Monday, September 8, 2014

Durant To Miss Hamilton Game

The severity of Darian Durant's arm injury is not known, but it will cost him one game.

Riders Head Coach Corey Chamblin said Monday morning they still don't know what the exact injury is or how severe it may be because he has not been to the doctor yet. That visit was scheduled for Monday afternoon.

Chamblin would say though Durant will not play against Hamilton on Sunday.

Assistant GM Jeremy O'Day will be on "Sportscage" at 4 o'clock to discuss what he knows.


Anonymous said...

The best bet is he is back in a month. With the look on his face yesterday, I think he's done for the year.

Anonymous said...

Elbow funny bone stinger, he'll shake it off with a bit of therapy care.

Anonymous said...

Unless it's cracked, then it will take a bit more time to heal.