Friday, January 24, 2014

This And That

  Just the usual weekly assortment of scattered thoughts running through my muddled brain
--So lemme get this straight Seahawks defensive back Richard Sherman ran up to Michael Crabtree and said "hell of a game, hell of a game" and got pushed in the face for that leading to his explosive interview with Erin Andrews.  Yet its Sherman who is said to have no class. OhhhhhhhhK!
--What the hell is going on with the weather!! Its at or near zero for a couple of days and then its damn cold. Can the rollercoaster please stop at oh I don't know minus 7-10 for a high and minus 15-22 for a low. Thanks!
--A great point was brought up by Access SJHL play-by-play man Mike Stackhouse this week. Stackhouse decided to give a thought or two on the Corey Matthews case that ended in Regina with the former school teacher being acquitted on a charge of sexual assault and sexual exploitation against a former student. In a Facebook post, Mike writes "Authorities don't release the name of the accused because he needs to be protected but we can hear the name Corey Matthews for four years and he's not guilty. Not guilty but the accusations will always be tagged to his name. I'd say while not ruined, the vindicated has suffered a lot of damage. Doesn't seem fair to me." 
I couldn't agree more. As Matthews stated to reporters after the decision was announced, "I lost my career, I lost my life, what did I win." He is right while the guy who was highly credible in his testimony gets to walk away with no one knowing who he is. That's not right! At least not in my books.
--Its about time that Flames fans and Oilers fans stopped bickering at one another and both came to the realization their teams suck and the light at the end of the tunnel is a lonnnnnnnnng ways away. Fans in both centres deserve better!
--The Canadian national mens soccer program wants to host the World Cup in 2026. Here's an idea. Why don't you concentrate on winning a game or two instead?
--Thought of scrapping the extra point in both the CFL and NFL is dumb. Lets have a 35 yard convert to make it somewhat more interesting. While we're at it, lets put the ball on the 5 for the two point conversion.
--Well played Dallas Stars jumbotron control man, well played...
If Dave Taylor wanted to take a warm weather vacation like many others do around here in January and February, couldn't he have just gone instead of coming up with that "exposure to measles" excuse? In all seriousness, get better Dave.  I don't know what you do when you are quarantined for three weeks, but I hope you have an Xbox or PS3 at your disposal. Perhaps a "Hang Time" marathon is in store!
That's all I got. Have a great weekend!





Mr.Morin said...

I respectfully disagree with your comments on Richard Sherman. To go on national TV and belittle an opponent like that while at the same time praising yourself as the best corner in the league is inexucsable. And then to jump at Erin Andrews for doing her job? Regardless of the heat of the moment, you just don't do that.

And let's not forge this...if Colin Kaepernick throw's a better pass, Crabtree makes the catch and the Seahawks go home. The 'BEST' corner in the league was beaten on the play only to be fortunate to have an underthrown ball come his way.

Anonymous said...


Regarding Corey Mathews I want to be very clear on something. The legal process is not based on opinion it is based on facts.

A number of people came forward to complain about his behavior. His colleagues felt what he was doing was inappropriate. At the very least Mathews put himself in a vulnerable position. When you look at everything Mathews behavior was suspicious and came across as a Suger Daddy type. For what reason would he do those things? Even after colleagues warned him? Was it compulsion? It doesn't matter now.

The Police simply take statements, and when enough of them add up the balance of probabilities kicks in to lay charges. Any number of factors can come up as to why charges are dropped or stayed.

They went to a court of law and it is his right, but he chose a single Judge rather than a jury. Reasonable doubt was raised, but I would put forward this? Is it possible in those scenarios that youth who are at risk stand a better chance of being targeted by predators?

He was found not guilty in a court of law. The system worked.

The guy you sit beside at Wrestling

Anonymous said...

Are you seriously sticking up for Sherman? I get it your a Seahawks fan but honestly you think he did nothing wrong? Did ya miss the choking sign he did before that as well? Or the slap of the ass he did before that too? Have you ever played a high level of sports in your life when you just lost a huge game and some guy makes a choking sign to you and slaps your ass and you don't get pissed off? He is lucky he only got pushed in the mask. I hope its a great game and I love Jon Ryan but im cheering for the Broncos can't stand the arrogance of the Seahawks.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Morin and Anon 1:

I trust you are Rider fans. What is the difference of what Sherman said compared to Dwight Anderson at the end of the Calgary game when he said "Calgary sucks".
The comment was made when adrenaline is flying high and there is no difference except one wasn't wearing the beloved green jersey you worship.

