Tuesday, January 14, 2014

GSP Comes Clean

The UFC's refusal to rid the sport of doping is the main reason former welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre is taking a break from the octagon.
"I'm not angry, but disappointed," St. Pierre told French reporters on Tuesday. "It bothered me a lot. This is one of the reasons why I stopped (fighting). This is not really to serve a lesson to anyone, because it penalizes me too."
St. Pierre, in Montreal Tuesday to announce the sponsorship of six local athletes, alleged that doping tests were botched by his opponent Johny Hendricks prior to UFC 167 in November.
St. Pierre ended up beating Hendricks in a controversial split, but that didn’t quash his concerns.
"I wanted to do something to help people who are honest in their sport," he argued. "And whether or not you believe me, I have never taken drugs in my life. I am willing to take a lie detector, I do not care. I'm all for drug testing."
But the 32-year-old Montreal native was careful not to accuse anyone directly of doping.
"I'm not accusing anyone of taking steroids and I'm not judging anyone," he said. "I have internal information. I am an athlete and I know what's going on."


Anonymous said...

Would this be a surprise???

Anonymous said...

Good for you GSP! You're too fawkin smart to get sucked into Dana White's insane world anymore. That sport has failed to protect you, and if you are clean and they are allowing you to fight roidoids, then good for you.

When he quit, I told my dad "he is tired of not being protected." I didn't know exactly what it was, but this makes sense now.

I shudder to think what goes on behind the scenes in that cesspool of Dana White's sickness.

GSP should get his non compete removed and start his own company. Sounds like he may be on the way to that anyway. Good for you bud!