Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Time To Channel My Inner Ed Whalen or Jerry Lawler!!

 HIW Canada is set to take over TV screens across the Province with it's brand new hour long weekly TV program which is slated to premiere this Spring exclusively on Access 7, but one of the big question marks were "Who will handle commentating duties?".

HIW office announced today that it had chosen the individuals who will fill the commentator positions!

Mr. Pete Paczko and Mr. Mitchell Blair have been selected as the new commentators for the HIW television program! Both Paczko and Blair are both well known, experienced members of the local Regina media and can be seen co-hosting sports talk show "Locker Talk" on Access 7.

The HIW office had this to say:

"We are pleased to announce that Pete Paczko and Mitchell Blair have joined the HIW family as the official commentators for our new television program. Both Pete and Mitchell are very talented men in their field and will undoubtedly become the familiar voices of High Impact Wrestling across the Province of Saskatchewan."

Mitchell Blair will be absent from the first couple of episodes due to scheduling conflict, but his interim replacement, Mr. David Temrick of Mark Out Radio is a more than suitable substitute. We look forward to working with David on the first episodes of our new show!

The first TV Taping goes down this Friday night at the #PrideAndGlory event which takes place LIVE at the Hungarian Club!


75flyersbestteamever said...

Congrats MB- don't forget to call Jessie Ventura for a few tailor made Feather Boa's and other signature wardrobe accessories.
...Maybe with a little luck you will be invited to some of the Heels after hours party that Ed Whelan could never cop an invite to.

Anonymous said...

Right on Scruffy!!

Anonymous said...

Is Vanstone a part of this? I can see the three of you being even more idiotic about these guys than you are now!

Anonymous said...

I think the feather boa ia a great idea for Mitch. Either that or a Fedora like Jim Davies used to wear.

You always gave those guys lots of PR on this site so I am glad they recognize how much of a fan you are. Well done.

"Mr. Blair, we're having a party and you're not invited"

Mitch "Go wash your face."


Boog a loo