Sunday, September 28, 2014

Something To "Mitch" About

The word of the week in Rider Nation was horrible and yes, it was horrible on Friday night at Commonwealth. I didn't really have to tell you that did I? I didn't think the Riders would beat the Eskimos at Commonwealth, but I thought they would at least put up some kind of effort and not give us a repeat of the Hamilton game. Actually, making that statement is a little unfair to the defence because they did what they could to keep the team in the game. Down 14-0 at the half considering how one-sided it had been still gave the green and white a chance at victory. Sadly, Darian Durant was not coming out for the second half.

Tino Sunseri isn't ready yet and we don't really know what Seth Doege can or can't do. Is Henry Burris the answer? The thought is creeping in again after what was witnessed. Here is the question I ask you. What would you give up for Smilin Hank? Be the GM. What would you offer the REDBLACKS in a trade for Henry Burris. The REDBLACKS need guys who can catch the ball and they need Canadians. Thus, I will say Ryan Smith, Dan Clark and a 3rd. I would NOT give Ottawa anything higher than a 3rd round draft pick either. I am still of the belief the Riders should take Rams receiver Addison Richards with their first round pick, but that's just me. The kid has CFL written all over him. More on the Rams later.

While many are talking about Burris again, where did the Troy Smith talk start? Troy Smith? Really?! WOW!!!!!

Just some other thoughts about Friday's game

--I liked the 3rd down gamble early in the game by Coach Chamblin. The game was scoreless, there was a long ways to go and Chamblin wanted to send a message that they meant business. I have no problem with that decision and applaud it.

--I know you can't rest of all of your guys, but it was a little tough seeing Taj Smith get blown up on what was just about the final play of the game. Smith is likely out of the Calgary game now.

--John White was a little too cocky during this game. Remember John, you have two more games to go against this team both at Mosaic. Don't start being all Calgary-like now!

--Was I the only yelling "THROW IT" at my TV?

--Was I the only one loving it seeing Jordan Eberle representing the Riders wearing a hat and a Dressler autographed jersey?

--Its been 28 years since the Riders were shut out. 1986!! Do you know how many bad teams this organization has fielded between 1986 to today and this Rider team is not a bad football team! Guys like Kevin Mason, Jeff Bentrim, Heath Rylance, Jimmy Kemp, Michael Bishop and Warren Jones all managed to find a way to get at least one point on the board and those guys were playing with some putrid Saskatchewan teams.


From one level of frustration to another and that was the Rams game against the Huskies on Saturday. All credit to the Huskies for the victory, but the Rams can sit back and say they are a couple of plays from being a 1-3 football team to being a 3-1 football team. They were oh so close to taking Alberta to overtime and they should have beaten the U of S had it not been for a huge drop by Jared Janotta in the endzone that turned into an INT. I think Janotta would even say he should have had it. Canada West is so close this year, that you can't afford losses like what the Rams have had in Edmonton and against the Huskies. Only time will tell where this team ends up, but I'm guessing there won't be a home playoff game now.

The Blue Jays season is over. What do you do now? I am guessing Adam Lind and Colby Rasmus won't be back, but I think the team has a good shot at retaining the services of Melky Cabrera. This team needs pitching from top to bottom. I would wager to say right now Marcus Stroman would be your opening day starter right now with Dickey, Buehrle and Hutchison following. If they can land a solid free agent starter, that would be great and some relievers are needed as well. It didn't sound Sunday as if GM Alex Anthopoulos thinks Casey Janssen will be back meaning a closer will need to be found. Boston will rebound, the Orioles aren't going anywhere, Tampa is always tough and the Yankees are the Yankees. The AL East will once again be a battle next year. Anthopoulos needs to find some bodies that can get this team to the next level.

With the playoffs now here, I will have to go with a Detroit-Dodgers final simply because they have the best pitching. Yes, Verlander was not Verlander down the stretch, but he still can win the big game and with Price and Scherzer there, you will have to be on your "A" game to beat them. As for the Dodgers, they throw Kershaw, Greinke and Beckett at you with Haren as the number 4 guy. I don't think there is a more complete team in the majors than L-A. We'll find out soon.

Week 4 of the NFL season brought tremendous theatre once again.

---The Bucs over the Steelers??? Who saw that one coming and how many had Pittsburgh in their survivor pool? Yes, I'm raising my hand and glad you have four weeks in which you can buy back in.

---The Teddy Bridgewater era has arrived in Minneapolis. The kid looked great against the Falcons.

---The Falcons are a team I just don't understand

---How much did Steve Smith Senior enjoy the Ravens win over Carolina and when did he start calling himself Steve Smith Senior.

---When do we start talking about the San Diego Chargers or do they have to beat divisional rivals KC and Denver first.

---The Seahawks didn't play this weekend, but ESPN had a graphic saying Russell Wilson is 7-0 against Brees, Manning, Brady and Rodgers.