I have no problem with what Sherman said because there was some emoton and some realism involved. It wasn't a canned response.

Terry C

Anonymous said...

Mr. Matthews is not the first person to be wrongfully accused of something nor will he be the last. However, he put himself in a vulnerable position and now he is sadly paying the price.
While I agree with some of what Mr. Stackhouse says, I can't buy all of it.
It is good debate though


Anonymous said...

I'll echo Mr Anon's comment Mitch.

I'd be wary sticking up for Mr. Mathews. Just because he was not convicted, does not mean that things did not happen that shouldn't happen between a student and teacher.

Scenarios happen all the time, where a vulnerable person is taken advantage of. More often then not, it is not reported, and even less often are convictions happen.

Suggesting that the victim be named is revictimizing a young vulnerable youth who already has to deal with things for the rest of his life

Anonymous said...

Sports needs more Richard Shermans in it. I would much rather hear what he has to say then Russell Wilson blessing God for everything that happens to him.

Anonymous said...

Well said Terry C

Anonymous said...

Why the hell would you want to get rid of the convert altogether. Make it more challenging and have it kicked from the 30 or something, but don't get rid of it. Hopeflly Goodell and Cohon scrap this idea.

peter dalla riva

Anonymous said...

Mr. Morin:

There was no chance in hell Crabtree was catching that pass. The best he could have hoped for was PI to be called.
The best corner in the league played it perfectly and as a result his team is going on-----going on to get beat by Denver.

As other people have commented on here, Sherman's comments were right after the game. Every other interview he did after the game was much more calm. Perhaps you need to rethink your thoughts.


Mr.Morin said...


Watch the replay, Crabtree had a step on him with room to spare before reaching the boundary. A better pass does indeed result in a TD. You have your opinion, I have mine.

As for the previous post about what is the difference between Sherman and Anderson? Well I can honestly say I didn't like what he said as it does break the 'code' if you will. However, Dwight Anderson never singled out a player as being mediocre nor did he profess his tremendous skills. I agree it is the heat of the moment and both said things that shouldn't have been. However, comparing Anderson to Sherman in those instances is like comparing apples and oranges.

75Flyersbestteamever said...

Sherman just felt the excitement of the moment; secondary players know its either an "A" or "F" result on any passing play and they need a thick skin, thin memory and lots of swagger.
Personally think the Niners did more wrong than the 'Hawks did right, plus a few "interesting officiating decisions" but a win is a win.
Wasn't this what Muhammad Ali made a living at, insulting the opponents and backing it up? ...loved Sherman's comments on the Van-Cal brawl...
Embrace Swagger (Crabtree better work on some trash to spit out for next season) although it will be all for moot...

Anonymous said...

"Richard Sherman ran up to Michael Crabtree and said "hell of a game, hell of a game" and got pushed in the face for that leading to his explosive interview with Erin Andrews. Yet its Sherman who is said to have no class. OhhhhhhhhK!”

I’m sure Sherman said it in the most polite and respective way too. I particularly like Sherman saying a couple days later that he knows thugs and they don’t think he’s a thug. What’s the saying, “birds of a feather flock together”?

My favourite tweet about Sherman this week has to be: "Mind blown that he’s Stanford educated!”

I look forward to seeing D. Thomas burn his ass next weekend.

Anonymous said...

That is a matter of personal opinion. I can appreciate both Sherman & Wilson's opinion.

Anonymous said...

" For what reason would he do those things?"

Gee, I dunno...maybe he actually cared about those kids?

And they wonder why nobody wants to get into teaching/coaching any more!

Anonymous said...

Richard Sherman = Rickey Henderson.

Cocky, good and can back up the talk.

Anonymous said...

Mitch, I know you're a Seahawks fan so you are a little biased, but this isn't the first time Sherman has gone off. There's been a lot of similarities between him and Dwight Anderson. I think Sherman is 10 times the d-back Anderson is, but he also has to learn to grow up a little.


Anonymous said...

Sherman a Major Leaguer, NFL.
anderson a minor leaguer, cfl.
Nothing to compare or talk about, end of conversation, quit Insulting Mr. Sherman.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Morin:

Not a Seahawks fan or a 49ers fan, but there is no way Crabtree is catching that ball. Sherman had it played perfectly. Kapernick should have been looking elsewhere.