Saturday, September 6, 2014

Top 20 NFL Stadium Foods

Do the Riders need to have their own signature burger at Mosaic? Some heart-attack inducing monstrosity that would sell.  Several NFL stadiums have such things and a list has been put out as we go into the opening Sunday of the NFL as to what some of those are. Enjoy this list and maybe get the initative to make one while watching the first Sunday of the NFL or the Banjo Bowl.

PS: I can't believe there is not taco-in-a-bag somewhere on this list!!


Anonymous said...

"The Saskatchewan Hillbilly sandwich"

One fried, one inch thick round piece of baloney (some Sk. Hillbillies prefer Klick/Spam from a can) between two old plain slices of stale bread. Secret ingredients, "stale and old" just like the roughriders non existing on field aerial production 2014 from their starting QB. Actually they should rename this the DD Sandwich even though Darian's not a Hillbilly (at lleast we hope he didn't turn into one) just to honor the fans of rider Hickville Sk.

Anonymous said...


"The Saskatchewan Hillbilly Steak Sandwich"

Anonymous said...

Some of those beasts would be a definite seller at Mosaic!