---Speaking of Aaron Rodgers, when he says RELAX, he means RELAX. There is nothing wrong with the Green Bay offence folks.

---The best QB in the league right now might be Phillip Rivers

---JJ Watt is the best defensive player in the NFL

As hockey season prepares to start, I heard a good question on NHL Radio Friday afternoon. The question being------"Is Tyler Bozak an 80 point man playing with Phil Kessel?". One wants to say yes, but is 80 points too high for the Regina native?

Former Pat Jordan Weal is making it hard for the L-A Kings to send him back to the American Hockey League. So much so, there is talk Weal could prompt a trade involving someone like a Mike Richards or a Tyler Toffoli. The Oilers could certainly use someone of Richards' ilk, but what would you give them back. I would think the Stanley Cup champs would like another defenceman who chew up some minutes and the Oilers definitely don't have that in their stable. If Weal doesn't make the Kings, would a team ask for him in a trade or is L-A ready to do that. Weal is that close to being an NHL'er I think....its just a matter of getting the opportunity.

I had literally no interest in the Ryder Cup. None whatsoever.

The Family Guy/Simpsons episode didn't live up to expectations, but there were some moments.


Anonymous said...

If Roughriders management is considering Henry Burris, they'll have to keep in mind the team salary cap. Trading away a player/players the equivalent of Smiling Hanks monetary contract.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The "Burris trade" stuff is a non-starter - for both teams. Just something silly to talk about on sports shows.

Anonymous said...

Are you giving the Taman haters a chance to play GM so they can be criticized? LOVE IT!!! None of these knuckledraggers are smart enough to make a trade which would make sense to both anyhow.

Personally, I am against acquiring Hank because of the $$$$ involved.

That was a tough loss for Rams on Saturday. The Picton kid looks OK. Its sad he gets 3 INT's when two weren't his fault.


Anonymous said...

When will Obama (Rod) comment on his own blog about the real QB situation? Is that why he doesn't post on here?

Anonymous said...

Darian Durant has a better chance at being the starting QB on Friday night than Saskatoon has of being an NHL team in the next 25 years. Why won't they drop that up there?

Anonymous said...

One thing you didn't touch on was Tino's unwillingness to make the big play when running the ball (when forced to). He is more worried about protecting himself than getting the yardage the team needs for first down.
Double DD always would look to make the first down before bailing on a run - Tino is just scared to get hit.

Could be a long night for Rider fans on Friday.

Anonymous said...

Its become so desperate around here the names Kerry Joseph and Troy Smith are being batted around. WOAH BOY!!!


Anonymous said...

Madani says Taman offered a 1st for Burris. WHAT??? If true, that reeks of desperation. I wonder how many Durant haters there are now?

Anonymous said...

Roughriders better start somewhere looking for their future starting QB asap and start development. The gm left that detail on the backburner too long without truly testing who they have now at backup, the results speak for themselves. DD will never be the same with that injury on his throwing arm, thats going to be a contentious issue for the rest of his playing career plus the age factor setting in.

Anonymous said...

Taman might also be offering either Dressler or Durant for Burris, straight up trade financially, don't be fooled people, he is talking trade with Ottawa. Does everyone now see the predicament this so called gm has the Roughriders franchise in, he builds through castoffs with no future development of projected prospects. If the Roughriders truly want a QB that can get the yardage, Tanner Marsh would be a great addition to the roster under the tutelage of DD this year providing the on field results in the win column.

Anonymous said...

Getzlaf for Burris. Both would benefit from a change of scenery.

75flyersbestteamever said...

Aaron Rogers passes were on the money for sure, BUT,... the Bears were their own worst enemy(the crapola officiating crew was 2nd worst enemy) not forcing a single stinkin' punt in the game..really!!??? --not one punt. Calling Urlacher, Butkus...Perry? Anyone who doesn't line up carrying a red blanket and yelling Ole when the receiver runs past can apply.

Anonymous said...

As a Saskatooner, I say two things

1) Saskatoon is NOT ready for the NHL nor will they be for at least another 25 years

2) Thank you Jarrett Janotta for giving the Huskies the win on Saturday. I was there and couldn't believe it.

Anonymous said...

Taman fell into the same trap Popp did in Montreal several times. He put all his biscuits in the basket hoping AC would not get hurt. When he did, Montreal was not the same team and it cost them some GC appearances. An experienced backup wouldn't have the Riders in this situation. I know Willy was going to leave via free agency, but someone like Kevin Glenn would have been perfect. THe chance was there, but BT didn't take it.

Anonymous said...

The only knucklehead, "the Roughriders gm" for even entertaining serious conversation with the REDBLACKS for Burris, what the hell was he thinking giving away high draft picks, oh yeah, forgot he builds teams through others rejects.

Anonymous said...

Who's O"bum"a? And who the heck is Rod?

Anonymous said...

What would I give for Burris? NOTHING !