Thursday, August 21, 2014

This And That

What a week! A lot of thoughts are running through this muddled brain so in no particular order here we go....

  • CFL commissioner Marc Cohon is stepping down at the end of the season. Why? What's he got up his sleeve? Could he be running MLSE? The dots would certainly connect seeing what has happened with the group that owns the Leafs and Raptors. Cohon is the coolest commissioner in pro sports. What other commish goes to a sports bar and says he is buying the first round as Cohon did here before Grey Cup 101. The CFL will have to go a long way to find someone as fan-friendly and as charismatic as Cohon and I don't know if they will. I think he leaves with the league in a lot stronger position than it was when he took over. He successfully got a team into Ottawa and he has set the seeds for a team to come to the Maritimes which I think will occur in the next couple of years. He presided over a controversial TV deal, but it was a deal that was a huge financial boost to all teams which I thinks means a better product. Cohon doesn't have control over the stadium fiascos in Hamilton and Winnipeg. he doesn't really have a lot of control over the officiating situation and I don't know who can make the CFL relevant again in southern Ontario. He certainly will be missed.

  • I've never seen so much negativity over a 5-2 football team. The Riders go into BC looking to make it 5 straight wins and I think the way the defence is playing they can. The Lions aren't as invincible at BC Place anymore and while the Leos are stingy on defence as well, I see the Riders winning another low scoring game. Take the under if its anything around 40.5.

  • Oh Dennis Skulsky, your disgust with the Riders buying a billboard and promoting themselves outside BC Place is amusing and will be rather costly for you should your team not win on Sunday as you have guaranteed. I'm guessing Mike Benavides is ecstatic with what you've done. Have those tickets ready Dennis. Have those tickets ready!

  • A tweet from Ricky Foley on Friday night.....So in summary...John Chick has never played well vs them, our defence is overrated & Their President is Guaranteeing a win?...hmm ok . EXACTLY!

  • If you think the Bombers signature jersey and Ottawa's are better than the Riders, I feel sorry for you. Both of them are not good in my mind.

  • Is it too late for Canada West to draw up another football schedule. The Frank McCrystal farewell tour needs one more stop in Saskatoon!

  • Say what you want about the Rams coach, but what he has done for football in this province is outstanding. He has seen a lot of players go on to the CFL and NFL, he has seen a lot of players go on to become community leaders throughout this city, province and country and he helped make the Saskatoon-Regina rivalry. I think even those connected with the Hilltops and Huskies could agree with that statement. There won't be another one like Frank anytime soon.

  • I hope the expectations of Regina Pats fans are realistic as a new chapter in the team's history begins. I can't see year one of the new regime being successful immediately, but the future looks bright with guys like Daniel Wapple, Brady Reagan and Sam Steel. You can add Morgan Klimchuk  to that mix, but I'd be shocked if Klimchuk was around by the time the trade deadline hits. The big question with the Pats remains........will there be a center ice score-clock this season? I certainly hope so!

  • Its bad enough when one can't get coffee at home because he's out, but when he goes past two Tim Hortons on his way to work and the lineup at both are simply outrageous both in and outside the store, it makes for a cranky Scruffy! Meanwhile, I am guessing there's never a line at Robins.

  • The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a great thing as far as I'm concerned-----unless of course its January.

  • Now that Premier Brad Wall has used it, will the word "jackwagons" become commonplace in Saskatchewan. God I hope so!

  • Just two more weeks until NFL season starts begging the question, how many Fantasy leagues will I be in this year. So far its three! SIGHHHH!

  • Have a great weekend!!


Anonymous said...

I know for a fact the center ice clock will be in by new years

Don Mitchell said...

Sorry Scruffy but all the signature jerseys (except for BC's, maybe) are horrible.
Reebok has to be fired after this debacle.

Anonymous said...

I think Ricky Foley sums up the thoughts of many.

Complete and total disrespect.

Anonymous said...

Just imagine the scene of Griffiths if Rams played Huskies in a playoff game and Rams won. The walk-off by Frank and the comments leading up to and after the game might be the best thing ever.

Anonymous said...

Jackwagons!!! I LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

All, I repeat 'all' of the Reebok Signature jerseys suck. Some are worse than others but they're all rejects. While you Scruffy claim to like the Rider uniform I found it difficult to read the numbers on the back, it was like the material was stretching in some spots and crumpling up in others. It seemed to distort the number.

Anonymous said...

Ricky "Forrest Gump" Foley a goof !

Go BC Lions !

Anonymous said...

Only in Saskatchewan, typical.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with Mr. Blair on the rebok jerseys with the exception of the BC Lions, they all should be destroyed. "CFL" supposedly a "professional" sports league, "act like it". Pajama sleep over apparel not appropriate for Image.

Clarkenstein said...

Two people that have contributed so much to football... not only in Saskatchewan but to Canada as well. Frank McCrystal and Brian Towriss.

Anonymous said...

Frank has won nothing in CIS, a few junior titles mean squat.
Welcome Regina Cougars Football.

Anonymous said...

Somebody from Reebok should be working at Walmart over those uniforms.

Anonymous said...

I think they better start having piss tests in the Reebok factory because somebody is on drugs.

Anonymous said...

I'll always believe that as CFL commissioner Mark Cohon orchestrated the Ricky Ray trade to Toronto for the 100th Grey Cup. No respect here.