Thursday, September 25, 2014

This And That

The weekly set of thoughts running through my muddled brain---in no particular order

--Are Saskatchewan Roughriders fans really "horrible human beings?  I'm guessing some of them are, but that's another story. For the Edmonton Eskimos to refer to one team's fanbase as "horrible human beings" is a little overboard for me. I understand the whole marketing thing, but I think they get a failing grade. The Eskimos say its working because there will be close to 40-thousand at Commonwealth tonight. This just in, a game between a 9-3 team and an 8-4 team will draw the peeps out. Like the "guarantee" in BC, I hope the horrible human beings in attendance at Commonwealth go home smiling.  Sadly, I'm of the belief the Eskimos win this one, but I've been wrong before. By the way, the Edmonton Sun's Terry Jones perfectly encapsulates the whole situation right here.

 --Jordan Eberle was spotted wearing a Riders hat on Friday after practice as was assistant coach Todd Nelson. Jordan Eberle---a horrible human being ladies and gentlemen.

--There's a story going around about rowdy Rider fans and their behavior at Mosaic Stadium. This falls in the category of scientists have determined water is wet and the sky is blue. Rowdy behavior at a football game or a sporting event of any kind???? SHOCKING!!!  It happens everywhere and not just in Regina. All that story is is an attack on the Riders if you ask me.

 --There is a god when it comes to baseball. When the Yankees went to the top of 9 last night with a 5-2 lead and Derek Jeter coming up to bat 3rd in the bottom of 9, many thought they had seen Jeter at the plate for the last time. Yankees closer David Robertson surrendered three in the top of 9 to tie it which led to this in the bottom of 9. Jeter's last at bat at home....

If you're a baseball fan, did this surprise you? Jeter coming through in the clutch. You can't script this stuff. Its why being a sports fan is so great.

 --The crying over the NFL's overtime rules after the Seahawks went 80 yards in eight and a half minutes to beat the Broncos on Sunday makes me laugh. Yes, I am pro-Seahawk, but if Denver's defence was good enough, they would A) have held Seattle to just a field goal thus enabling Peyton Manning to come on to attempt the tie or get the win or B) force a punt,  The NFL overtime may have its flaws, but until the CFL starts its overtime with teams scrimmaging around the 45 yard line or midfield, don't tell me how flawed the NFL system is.  Besides, the Denver fans who are all squawking about it certainly had no problem with the Broncos getting a touchdown on the first play against Pittsburgh in that playoff game a few years ago did they.

  --From the blog of one Mr. R. Pedersen who found the numbers that I could not find.
  The Seattle-Denver Super Bowl rematch on CTV drew just over a million people across Canada last Sunday while at the same time, the Riders-REDBLACKS game drew 917-thousand. Like it or not, more and more Canadians are watching the NFL. The CFL must learn not to go up against the NFL once their season starts. They won't win the battle and when a Rider game isn't beating the NFL, you can bet your bottom dollar its raising eyebrows in the league office.

 --Week 4 NFL Lock Of The Week ---Pittsburgh over Tampa
    Week 4 NFL Upset Of The Week ---Chiefs over Patriots

 --With Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger apparently now getting a divorce, does this mean Grey Cup 102 means a new musical act for halftime?

--Where would the Toronto Blue Jays season have been had Alex Anthopoulos made a move for Jeff Samardzija, David Price or another starting pitcher of note? We will never know, but one can certainly see the team's swan-dive started when Anthopoulos didn't do anything at the trade deadline. He sent the wrong message to the players. Can he make up for that in the off-season? We will see, but I think this Toronto team can contend again if the right moves are made. One of them is re-signing Melky Cabrera.

 --What Simpsons character dies in the season premiere on Sunday night? The rumour is its going to be Krusty, but I say no way. I'm putting my money down on Grampa Simpson. His time is up is it not?

 --Less than two weeks from the start of the NHL season. WOOHOO. Of course, this Oilers fan three weeks into the season will probably be waiting for the season to end.

 --What makes one feel better---comfort foods or Southern Comfort?

 --That's all I got. Have a great weekend!!


Anonymous said...

Southern Comfort all the way Scruffy....ALL THE WAY!

Anonymous said...

Love the fact Eberle was wearing a Rider hat yesterday. I'll bet he's wearing a Dressler jersey tonight.

Jeter--WOW!! I'm not a Yankees fan, but baseball will lose its classiest and most humble asset next season

peter dalla riva

Curt said...

