yes, I will be a basket case from about 3 o'clock-11 o'clock Sunday night. This is my Grey Cup ya know! I think those of you who support the green and white know exactly what I will be going through, but you were at least able to relax for the second half. I don't think I can say that.

--I would like to publicly thank Toronto mayor Rob Ford for sporting a Denver Broncos jersey at some function this week. Ford has also sported a Toronto Argonauts jersey before the CFL East final and a Buffalo Bills jersey before their game in Atlanta this year and in those cases, the other team won. Here's hoping Robbie boy can make it three in a row.

--I have offered to make a wager with Denver Broncos fan and good-natured schmuck Rob Vanstone, but he has declined saying he can't bet against Jon Ryan. I say this is a good old fashioned cop-out. He agrees!  Hopefully Ian Hamilton (fellow Seahawks fan and good man) has plans to make his life a living hell after Sunday night. If you need any help Ian, you know where to find me!

--Regina MP Tom Lukiwski needs to stick to the political arena and stay out of the sports arena.  When talking about Jon Ryan's involvement in the game, Lukiwski in the House of Commons said the Seahawks would be in tough going up against "Preston" Manning and the Denver Broncos. Oyyyyy!!!

--I have heard US journalists bemoan the decision about awarding the Super Bowl to New York City because of the weather and how a cold weather Super Bowl is not any good for the CFL. The forecast for New York City on Sunday is a high of plus 4 with a low of minus 3. BOO FRICKIN HOO!!! I would love to have that type of day here on Sunday. I can't imagine what the Americans would say about conditions for the West semi-final or what they would have said about the temperature for here on Grey Cup Sunday. Some of these people really need to spend a month in our shoes to see what its like! I'm sure the Ryan family will be "freezing" watching Jon play as they wear their 9 jersey with no jacket on. Speaking of which, while there is no doubt there is a tremendous amount of pride amongst the Ryans seeing Jon play, I can't imagine what would be going through Bob Ryan's mind right now. He would be bursting at the seams knowing his son was playing in the Super Bowl. Bob will have the best seat in the house and should the Seahawks win, I know Jon and family will be looking upwards.

--How many Riders have been in the Super Bowl? I know  Jay Alford, Yo Murphy and Ken Clark have. I thought Kenton Keith might have been with the Colts when they beat Chicago, but he wasn't as he played for them the next year. Did I miss anyone?  If I did, its perhaps because he played in one of the first SB's.

--What's the over/under on Peyton Manning calling "OMAHA" Sunday? How many times will he do it.


--Lets be honest. When Weston Dressler said he wants to wear 13 with the NFL club that he will be signing with soon, you said you will be buying that jersey. I don't know if the Chiefs (his rumoured destination) or will be able to handle all the orders that come in from Saskatchewan, and you know orders will come in. What a class gesture from a truly class individual. I think Rod Pedersen put it the best on Sportscage when he wrapped up an interview with Dressler by saying I hope I never, ever, ever see you on Mosaic Stadium turf again unless you are being honored in some fashion. I couldn't agree more and I think many that read this will say the same thing.

--Congrats to Kerry Joseph on an outstanding career. I think we all knew Kerry was going to call it quit after his emotional scrum following the Eskimos last game of the year at Mosaic. As Kerry was walking off the field, I pulled out my cellphone looking to get that shot of him walking to the tunnel for the last time from behind. Just as I was focusing, he started to run so I missed the shot. I told him about that during Grey Cup week and he was sorry he had started his run to the tunnel before I got the shot. He said it was one he would have wanted and I would have gladly given it to him. I hope he retires as a Rider. Who's kidding who, I would love to see him on Coach Chamblin's staff and I think he could do for Darian what Khari Jones did.

--Isn't it pleasing to know Regina's court jester isn't going away. Can we not export him somewhere? He certainly is something we should let Brandon have.

--Sounds like Gary Etcheverry is back in the coaching biz with the Bombers. I don't know about you, but I thought he was great on "Etchs and O's" on the Sportscage. Who's the next coach to get hired again thanks to that show.

--A story on this week was titled "How I ended up naked in a hot-tub with a monkey. I instantly wondered when Rod Pedersen started writing for  What?

--Councillor Mike O'Donnell has put a motion out there suggesting garbage be picked up twice a month in Regina with recycling being picked up every week. With all due respect to O'Donnell, the idea is a good one, but if it came to a vote, I would be voting for things to stay the way they are now. I don't want garbage being picked up every 14 days----especially in the summer. 

--The Edmonton Oil Kings had their annual hooky from school hockey game on Tuesday against Brandon. Over 11-thousand were there. I know I have asked it before, but I will ask it again. Why isn't this being done in Regina? I think an afternoon game in the middle of the week in which schoolkids are the target would be a tremendous promotion and it might drive some kids back to the game with their parents when $$$ are in play. You can't tell me kids wouldn't love missing an afternoon of school to go to a Pats game.

--Sandis Ozolinsh will carry the Latvian flag into the opening ceremonies at Sochi as he will be on the country's hockey team. If you are like me, you are going Sandis Ozolinsh is STILL playing hockey?

--Ben Scrivens may have had the best performance by a goalie I've seen in a long time Wednesday night. He stopped an NHL record 59 to get the shutout in a 3-0 Edmonton win. The last time I saw a goalie play that well was when Igor Bobkov stoned the Swedes at the World Juniors in Regina a few years ago.

--Seeing all those "The Keg" ads just makes me grumble because its been wayyyyyyyy too long since I enjoyed a good steak there.



Anonymous said...

I don't see them winning, but good luck Sunday Scruffy.

Anonymous said...

If the Buffalo Bills are Toronto's team, the Kansas City Chiefs just became Saskatchewan's team! Good luck Weston!


Anonymous said...

Huh, Kansas?

Curt said...

Sandis Ozonlish will be doing that with a heavy heart as well, after losing his country-mates Ruslan Salei and Karlis Skrastins in the KHL plane crash a few years back. I watched a Latvia and Czech Republic game live at the 2010 Winter Olympics and the Latvian friends and family in the crowd were awesome. They were so loud and amped for that game where they narrowly lost. They definitely won over the Canadian fans in that round robin game.

Good memories for sure! And when I first heard about that plane crash and the players were on it I instantly thought about those poor family and friends. Let's hope everyone stays safe and everything goes off in Russia without a hitch.


Anonymous said...

Cold weather Super Bowl is bad for the CFL? Uh...okay.

Anonymous said...

If you're referring to who I think you are, Brandon doesn't want him. Ship him to Medicine Hat!

Anonymous said...

How old is Ozolinch anyhow? He's got to be well over 40.

Anonymous said...

To use a quote from SLAPSHOT. "Who own da Chief?"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why is KJ getting supported to be a QB coach? Who has he coached previous?

I believe Chamblin said Cortez will be the QB coach, a proven guy, I like that a lot better!

Anonymous said...

KJ would make a great quarterback coach. The guy has been a mentor to young guys on the field for years. Ask Darian about his relationship with KJ and what he learned from him in 07 when his career was just starting.

Anonymous said...

KJ would make a great quarterback coach. The guy has been a mentor to young guys on the field for years. Ask Darian about his relationship with KJ and what he learned from him in 07 when his career was just starting.