Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Saskatchewan Is One Step Closer To MMA Fights Being Held Here

The Government of Saskatchewan has proclaimed the Athletics Commission Act, legislation that provides the province with the authority to establish the Athletics Commission of Saskatchewan, a body that will sanction professional combative sporting events in the province.

“This commission will ensure that we have a consistent set of rules, regulations and safety protocols for participants and officials across the province,” Parks, Culture and Sport Minister Mark Docherty said. “I am confident that the commission will effectively oversee professional combative sports in Saskatchewan.”

Once the commission is fully operational, it will have the ability to sanction professional combative sporting events in Saskatchewan, including mixed martial arts and boxing.

The commission oversees all administration related to professional combative sporting events. It will approve event permits, ensure that promoters and competitors have the proper licenses, and that event rules are adhered to.

The commission will also be responsible for ensuring that qualified personnel—medical staff, referees, judges and timekeepers—are hired for events and that athletes receive proper medical examinations before and after participating in competitions.

The commission will be ready to accept applications for promoter and contestant licenses, as well as event permits, in early April.

Applications will be accessed at once the commission is in place. Assistant Deputy Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport Scott Brown will be appointed as chairperson of the commission. An advisory committee made up of industry experts will be appointed to advise the chair on specific issues, including a medical advisor to offer support on health concerns.

Further details on commission operations, including the selection of advisors, will be finalized over the next month.

“The tourism industry in Saskatchewan is very pleased that the government has moved forward with the formation of the Athletics Commission of Saskatchewan,” Tourism Saskatoon Director of Industry Development and Sport Randy Fernets said. “We look forward to seeing visitors come from across the country to visit our province and experience professional mixed martial arts and boxing events.”

(Gov't of Sask News Release)


Anonymous said...

UFC 300 at the new stadium!

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming the fights will be held in Saskatoon.