Scruffy I've been a long time reader where I understand your a football fan first and foremost where you do a great job, but you also watch a lot of baseball.

Please stop pointing at 'starting pitching' as being the downfall of the Jays season and not doing anything at the trade deadline, you've mentioned this in almost every article for the past two months. Even worse is your examples of who they should have gotten. Price has been very average since he joined the Tigers at the deadline. He's attributed more to there shocking demise of almost missing the playoffs then actually getting there, when on paper that team seemed like a lock to wrap up a playoff spot in August but were still on the bubble less then a week ago.
Also weren't the A's supposed to be world beaters when they got all this starting pitching? Since that trade the A's are 20-32. i'm not saying Samardzija has been bad as he's actually been quite good however it's not like he's been carrying them on his back into the postseason and the A's have been lucky to have held their playoff spot and it's mostly due to the Mariners faltering this past week.

The trade deadline is a complete crapshoot and it proved itself yet again this year that blockbuster trades don't guarantee an easy ride to the World Series. It's usually the lesser moves that are far more impactful. IE- See Angels Bullpen moves and the Orioles picking up a spare part in outfielder De Aza.

But back to my point for someone like yourself that has way bigger voice then I have please identify the 'real' problems of why the Jays didn't make the playoffs and that is because of a leaky bullpen along very thin depth on the bench. Go read Jeff Blair's assessment on why the Jays shouldn't fire Gibbons, it gives a bang on assessment of what actually went wrong then pointing at the starting pitching and that is yet another unfortunate non-playoff year in Jays land.

Anonymous said...

It's about selling tickets. If the riders were having trouble selling tickets to see Edmonton you don't think they would use something to motivate people to come see. Man scruffy thought you were more of a man than that.

Anonymous said...

I second what Curt said.

Samardzija and Price don’t pitch in relief and giving up 2 of Stroman, Hutchinson, Norris or Sanchez to get one of them on rent would just provide you scruffy with many more years of complaining about the Jays lack of starting pitching

Anonymous said...

this Oilers fan three weeks into the season will probably be waiting for the season to end

In Edmonton fans sing the blues during football season and look green during the hockey year

Anonymous said...

Re: Jays

When did the nose-dive start? Right after the trade deadline expired with no help.
AA sent his team a message he didn't think they were good enough.
Getting an arm or two would have helped immensely and could have put this team in a playoff position. It was opportunity blown especially when you consider the struggles of Yankees and Red Sox. The door was open and AA didn't go through it.


Anonymous said...

The ad is a lame one. End of story! I'm not offended by it, but I am surprised the team would OK something like that.

It just shows you who has class and who doesn't in the CFL.

Anonymous said...

Why do teams always do this against the Riders? We must be horrible human beings in the eyes of other CFL teams!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The Edmonton Eskimos have it right as evident by all the whiny responses from Riderville. Obnoxious (Buffoons) amongst other descriptive words not appropriate for this sports blog site. Let it go, and may the best team win tonight.

Don Mitchell said...

Scruffy, this guy has the TV numbers every tuesday.

Re: CFL - NFL head to head games:
Game hyped all week, Super Bowl replay, shown on the main broadcast network channel

No hype, 2nd place vs last place (expansion team as well), shown on a suscriber only cable network and it still gets 2/3 of the juggernaughts numbers.

BTW, I was in a sports-bar in Victoria and the group I was with watched both games at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Jeter = awesome!

Olbermann = douchebag!

Anonymous said...

Final score,
Edmonton Eskimos 62
Saskatchewan Roughriders 6

Jordun Eberle
Edmonton, Alta. Canada.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your blog site Mr Blair. Total information for sports reports, news and topics of the day plus This & That.


New TSN mobile app sucks !

Anonymous said...

We still laughing at Tyrone Brackenridge of the Saskatchewan Roughriders 2014. That big farm boy from Alberta Canada Alexander Krausnick swatting the so called be all American football star like a fly swatter hitting the annoying silly pest to Timbuktut concussion land. It's on the internet for all the world to see, very funny. Brackenridge has to be so thoroughly embarrassed that he's thinking can't go home now to the USA with that hanging over my head, oh the shame of it all, what's the family, friends, NFL brethren going to say, think? A penny for your thoughts Ohchoocinco, Heads up good play Alex, awesome !

Anonymous said...

Andre Andre you the man. Yeah Andre Prioux !