Friday, September 5, 2014

This And That

The usual assortment of weekly thoughts running through my muddled brain in no particular order.

Obviously, I have no problem with this. The Seahawks started this season looking as dominant as they were last year beating the Packers by 20.  Yes, its Week 1, but this Seahawks team is better than the team that won last year. I won't even try to preach this team is going back to the Super Bowl right now, but don't be surprised if they stay healthy.

Week 1 NFL Lock Of The Week-----Eagles over Jaguars
Week 1 NFL Upset Of The Week ----Indy over Denver

The Michael Sam story continues to draw a lot of interest and generate a lot of debate. I thought the guy had what it took to make the St. Louis Rams roster after a good pre-season, but they didn't. I also believe his sexual preference played a huge role in that. I admire Sam for coming out of the closet before the NFL draft, but I wonder how this scenario would have changed had he kept his mouth shut, played a year or two and then let his secret be known. When he came out, he became a distraction and he didn't help matters out any by wanting to have a reality show on the Oprah network along with other things. He wasn't helping himself any.  Lets see how he makes out in Dallas.

North of the border, the CFL enters the 2nd half this weekend. What were your thoughts on the first half of the season? Sadly, I think there were more negatives than positives across the league. Its great to see Ottawa back in the league, its great to see doormats Winnipeg and Edmonton respond with much better seasons,  and its great to know there is no thought of labour disruptions for the next few years, but when you look at the Toronto situation, the Hamilton stadium fiasco, the decision by Marc Cohon to leave at seasons end, the disparity between east and west, a signature jersey promotion that didn't go well in many places, bad games and terrible refereeing, you see there was more bad than good. This must concern the league on several different fronts.

Who are your CFL award winners at the midway point? I think the only guy who would be a lock right now would be Andrew Harris as top Canadian, but that isn't even a certainty. John Chick would have to be the odds-on favourite for defensive player of the year, but Solomon Eliminian is having a helluva year in BC as well. Has Chick been the MOP? I can't think of anyone else who has been better right now. Bo Levi Mitchell's team is 8-1, but is the reason for that Bo Levi Mitchell?

620 CKRM's Colin Lovequist loves his camera and he loves taking it out when out and about. He was front and center at the Rider family fun day last Saturday and he got some shots of yours truly,

You know who that guy is. What Jim Hopson has done for this team in his time as president and CEO is immeasurable. Excellence starts at the top and Hopson, with the help of a great team, has certainly turned the Riders into the CFL's model franchise. I don't know who will be taking over for Hopson when he steps down, but he has a huge job in just maintaining the stability.

This young lady is Cara Hull and you have no idea what she does or the hard work she puts in. She is one of the behind the scenes people that bring you the great video and pictures on As I said after the GC win, while it was great for the players to get to the top of the mountain for what they did, it was people like Cara and her video boss Gord West, communications guys Ryan Pollock and Dan Plaster and others who do so much work that you never see or don't know who is behind the various things you see and read on that play a huge role in the success of the organization as well. The players and coaches should get a lions share of the credit, but so do many others and that is why the rings they received were much deserved as well.
The Rams season starts tonight against UBC in a 7 o'clock game at Mosaic. 620 CKRM will have the radio call with Michael Ball and Marco Ricci while I will have the call on Access alongside my good buddy Gary "Chop" Bresch. It should be a good year for the Rams and I look forward to seeing what they bring to the table tonight against the Thunderbirds as Frank McCrystal begins his last season of walking the sidelines.
That's all I got. Have a great weekend.  GO RIDERS!!


Anonymous said...

Outstanding NFL game last night. Seattle Seahawks, look to repeat as Super Bowl Championship, long season ahead. Congratulations Jon Ryan on being named a team co-captain, now that's well earned respect.

Anonymous said...

Indy over Denver??


Anonymous said...

Michael Sams sexual orientation had absolutely nothing to do with his being cut, it was the media circus by poor journalists like yourself who just can't get over the fact that he is gay. No team wants the kind of distraction that comes with him (kind of like Tim Tebow). The only team that doesn't care about media circuses is the only team that took a flyer on him, the Dallas Cowboys.

Anonymous said...

The overall CFL product has been terrible this year.

Anonymous said...

Upset of the week---Cowboys over Niners


Anonymous said...

You can think Michael Sam's sexual orientation had nothing to do with him being cut if you want, but you're wrong. It had everything to do with him being cut. He won't play a down for the Cowboys either.


Anonymous said...

7-5 tonight in Ottawa. Shitty weather yes, but 7-5?

That's embarassing!!

Anonymous said...

Embarrassing league product across the board. Pathetic !

75flyersbestteamever said...

More 7-5 crapola like that and I will start going to the chick flicks with my wife instead of be "visually waterboarded" by that.. please, please somebody tell me the football gets better again in November

Anonymous said...

I am a huge NFL fan that loves the CFL. I laugh when people mock me for the NFL and its "boring" unimaginative football. The next person that talks about how bad the NFL game is should get a DVD of several CFL games this year and then tell me how bad the NFL is. Better players and better games down south. I've seen high school games better than some of the crap I've seen in the CFL this year but last night takes the cake.


Anonymous said...

Cara Hull - Babe !