Tuesday, September 2, 2014

NFL Season Two Sleeps Away

The 2014 NFL season begins Thursday night at Century Link Field as the Seattle Seahawks meet the Green Bay Packers. That will be followed by the first full Sunday of NFL action with a doubleheader on Monday night. Click here for a complete capsule of Week 1


Anonymous said...

How come you don't have an expanded role on the Rider broadcasts? That's b.s.

Anonymous said...

Real football, finally !

Go Seahawks !

Anonymous said...

Your Seahawks look good Scruffy. Are they going to repeat?

Anonymous said...

Sundays start meaning something again as of this Sunday.

Only CFL I will be watching Sunday is the Riders.

Anonymous said...

You really mean't to say,

"Only CFL I will he watching Sunday is the Tiger Cats".

Anonymous said...

Yankee worship.

Anonymous said...

Lots of people give a shit. That's who.

Anonymous said...

Super Bowl Matchup

Bears over Patriots